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  1. So, if someone foolishly leaves an undefended City or Factory (not a Bastion) on a planet (no other units present) and an attacker Advances onto it, what happens? If enemy troops occupy a planet with my structure it's a contested area which provokes combat, however combat ends when there are no units or bastions left in the area, so do you go through a single Execution phase (presumably representing partisan resistance to the invading forces)? Play cards against each other and then the attacking force is likely to win unless very unlucky or small? Then with no native units in the city, you declare it victory and capture the city? Also presumably can you play Reinforcement tokens to rush in some troops on the City side?
  2. To learn the rules, I ran a solo game today (again with Marine Captain) and it was reasonably good fun. Not quite as coherent and consistent as single player Arkham Horror, but still enjoyable, though at one point I eneded up with over 28 Influence. Missions or references to other players I generally discarded and re-drew. The biggest difference from competitive play is the lack of time pressure and competition for revealed Assets- I drew a library location so kept going back there to boost my Willpower for example. I hope any expansion includes some trading rules- being able to exchange or gift assets and influence between players would help the co-op elements like they do in Arkham Horror. SJE
  3. SJE

    Player vs. Player?

    For those thinking that Chaos doesnt turn in on itself, I challenge people to name one 40K novel with Chaos as the POV character, in which the anti-hero is not betrayed or betrays either his Chaos allies or his Chaos God. It doesnt exist. Secondly for Broken Chains, you know there is a Khorne Bezerker PC in with a Psyker-Witch right? (with the 6 player table) - you wont always be able to create compatible characters, and even if you did (say all Night Lords Astartes) in the fiction that doesnt last either. In our table of Broken Chains we wanted to frag the Bezerker in the final battle, as we'd seen the difficulty he had of coming out of frenzy and didnt want to be his next victim when he ran out of Imperials to kill (we'd suborned the cannibals as our makeshift cult) Sure you can play nice and friendly Chaos worshippers who completely co-operate and dont betray each other when its in their self-interest. But it wouldnt be 40K. SJE
  4. SJE

    Player vs. Player?

    Its not a theme- it seems to be a defining trait (at almost DragonLancian levels that "Evil always turns upon itself" ) - it goes back to the Heresy - Horus was the great Betrayer and all of human Chaos seems to follow in his image. Heck, it even started in the Heresy when the Emperors Children got bored with besieging the Emperors Palace and went off to torture civilians across Terra - their adherence to their own pleasures and selfish impulses (a defining Slaaneshi trait) caused them to betray the cause they had previously committed to. My point is this - given enough time (and in our Broken Chains demo that was under 2 hours), Chaos followers ALWAYS will put their own selfish interests above the common goal (or grow worried that the Khornate Bezerker is a liability, and he'd be better dying in battle than failing to snap out of his Frenzy and turning on your unarmoured human ass) and start betraying or fragging each other to survive or keep the upper hand. As for Abaddon, he routinely blames his 13 failures on betrayal, and as we see in Soul Hunter, he more than ready to betray and kill other Chaos Space Marines if they dont put his goals first. SJE
  5. SJE

    Player vs. Player?

    I disagree with much of the above because of the metafiction of the 40K setting. Lets say, you have a group of firm, human friends (or Astartes) who rebel against the Imperium. They slowly turn to Chaos and follow the different paths of power laid out before them. The angry one turns to Khorne, the sly one bargains with Tzeentch, another catches a horrible disease and his only surival lies with Nurgle. As we see from every bit of fiction ever (including all the Chaos Marine novel series), Chaos worshippers betray each other, in part because their gods are opposed and hate each other and so will they to garner their patrons favour, but mostly because strong willed, ambitious people have agendas which only support their success longterm - and the PC's are all going to be strong willed and ambitious, 'cos if they are not, then its life as a Chaos Spawn. For example, look at the Night Lords series by Dembski-Bowden - you've got a Chaos Marine Apothecary, with his own sense of honour, who has fought alongside his Astartes brothers throughout the Great Crusade and Heresy and the Long War- and he cant even trust a member of his own squad, let alone another brother to treat his wounds - he has more trust in a human serf in fact. And every time the Legion tries to work with another Legion, betrayal inevitably follows. Same for the Iron Warriors, Word Bearers - everyone with mixed Chaos God allegiances. Thats the future that awaits every Black Crusade PC -inevitable betrayal when your aims and patrons diverge! SJE
  6. So, having played the demo, the first thing that struck me was - characters are going to violently disagree with each other. After all, in the 40K fiction, Chaos is shown to be endlessly betraying and warring with each other- why would your PC's be any different? So, I'm hoping that their is a large section on advice and suggestions for handling this - what binds PC's together, what happens if one PC kills (or costs another a Fate Poiunt) another - how do they proceed when they are at each others throats? What happens to your game when it circles into endless betrayal? SJE
  7. SJE

    Lordsholme Map?

    Has anyone put together a map for Lordsholme? Thx. SJE
  8. The background is kinda reminiscent of the orginal Night Lords- both use terror and megadeath to win at any cost and **** their peers opinion. SJE
  9. I usually only let the player reroll the dice that came up 10 and add that to their total when they Fury. SJE
  10. As all Space Marines are Unnarmed Masters (1d10 + SB damage, non-Primitive) and Improvised Weapons do 1d10-2 + SB damage, Primitive & unbalanced, is there ever a reason why a space marine might use an Improvised weapon? It also seems odd that leverage and momentum doesnt come into it and swinging a ceramal chair over someones head does less damage than punching them (note that unnarmed master doesnt assume the space marine is amoured). SJE
  11. SJE

    Honour studs?

    Personally I reckon honour studs should give +3% Toughness as a chapter trapping/minor relic upgrade. Old Marines are tougher than power armoured boot leather after all.
  12. SJE

    2 Marine Squad issue.

    Well the formerly injured Sgt. Invictus of the Ultramarines and Wolf Priest Arnulf of the Space Wolves are in an orbiting strike cruisers Apothecarium and have just been told that their kill team has been team has been ambushed in the forest of the contested world of Barabas. Orbital augeries have shown Kroot in the area and the Wolf Priest/Apothecary must recover their comrades geneseed before it can be desecrated by the vile xenos. If they can fulfill the orginal teams primary mission of eliminating the Taus Trinary Command post, then all the better....
  13. So, I’ve got 2 players for a Death Watch game- playing a Tactical Marine and an Apothecary and I’m wondering about the best way to handle their small group size. For preference, I’d run it as just the 2 of them- perhaps as bodyguard to an Inquisitor or on some detached investigative duty (Apothecary testing for Tyranid genetic deviance in the population, tactical bodguarding him). However this does make rather a joke of squad mode, and combat would be a bit more limited as one man down from a lucky hit could doom them all. Alternatively, they could be with a 5 man squad (perhaps leading it) and have the other 3 Marines as NPC’s/redshirts. Incidentally if anyones in Krakow and fancies an English-speaking game, let me know. THx. SJE
  14. Yep, I just went straight to the Support page for DW. Thx. Steve
  15. I’m going to start my DW game on Thursday but realise that there isn’t a downloadable character sheet for it yet. Could FFG please put it up? Or has anyone created their own DW sheets and have a link to them? Many thanks, SJE
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