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    gazzagames got a reaction from Mimi61 in Best uses of Stick to the Plan   
    I’m currently running Carolyn (2 player with Zoey) through Carcosa and have:
    ever vigilant (a must)
    dynamite blast (works so well, especially to kill off the man in the pallid mask from distances and still get out of the scenario)
    I’ve got a plan (hasn’t always been needed but is very useful when I occasionally find myself separated from Zoey!!)
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    gazzagames got a reaction from Duciris in Cycle V: The Dream-Eaters   
    A word for Scroll of Prophecies too... this looks a solid 0-lvl tome, and Daisy can use it too...perhaps a rival for Old book of Lore??? Limited by charges, but 4 is decent, and it doesn't exhaust after use!
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    gazzagames got a reaction from Soakman in "You Owe Me One"   
    And it seems unlikely that they would design it that way given that it is a Guardian card, and they don't tend to get a lot of extra actions in the normal course of events... certainly not ones that could be freely used with this...
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    gazzagames got a reaction from Soakman in Mark Harrigan - Sophie   
    The gift that keeps on giving.... right up until Sophie flips of course!!
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    gazzagames reacted to Allonym in "You Owe Me One"   
    Can you imagine? Leo Anderson with Leo de Luca (or I guess Zoey) would be the only one even able to use it to its full extent, unless you also pitch a Police Badge or something, and even then it would be strictly worse than Emergency Cache (0)...!
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    gazzagames reacted to CSerpent in "You Owe Me One"   
    Ever Vigilant really sucks if every play takes an action (it doesn't).
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    gazzagames reacted to rsdockery in Question about Knight of the Inner Circle (Spoilers for TCU - For the Greater Good)   
    A skill test inherently has the chance to change the game state, since you can commit cards to it even if the test itself is meaningless.
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    gazzagames reacted to Assussanni in TIMEWORN BRAND   
    Yes, that is correct: “Each instance of an ability with such a limit may be initiated X times during the designated period. If a card leaves play and re-enters play during the same period, the card is considered to be bringing a new instance of the ability to the game.” See Limits and Maximums in the Rules Reference for the full details.
    An unconditional +2 fight and +1 damage is very good. I think it fits well in Yorick, who doesn’t have access to the higher damage Guardian weapons and as a Survivor is less likely to need lots of XP (no level 4 or 5 non-neutral cards).
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    gazzagames reacted to rsdockery in TIMEWORN BRAND   
    The card says "max," which means the limit applies across all players and all copies of the card. Once anyone uses Timeworn Brand's exhaust ability, nobody can use it again, even if it's on an entirely different copy of the card (at least, until the next scenario).
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    gazzagames got a reaction from Soakman in Cycle V: The Dream-Eaters   
    All we need now are the Beings of Ib and it will be complete.... 😁
    Well Gate Box does seem like one of the strongest signature cards yet..... very versatile usage, starts in play, can be used 3 times off the bat, AND can be recharged by the elder sign token.... oh my!
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    gazzagames got a reaction from Soakman in Union and Disillusion Player Cards - First Thoughts   
    I'm gonna go for a third on this, even if it won't happen all the time, the spell or tome can be in your hand as well, which you can then discard (should you so desire) to draw a card, which is essentially another free action... I think that could come in handy....
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    gazzagames got a reaction from Soakman in Union and Disillusion Player Cards - First Thoughts   
    And as it has no health it can't be pinged by naughty encounter cards.....
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    gazzagames got a reaction from SamWeiss in Union and Disillusion Player Cards - First Thoughts   
    And as it has no health it can't be pinged by naughty encounter cards.....
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    gazzagames got a reaction from phillos in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    Well there was the Dreamlands expansion for the original Mythos card game by Chaosium and the FFG CCG/LCG had a cycle of Dreamlands cards... so I am also very hopeful it will come here too, it would be a great change of pace...
    If FFG decide they like their prelude style scenarios as well a group of dreamers cut off in the dreamlands by some malevolent could serve such a purpose... just saying....
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    gazzagames reacted to phillos in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    I always campaign hard for Dreamlands in these sorts of threads because I'd like to see more Dreamlands themed player cards and encounter sets.  Also I think a more fantasy driven horror could be fun to play through and it would be very different from TFA and TCU.  I'd love for it to be about Atlatch Natcha.  I think that would be more fun than Hypnos, but I guess I wouldn't mind Hypnos either.  We got one Cat of Ulthar in the game (and maybe another).  Would be nice to see some Zoog cards.  I'm not confident this will be next though considering they didn't hold onto Carolyn.  If it was coming next you'd figure they would have held her for a cycle and release her there.
    I'll also second that a brain cylinder Mi-Go themed adventure would be a nice change of pace. 
    I expect we'll get Innsmouth and Deep Ones sooner rather than later though.  It is the go to setting for most Lovecraft themed games and we've gone 5 campaigns so far without really seeing that stuff, which is cool.  I'm happy about that since I like seeing less touched corners of weird fiction, but I don't expect that to last forever. 
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    gazzagames got a reaction from PJimo in New FAQ out   
    Whatever else is being discussed on this thread around machete etc. I must say I would tend to agree with this, on the face of it Drawing Thin seems to be a go to card that has some ridiculous potential... so it seems interesting that the taboo list is released at almost exactly the same time as a new card that feels like it should almost immediately be part of that list....
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    gazzagames reacted to Iuchi Toshimo in New FAQ out   
    This just seems like "last word"-smanship to me. I feel like someone could lay a trap by agreeing with your position in subtly incorrect way and you'd still try and argue with them, just to have the last word and be most rightest.
    So let's test it: My playgroup contains people of various skill and experience, some of which would be absolutely thrilled to even learn that Machete or Rex or Higher Education are as good as they are, let alone become bored of them. Our struggle is typically not about over powered combos, but about how to not to spoil the scenarios for the newer players. In essence, I agree that my playgroup will not be implementing the Taboo list, or if we do, it will be on an individual basis.
    Drawing Thin is more frightening than everything on the list and is currently in every deck but mine in our current campaign, and that's only because my current investigator can't run it. 
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    gazzagames reacted to Assussanni in Arkham db only allowing 1 of some cards....   
    To expand on the point above, for individual decks if you click on the "Pack Filter" box you'll see a list of all currently released packs. Check the "Second Core Set" box and that should sort the problem.
    To make it so that you don't have this issue in future, if you click on the person icon in the top right corner and select "My Collection" you can tell arkhamdb to remember what packs you own so that when you build a deck in future you will only see cards you own by default.
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    gazzagames reacted to DarkFate in Arkham db only allowing 1 of some cards....   
    Did you set your collection to 2 core sets?
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    gazzagames reacted to Assussanni in Frozen in Fear and other movement affecting cards   
    This is specifically addressed under "Attack of Opportunity" in the Rules Reference: "Attacks of Opportunity are only triggered when 1 or more of an investigator’s actions are being spent or used to trigger an ability or action. [Free triggered] abilities with a bold action designator do not provoke attacks of opportunity."
    This rule doesn't distinguish between bold action designators, so even though Shortcut (2) has Move it does not provoke an attack of opportunity because it is a free triggered ability.
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    gazzagames reacted to Buhallin in Wages of Sin Player Cards: First Thoughts   
    Especially with regards to the Camera, but also to Henry (whose range is admittedly much smaller) I think we're reaching a point in the game where card analysis is going to have to start looking past just "good" or "bad", or "Good for Seekers", or even "Good for Daisy".  The card pool is big enough now that most major needs are covered.  If the only analysis left is "What helps Seekers get clues better" then the range of interesting cards is going to be very narrow, and the only thing available is power creep.
    Instead it feels like we're starting to get cards that bring wider flexibility, but with a cost.  That cost won't be paying for all decks, even within the same investigator.  A clue gatherer/support Daisy won't want the Camera.  A spell slinging Daisy is another matter entirely.  Is it worth it for Mystics?  Probably not, but a Dark Horse Jim build, possibly.  This is a very good thing for the game, as it will enable a much broader and more interesting set of deck options.  I've seen this myself - Protective Incantation is generally considered awful, but in a bag control Norman build with Milan to fund it, it's incredible (hence my thoughts of what Henry could do paired with someone like that).
    If the only thing we care about when we look at a card is how well it supports the very one-dimensional Seeker/Guardian play, it's going to miss a lot of what's coming.
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    gazzagames reacted to PJimo in What makes this game so good?   
    The 2 main things.
    1: Deckbuilding. You're creating your investigator. And each investigator has different building restrictions, different stats, and different abilities. And their decks will still be made differently, and be better at doing different things, than someone else's. You're not just picking up a card that says Dexter Drake and taking whatever it is he gives you. Relatedly you gain xp and have the ability to grow & stylize your deck as you go along. So it's yours.
    2: Theme. The game has, at a deeper play level, more theme than either Eldritch or Mansions. It goes well beyond having a story narrative of your I reached for the clue and got bit on the arm. Each scenario is created individually. And so the rules and mechanics of that scenario can be created specifically for it, and never to be used again. Other games: you may have a variable Big Bad. And maybe you draw this event instead of the other. But the overall game doesn't change. Here, it does. Regularly. In one of the first scenarios you go to a mob-run gambling den. Where there's rats running around which you can kill. And a pit boss who follows around the person who's the most snoopiest. But for a while will generally leave you alone as long as you don't create trouble. And a casino that you can gamble for clues. All of these things are immensely more immersive than anything you see from any other FF Arkham game. You don't need some recording telling you what's going on: you can picture it in your mind yourself. It's completely woven into the entire fabric of each scenario.
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    gazzagames got a reaction from phillos in What makes this game so good?   
    I think most of the points I would make have already been covered, I would add...
    1. Probably worth spending the xp you have from the first scenario and having a crack at the second one... the action ramps up and for me has much more the flavour of a ‘real’ AH:LCG game (a nod to awp832 on that one!!). Plus you get to see how the choices you make and resolutions you come to affect the rest of the campaign...
    By spending the xp and completing the final 2 scenarios you should get a better idea if it is for you.
    2. I too have played the majority of Fantasy Flight Arkham Files games, as well as their predecessor LCG/CCG and the ‘original’ Mythos CCG from Chaosium and this is by far my favourite of them all!!! 
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    gazzagames got a reaction from Raahk in Shipping Now   
    Nothing here.... even with my summon mythos pack spell....
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    gazzagames got a reaction from GravyAnecdote in What are the least popular cards in AH:LCG?   
    This very true, and even those that do don’t publish them all...
    but it has certainly generated some good debate and may help people take a second look at some cards....
    now where’s my kukri??!!
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