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  1. Yes indeed!! I really (really, really) wish Stand Together was a tactic card.... I mean really wish..... 🤷‍♂️
  2. So I thought I'd posted on this before, but can't seem to find it..... We will be embarking on Dream-Eaters at some point in the hopefully new future.... is there thematically much opportunity to use any of the side stories during either half of the campaign... on the face of it there doesn't seem to be, but I have purposely not read through or play tested any of the scenarios....
  3. I’m currently running Carolyn (2 player with Zoey) through Carcosa and have: ever vigilant (a must) dynamite blast (works so well, especially to kill off the man in the pallid mask from distances and still get out of the scenario) I’ve got a plan (hasn’t always been needed but is very useful when I occasionally find myself separated from Zoey!!)
  4. Thanks guys this is my take too! The wording is bad but I think the intent is clear! never used it before, but with Preston and my group I think I can use it quite well at any time... even early on to get 5 cards and if I can get them before my turn even better!!
  5. Just wanted to check that if All In is used on another investigator’s skill test the owner of the card is the one that draws the cards?! The wording of the card makes this a little ambiguous to me at least.... thinking of using it with my current Preston deck and might use a friend to help me get the best results out of it.... Thanks!
  6. Which might be part reason she cost 1xp....
  7. A word for Scroll of Prophecies too... this looks a solid 0-lvl tome, and Daisy can use it too...perhaps a rival for Old book of Lore??? Limited by charges, but 4 is decent, and it doesn't exhaust after use!
  8. Isn’t there a weakness as well that interacts with hand size? So that would also not have an impact on glimpse...
  9. The gift that keeps on giving.... right up until Sophie flips of course!!
  10. And it seems unlikely that they would design it that way given that it is a Guardian card, and they don't tend to get a lot of extra actions in the normal course of events... certainly not ones that could be freely used with this...
  11. This is going to be awesome.... the ability to release these one-off scenarios that can also be played as part of a wider campaign as side stories is one of the great things about this game! you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!- whoops sorry wrong hotel....
  12. That's a good point, well made!! (unless no one has any cards in hand 😉😂😂…. oh ok it wasn't that funny...)
  13. Or is that if the skill test has a chance to change the game state? E.g. will failing or pulling a specific token have an effect on the game state? Would it give the investigator the chance to trigger their signature ability or gain something from pulling the elder sign? Etc... if not then the test would not be taken?
  14. Great thanks... Yes that is what I am thinking, plus the bonus of being a relic... mix it with old hunting rifle and keep an enchanted blade or 2....
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