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  1. gazzagames

    Future "Return To" ideas

    I get where you are coming from! Based on the cost model FFG seem to have I think errata cards would more likely, and possibly the choice I would find more useful!
  2. I think you have a point... early in a campaign the +1 from beat cop probably isn't a game changer for most situations and guard dog offer a bit more... then when the +1 and the added ability are key you have upgraded already....
  3. gazzagames

    Deny Existence and Terrible Secret

    Great, that makes sense!
  4. gazzagames

    Deny Existence and Terrible Secret

    And, just for my own edification, terrible secrets is considered an encounter card and a player card? As deny existence works on encounter cards and monster attacks.
  5. How about some realistic tokens for use with the game?? Enough resources crates for 1 player??? (Not that I need them as I just bought like 100 for our group!! 😲😲😲)…. Where are we posting the decks??
  6. Thanks, she’ll be straight in my Joe deck then....
  7. Sooo…. sounds interesting... are we talking a better deck for all seeker party or just a better Joe deck.... e.g. if not all seekers it seems obvious to take Dr Milan... Oh and quick question what set is Alice from???
  8. gazzagames

    Agency Backup

    From playing alongside Zoey in a few games and the Night of the Zealot campaign she certainly seems to have enough resources, especially late in the game, when this ally could make the difference....
  9. gazzagames

    Who's the current best solo investigator?

    Yes I was thinking he might be... I never really solo seriously... sometimes an old scenario or 2 to test a deck... i guess if you can survive the lack of willpower in the first scenario Higher Ed is a game changer... does his lack of agility prove an Achilles heel (oh my agility... Achilles heel.... 😂😂)? Would this make Forgotten Age a no go??
  10. gazzagames

    Marie build

    Hi, given that you have put in 2 fire axes and got rid of the Forbidden Knowledge I would be tempted to put in 2 emergency cache to get some resources and swap out the knives. Personally I feel like the knives are a bit of a waste of card slots in your deck... the emergency caches might then be a good swap out for something like Sacrife when you get xp and get feel for your resources levels through the first scenario or two....
  11. gazzagames

    How old are you

    So I’m 46.... and I’m a gamer.... First a mention to Nordway for starting this thread... it’s great to read other people’s stories and really helps reinforce a sense of community!! Thank you!! I started when I was around 12 thanks to my older cousin and was soon playing AD&D at a club at school, run by our physics teacher!! I am honoured to say I still game with friends from that group!! shortly after I got into my 2 all time favourite rpgs.... Call of Cthulhu (2nd Edition) and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play (1st Edition). The Enemy Within Campaign remains, to this day, the single greatest gaming experience of my life!!! I played the original Arkham Horror board game back in the day, and still treasure my copy that the same cousin mentioned above game to me (although my brother contests that it is half his.... fool!! 😁) I have played the various incarnations of Cthulhu Card Games... Mythos (the Chaosium original game), Cthulhu ccg/lcg and now Arkham Horror.... I have loved them all for one reason or another, AH is my favourite though!!
  12. Yeah another 3xp seems like a lot, especially in easy or standard where +3 should get you over the line for most test... and you give yrself 2 lots of doom to clean up....
  13. Agreed, there seems to be no situation in which you would benefit from 2 copies of the card....
  14. gazzagames

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Mine is now; Shortcut delay the inevitable (free soak - saved Zoey from 2 poltergeists whilst I dealt with them) working a hunch no stone evidence x1 sketches x1 Fast is great here! I may have to aim for no stone (5) as I have amnesia for the second campaign in a row (grrrrr I hate that weakness.....)
  15. gazzagames

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Had first play through with him last night... curtain call... frozen in fear caused some issues early on but generally he worked very well in the team (others are Diana and Zoey)... hunch Deck is great, although some of the clue gatherers I put in there didn’t seem to get used as much as expected, so might swap them out for other insight events I have in the main deck for the next one... also 8 xp to spend... woohoo!!!