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  1. The original H3ll Dorado was released by Asmodee France before being licensed by Cipher Studios and re-released in English. Now that Cipher Studios is defunct and/or morphed into Ninja Division did the license revert to Asmodee? Does that grant access to the license by FFG? Would love to see an updated version of the game. Only, would not want to see it toned down, more family friendly. The mature theme is what originally sold me and that may not play to FFG's business model. Still, the game had one of the most unique "terra forming" pre game sequences where players secretly bid for the right to place terrain on the battlefield. The terrain had various in game effects and a savvy player could literally stack the field in their favor. In addition to the models FFG could offer a whole line of specialized terrain for the game. EDIT: After posting this discovered the name of the game is censored. If you can't even spell the game's name on this forum no chance it would EVER see a release. Still, trying to keep the memory of one of my favorite games alive.
  2. CD Projekt just announced during their summer press conference that they will be releasing a computer version for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. http://www.joystiq.com/2014/06/05/witcher-adventure-game-brings-board-game-epic-back-to-the-pc/
  3. Pure speculation on my part but my guess would be they will try to release this to coincide with the release of The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt pc game(good cross promotion there). The pc release is still to be determined but I would guess we'll see the board game preview at Gen Con with the general release "holiday" time in line with the likely release of the PC version. Edit:So it looks like CD Projekt has delayed the PC game until Feb. 2015 so they can work on the overall quality of the game. Hopefully FFG won't sit on the board game for too long.
  4. The latest Game Informer magazine has a good one page write up on this. Love the books, as well as the computer games. Cant wait to try this out.
  5. Given the two forthcoming books this announcement surprised me as well. On further thought though FF has their current hotness ,Dust Warfare ,to fill the ranks of their "weird" war gaming. Given how well Dust seems to be doing I'm sure that's where much of their focus lies. What Fantasy Flight will do is put Tannhauser to bed for a few years and if/ when interest in Dust cools then they'll pull Tann out of the vault(provided weird war gaming is still a thing). In the meantime there are plenty of expansions to keep everyone busy.
  6. Just played my first game of this tonight. Didn't realize you were able to look at your DF tokens. Players only revealed their worth at the end of the game. I kind of like this better, my rationale being your PC doesn't know the value of their info until they try to cash it in. This also kept everyone in the facility until the bitter end, not knowing the exact value of info everyone went for volume of info in the hopes of beating others.
  7. Does anyone know if you have to send the voucher from the book in order to place the order. I understand that it's a promotion to help sell the book but I don't want to damage my copy. Will an original/ photocopy of the purchase receipt suffice for the order?
  8. Looking for speculation from folks. Do you think the miniatures will ALL be available as smaller box sets? I love the miniatures of the basic game but don't have any interest in the board version. Will I have to buy the big box to get those miniatures or do you think FF will break the box up to entice TT gamers like myself.
  9. Read on another forum somewhere that FF had the rights to the old GW Specialist line of games( Mordheim, Necromunda, Blood Bowl). Any truth to this and if so any word on if FF is developing anything new & miniature based?
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