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  1. Cool thanks... I look forward to seeing it!
  2. Hey there Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the sheets used for stat blocks for npcs and critters that are shown in the book? thanks
  3. cool thank you for the information
  4. So Ive been finally reading the EoE core book to learn the game, I see where characteristic top out at 6 but I cant seem to find any info on what skills cap out at. Is it 5 or can they go as high as you want with the expenditure of a ton of xp? Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked already
  5. Sorry is this has been asked already elsewhere but I am curious how well DH2 stacks up in regards to crossovers with RT and the rest? Thanks in advance
  6. Wonderful work by everyone that has contributed to this forum. Many items here have helped me big time. Im curious has anyone created a folio like character sheet?
  7. was thinking about using it as a plot device but knowing my players they may steal one too. I will make sure a cloaking device is wonky at best...
  8. just curious has anyone created this ship in EoE??
  9. Here is what I wanna know since I missed out on the EotE Beta. Is there gonna be a limited print run for this beta and secondly, like their 40k stuff, to play a character from EotE with those from AoR, do the EotE need some advances under their belt like it is with Dark Heresy mixed with Rogue Trader? Thanks
  10. I got mine via frpgames.com. they had a good stock when I ordered my 10 sets
  11. Howdy… I know the initial release has been pushed back to a july date but I was wondering of/when pre-orders for the game will open up. Thanks
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