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  1. but you have to follow all that up with the fact that everything 'missing' from the conversion kits, was found in the Core set. which FFG assumes you have. and isn't Ferrosphere Paint an RZ-2 A-Wing upgrade? if so, then it definitely won't be in the conversion kit.
  2. I love the look/idea of N'Dru. But Everytime I build a list with him in it, I have a hard time keeping the Z in rather than Sunny Bounder. Better Defense, similar offense (slightly weaker probably, but no range limitation). and a better blocker at I1 vs I4. Lone Wolf N'Dru is definitely better than Sunny, a cheap flanker piece. but at 31 pts, I'd usually pick Sunny
  3. In my mind, Guri needs A) advanced sensors and B) a decent bid then you look at C) extra stuff. I like Predator and outmaneuver on her. The title seems fun, but I've never felt the need to use it when I've equipped it. If Guri is your closer, then there needs to be something else to take the heat off (and hopefully kill off any I6 I5 aces that would be a pain for Guri in the end game). That's why you see Boba so often. Palob and Quad jumpers do similar things, by making your opponents ships easier for Guri to kill. Palob with Lando is a threatening piece. Nym is a thought to control the board and keep things away from jousting Guri directly.
  4. five cartel marauders is a beat stick that does well. I think the generic kihraxz are decent ships to put two into a list. they work well in close range, with the 1 hard turns. otherwise they are a scum x-wing without the focus->boost. Quadjumpers are the ****. probably undercosted.
  5. had a similar discussion over on reddit, about Boardgamegeek's split of X-Wing into 1st and 2nd edition entries. my take is the same, splitting allows for rules searches and card/ship discussion-searches that are much more useful. there so much shared terminology between the two editions(which is to be expected) that searching for a ruling is very difficult. especially since very little of the 1st edition stuff has marker anywhere stating that it is 1st and not 2nd. dates help, but especially right now there's some overlap with the wave14 info and 2nd edition stuff. even later as 1st edition 'conversations' get older in comparison to 2nd, it becomes a additional step for a person looking for an answer to filter it by date.
  6. all the variants other than extended are borked.
  7. more than 1 straight. 1 bank, 2 banks, 2 straight. 3 turns. 1 turns. 2 turns? I dunno. anything that moves different than a normal move or barrel roll. so tallon rolls, Starviper barrel rolls, echo-decloak, regular decloak. who knows what the Prequel factions will need. I had Applied Perspective re-do my templates, and its a nice job. he'll do it for non-AP templates as well.
  8. those pilots are present. just under extended
  9. he's not the only reviewer I've heard of that's gotten stuff and can't really do much with it. over on Fortressat we got some 'first impressions' from using this stuff, but he's wasn't supposed to go that deep into it.
  10. I don't think so. the extra lines (for side and rear arcs) are dashed vs solid lines.
  11. they are different from what we've seen elsewhere, but usable.
  12. For this weekend, I'm currently deciding between Major Vynder — Alpha-class Star Wing 26 Push the Limit 3 Proton Rockets 3 Harpoon Missiles 4 Advanced SLAM 2 Os-1 Arsenal Loadout 2 Ship Total: 40 "Pure Sabacc" — TIE Striker 22 Veteran Instincts 1 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 25 Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor 27 Push the Limit 3 Autothrusters 2 Stealth Device 3 Royal Guard TIE 0 Ship Total: 35 Or Emon Azzameen — Firespray-31 36 Bomblet Generator 3 Dengar 3 Engine Upgrade 4 Andrasta 0 Ship Total: 46 Fenn Rau — Protectorate Starfighter 28 Push the Limit 3 Autothrusters 2 Concord Dawn Protector 1 Ship Total: 34 Unkar Plutt — Quadjumper 17 Intelligence Agent 1 Spacetug Tractor Array 2 Ship Total: 20
  13. Echo was fun, but easy to out PS.
  14. Kessel Run has been a favorite of mine for a long time. they don't put episodes out regularly, so that's difficult. The most recent episode opening is amazing. The couple episodes preceding the current one were just depressing, but I'd recommend the most recent episode to anyone and hopefully its the norm with 2e coming about.
  15. ...that's no better than what the conversion kits are costing in the US too. $39.99, free ship etc.
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