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  1. Brilliant, I was just reading the ravenor trillogy and just wondering what fyflank would be like in DH. Cheers mate.
  2. These are really nice! Your gaming group are really lucky
  3. Have yet to use any music in my Dh games but if i did then I'd probably just pick something that fitted the scene. I don't think I'd rely on classical or metal stuff. In a universe which can be as diverse as it likes maybe different planets could have different tastes. Maybe Sibellus loves rocking out to Michael Jackson, and Malfi can't get enough of Def leopard But for background music/sounds I'd probably stick to: dark nasty dubstep, techno or industrial metal for, well, industrial settings. Choral, classical etc for formal/religious settings. Something tribally, celtic or hippyish for those feral worlds. I really love the old school music soundtracks for Bioshock and Fallout. I'm not suggesting using Al bowlly or Bing Crosby, but I think these soundtracks work because they fit the location and the situation.
  4. Okay this isn't related to much, but I was just checking out the Universe Today website and found two tenuous links to our fictional view of mars...the Dragon of Mars and the Labyrinthus! Check it out: http://www.universetoday.com/ On a more relevant note, you might find some handy star pictures on the website you can use for handouts. cheers.
  5. If i was religious, I'd rock up to sunday service in that.
  6. cyclocius said: Nigh7gaun7 said: Everybody be hatin' on the Ultramarines for no real reason. Most people just hate them because it's the cool thing to do and they're the common "starter" army. They're still cool and have their own thing though, and you never see me whining because my Salamanders never get any love. I've nothing personal agains tthe Ultras they're just so....Uninteresting :S Their chapter master wrote the codex astartes and is sitting in a stasis field. Blood Angels Primarch had WINGS. And they suffer from The Black RAGE which turns them into CHAINSAW wielding PSYCHOS. Space Wolves are VIKINGS in SPACE. Dark Angels have a SECRET that I CAN'T REMEMBER! Something to do with TRAITORS. Black Templars are CRUSADERS in POWER ARMOUR with CHAINSWORDS. White Scars ride MOTORBIKES! Ultramarines are ULTRA! They fight TYRANIDS! /American action film advert. Haha yeah, cyclocius' got it painted in my head already. I don't hate them Nigh7gaun7, I think it's just such an obvious choice of legion. They're so...standard. Big blokes, big guns, big blue armour. All the other legions have that but with characterful strokes. On the other hand if theres going to be any balls to the wall action, I want Arnold and the other big hollywood chaps slapping down their classic cheesy lines. A big dopey Schwartzneger marine bending gurdles and shooting aimlessly from the hip. If theres going to be no DH style darkness in it then this is what i want. Make it so filmmakers!
  7. I kinda agree with Cameron, although I have to admit i know nothing about the Ultramarines. But on the face of it they seem...well...a bit dull. Still, I'd be interested to see what they make of it. Is it going to be made in CGI, with actors? Anyone know if its gonna be a mainly british or american or other production? Maybe I'm getting old but I actually really like the non combatty bits of 40k stuff now, or the little battles and things. I suppose as its about Ultramarines it's going to be very in-your-face action. Well, interesting news anyway! cheers.
  8. Thats cool Lightbringer. Have you put it online somewhere? I'd love to see it. And to Jack of tears: I wasn't moaning! Just being a trainspotter
  9. Logocancy....anything to do with the logokine John Grammaticus from the horus heresy book 'Legion'? He has some subtle but absolutely block-rockin powers. Although...can't think of any off the top of my head!
  10. Great idea. Definitely going to steal that one. Do your players like using them? I suppose you could do a similar thing with PC/NPC portraits...
  11. snufkin2

    3rd Printing

    I agree with nerd king. Just hope the books I may buy in the future don't have so many errors!
  12. I'm planning on some kind of mexican wild west style setting...maybe a Treasure of the Sierra Madre style. Have the PCs follow a misguided fool who will lead them to some heretical artefact in the hills, so they can destroy it and kill him before he does anything stupid (like opening a daemon portal or something). Pretty vague idea at the mo. Backstabbing, bandit attacks, chases, tnt! Just finished dead space...I NEED to steal some ideas from that!
  13. I think Graver nicely sums up what i would have said. I think the inquisitor would just get on and make sure the mission succeeds in this kind of situation. Have the PC's punished/executed afterwards, although I haven't read Illumination so I couldn't comment on the last paragraph about the psyker acolyte dude...
  14. Loads of good ideas here! Although it can be irritating to have awkward players, especially who constantly insult main characters (I know, i have my own ) it can actually be used as a good way for them to interact with the 40k world. Yes, an inquisitor wouldnt stand for it, people in a church wouldn't stand for it. Give them consequences! Cut off libs, send them to prison, get all their gear stolen, kill off their weak inquisitor. If nothing happens when they insult everyone and spout heresy then they will keep doing it. Consequences can be great hooks. The hardest thing is having them without spoiling carefully laid plotlines. If they insult the inquisitor again, I'd suggest getting the players into a secure location without weapons (my troublesome players are pretty gung ho) then have their inquisitor tell them (safely behind glass or surrounded by bodyguards...maybe after a painful interrogation) that he his sending them to a penal legion to die for their sins. Take all their gear away, give them exploding collars, take them through a series of dangerous/suicidal military missions and then have their inquisitor whisk them back into his fold once they have learned their lesson. Of course this completely disrupts any adventure you had planned, but it's an adventure in itself. The most important thing is to show how they are so much better off working dilligently for the inquisition.
  15. I have an idea. How about instead of getting him killed in one of his suicidal charges you get him captured. Once captured the other players have to go to great lengths to rescue him. During this time, give the suicidal player an npc to use but tell him that this one only has one life and no fate points. Maybe this will make him see more sense, while making the other players in your group try and tone down his heroic actions because he has inconvenienced them It depends on the person but i can't see talking to him about tactics working. If i talked to my tricky player about tactics, i think he would just do it more
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