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  1. Most likely, Hired Gun would do the trick for a career, as for specialization, I do not have my book in front of me....
  2. I know my players will eat it up. We ran Broken Chains... and one of those pregens went on paper when the Core book dropped at Gen Con. This provides continuity of a sort. I'm setting up Hand of Corruption by subtly editing the other adventures. We are in Rivals for Glory. One of the star maps the Liege had (they bargained for them by doing favors for Vycraft) will show where Saint Annard's Pennance once was. Essentially, there will be a planet-sized "Warp Shadow" with no world in evidence. A little digging will reveal the planet was there...now gone. I have one player who will literally burst into flame when this fact is uncovered. False Prophets will promise more info, and finally they'll be off to find De Orbis Mysteriis. They might win the book in a card game, but they'll be lead to him (forget his name suddenly) by either Palmere Grath or someone in False Prophets. By the time we get to actually playing out of Hand of Corruption itself, they'll be out of their minds with joy over the idea of owning a whole planet. Vycraft...I'm using him as a template for what my wife's character (an Apostate) will eventually be. The Shadow Leige controls a small patch of rainy little Sacgrave. She's already said he sets his sights too low. For all his weird power (I had him refer to things players had only told me..or referred to the heretek as "throwing off the Chains of Judgement" so that he appeared all-knowing) he's a Big Fish in a Very Little Pond. Next episode, the Psyker gets to see his future self.. then we start screwing with our group's Night Lord CSM. I've got other examples of where the PCs are heading, like the scene where Frodo looks at Gollum and realizes Gollum is a mirror... that's what I want. The Heretek, Hephaestus Bore from Broken Chains, will see himself in Tech Priest Rebis... and try to avoid her fate. I've been using the word doom a lot. Mostly as a sound effect. Even had a litte auspex that pinged a tinny-high-pitched "doom....doom...doom" when approaching the Deluge in Rivals. They know the worst is coming. They just don't know what it is. When the Necrons do appear, the players won't be fighting for their treasure or mere Infamy. They'll be fighting for a world they've spent months working toward, dying for... they'll be fighting for their home. (or the closest thing this band of deviants can ever call home). Frankly, I pity the Necrons.
  3. My money is on a split between Rogue Trader level renegade guardsmen, Dark Mechanicus, other sorts of cultists, and full-blown Deathwatch-power- level-Chaos Space Marines. Forsaken is probably a Specialty of CSM. Just a thought... I could be wrong.
  4. I'm not seeing DH, RT, and DW Fora... very strange.
  5. My wife, Dawn (I just love typing that...it's been less than two months) had the solution to this. She plays an Ascended Scum. Call her an "Inquistional Envoy" if you will. She's a lot more fragile than the boys, but she's enjoying herself and doesn't have to play Dolph Lundgren in ceramite underwear...
  6. We are playing even now! We are using the Dawn of War 2 soundtrack, available here. We're on a break, eating some roast that our Desperado cooked up.
  7. Where do you want to see Dark Heresy go? Being the "entry level" 40KRPG, I don't think more Ascension level material is warranted. Perhaps an expansion for HIve Gang campaigns, or military action as Gaurd or Renegades. Maybe even a Mercenary supplement wherein rag-tag groups composed of Humans, Eldar, Ogryn, Kroot, Ratlings and Orks fighting in brushfire wars for a profit. The Galaxy is a big place. Focusing on a single solar system might be a good time. I think Warhammer 40000 Role Play: Necromunda would sell out in hours. This wouldn't be a series where the core rules are reprinted, but each book would expand the scope within about 256 pages or so (the size of the Inquisitor's Handbook). Anyhow just a thought. With no word coming of Dark Heresy's future, and all the books in last year's Knowledge is Power now in our hands, speculation is all we've got.... I love this game system, and I see much more potential beyond the 3 core games. Heck, I'd even write Necromunda for Ross if he wanted it. Hints that I'm right about something from THOSE WHO WOULD KNOW are very welcome.
  8. My fiance has an ascended Scum. A downright mean feral world desperado who has decided to join the Deathwatch game tomorrow. I'm all for it. Obviously, some time must have passed for her to find herself this far from home and hanging with the Ordo Xenos. In Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader, she got along just fine with a hand cannon or two and a bad attitude. I think she's going to need some gear to play with the Big Boys. There's no way I figure a little slip of a girl can dish out the damage like an Astartes. But I figure some Power Armor (All: AP7) would start to level the playing field a bit. She's always been real keen on not being there when the damage came in. You name it, she's got the damage-avoidance talents aplenty. Are these are ineffective against Hordes (maybe not Hard Target?) I suspect this will be faced by many in Deathwatch, gender issues aside. (which have been discussed heavily) As a GM or Player, how do you see Ascended characters faring in Deathwatch? Has anyone else tried it?
  9. Here's one version of the map I'm doing. I might do another after Dvang's clarifications. sites.google.com/site/brptrek/home/lordsholm/lordsholm.jpg
  10. Void_onion213 said: i'm looking at starting a Rogue trader game once into the storm is released. i was wondering what would happen if the group consisted of RT, DH, the new xeno races and an inquisitor were stuffed into the same ship? please be honest, it sounds fun but with dark clouds on the horizon. Sounds like my game. You'll have a good time!
  11. What is the level of interest in 2nd Edition? I have a large number of books I won't be using (Deathwatch is to blame).
  12. Thanks for the list! I've started work on the maps, and Ross has given his blessing, so I'll get something up as fast as possible. My plan is to do them in a style that evokes a data-slate display. Black with green graphics, and a print-friendly black and white version of each location.
  13. I'd like to prepare maps for my group. If anyone has a list of locations that need mapping for this module, I'll not only draw them up, but I'll PDF them and make them available if Ross OKs it. I hope the PDF will be available soon, but a short list of "necessary" locations would be great. Thanks! Jeffery
  14. My fiance's Scum/Desperado will be accompanying the male player's Space Marines on their missions. Don't know why...don't care. As a GM, I'm bound to make Saturday's games a good time for everyone. If she doesn't want to play an genetically-engineered killing machine, she shouldn't have to. The guys on the other hand, will want to play Space Marines, so I have to give them all the threats the Galaxy can throw at them. This won't be pretty. (But then again, it shouldn't be pretty, should it?)
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