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  1. That's annoying. I placed my pre-order Sept 15th and its still listed as Processing Pre-Order. I guess they dont action them on a first come first served basis. But its out. *Snoopy Dance of Joy*. I can wait a little longer now I know its on the way. They are supposed to fill them in chronological order. Hopefully this is a case of a shipper not getting postage on the package in the correct order. I placed my pre-order on Thursday, got the shipping notice (2-Day USPS) on Saturday and received the book today ,Monday! (It's likely that it actually shipped on Friday and I just didn't get the e-mail until Sat., based on that timing). MiniatureMarket is very decidedly my friend!
  2. ...And now it looks like the book has officially moved from PreOrder to NewArrival status on it's MM product page. 201 copies in stock as of right now...
  3. Thanks for the reference! I placed my "pre-order" about an hour ago, and it's already moved to Ready to Ship status... so it looks like I can also confirm that it sounds like books are in
  4. On that same theme… now that we have an FFG dice roller app that's Universal for iPhone/Pod/Pad, any chance of seeing the WFRPG and/or Arkham Horror apps updated to the same level of support? It would be great to see those utiliies running under the same engine, complete with support for game-specific backgrounds, sounds, etc
  5. Looks like the app is up for iOS this morning (at least in the US iTunes appstore). Just downloaded and it seems to run just fine on my iPhone 4S. Gotta wait until after work to fire it up on my iPad
  6. Wow. None of the (relatively few) stores in my area carry any WFRP product (though a couple have Rogue Trader). I got one to special order me the Dice Pack, but I had to fall back on Amazon for the Core Set and Adventurer's Toolkit (though the 35% discount on the Core Set was certainly worth it ). I'd just order the GM Toolkit from them... but it's still listed as a pre-order, and no discount (yet), so I may have to put myself on pause for another week or two and see how things settle out locally
  7. Lone Jedi said: My FLGS (in lovely Omaha, NE) expects to get their first batch of Dungeons in tomorrow afternoon!! The Dungeon has, in fact, arrived. And just in time for tonight's gaming!!
  8. My FLGS (in lovely Omaha, NE) expects to get their first batch of Dungeons in tomorrow afternoon!!
  9. As a former FLGS employee I can also confirm that we were allowed to take games home in order to "become more familiar with the product we sell" and then bring them back, baggie stuff up (if needed), and then re-shrinkwrap the box. I can't say as I agree with that policy any more (great as an employee while in college... not cool at all now that I'm an old man), or that this was your case, but it's a possibility. At least in my case, I was always careful to ensure that all the pieces were returned in good condition... but YMMV.
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