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  1. Ok I searched high and low, couldn't find a thread on this. We've been playing with Kat's "Sacrifice" ability acting as if it is uber-powerful. Basically it states: "One per game, while piloting a viper, send yourself to sickbay to destroy 5 raiders, 2 heavies, 1 basestar or 1 civilian ship" Now, does this mean you can either blow up 5 raiders+2 heavies+1 basestar.... or is it more as if the commas act as "ors", meaning 5 raiders OR 2 heavies OR 1 basestar? Seeing as there are no "ands" written in that enumeration, it can seem as if they are "ors"... This has caused debates in my circle, so can someone clarify?
  2. Yes! (insert shameless self-promotion here) Tannbunker FTW!
  3. Done, done annnnnnd done. See ya there!
  4. Well, I know we've had posts like this in the old forums, but I'm not quite certain anyone posted any music. Being a music maniac, I dug through my extensive collection and created "customized soundtracks" for each TH map. Y'know, to get the right mood set and make sure everyone "feels" the game. Now, these are not original compositions. Think of these as mixed tapes you'd make for a friend. These mixes are a big hit with my group so I thought I'd share 'em here. Made four so far: both Ksiaz maps, the Tesla priory and the Minotaur's Labyrinth. If you're trying to get some "mood music" for your play sessions but have no idea where to begin looking, I recommend following this link: http://scottiesthscenarios.blogspot.com/2008/12/tannhauser-customized-soundtracks.html If you guys have your own mixes, feel free to post 'em (or at least describe the track listing). My troupe can always go for some fresh material.
  5. There's DOD SNO (Dead Snow) coming out in January. It's about some family vacationing in a cabin in the middle of the woods who suddenly get attacked by Nazi zombies. Looks interesting enough. Also, I have to agree that OUTPOST is a great flick. Sure, by the end you're kind of left scratching your head, but the ride is worth it.
  6. Hey Watchman, long time no talk! Yeah, I'm back after a long absence I moved out on my own back in April and only recently got the internet lol Well, you know I'm definitely up for some online gaming, but the issue is the time difference, as stated. Weekends are definitely the best time, seeing as I work all week and I go to bed/get up early during that time. Saturdays and Sundays could work. If you need me to translate scenarios (man, I haven't checked the French scenarios in a long time) for the guys here let me know. BTW, I presume you picked up Field Ops and Daedalus? How are they?
  7. You can shoot anyone on any path as long as you follow the following guidelines: you are a minimum of two spaces away from your target (i.e. one space between both of you) and the target is not farther than your current mental stat value +1 (EXAMPLE: if your mental is 3, the bullet will only go 4 spaces). So yes, it can turn corners and hop onto other paths... as long as the above rules are respected.
  8. Yeah, I saw your Dero faction. Pretty awesome stuff! Glad to know my scenarios inspired some people! As you can tell from looking at my scenario, I'm not very good with graphical stuff. I just love to write. However, I'd love to know where you guys got your official-looking character sheet templates and what tools you used for making everything look so good.
  9. Hey folks, nice to see the Tannhauser community is still booming. Not sure if anyone remembers me from the old boards, but suffice to say I haven't really gamed much since March Now it seems life has slowed down a bit, so I'm looking forward to getting some long-overdue TH time in. Glad to see the FFG site got an overhaul. It looks much more inviting now! Anyways, I used to have a bunch of scenarios up a while ago, so here's one I fine-tuned for your enjoyment. It's been up on the Black Sheep Archives for quite a while, but this version has less grammar issues I'll have to send it over to Plageman when I get a chance. If you guys leave enough comments, maybe I'll start uploading my other scenarios. IN KSIAZ, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM: http://scottiesthscenarios.blogspot.com/2008/12/in-ksiaz-no-one-can-hear-you-scream.html Of course, feel free to let me know if you encounter issues with the scenario! Cheers!
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