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  1. The end all goal is to make Master Nonsuch the true Big Bad for my acolytes. So perhaps he will be an unknowing-unwilling ally, but not before mortally wounding or crippleing one of the acolytes. Im looking to make their hate for him more then the simple "Xenos scum needs to die". But somehow he would be a rather useful character to help bail the acolytes out if they really mess up.
  2. Master Nonsuch escaped the House of Dust and Ash, and hes a wonderful Big Bad for my PCs. So I would like to incorperate him into the events of Tattered Fates, the question is how. Any thoughts?
  3. Well my groups plan is to freeze our characters afterthe events of tattered fates, and try out Rogue Trader untill the next book of the series becomes available.
  4. xe3r said: This will be my second gming and in the first one I used the illumination adventure..I am not very good in using this type of adventures but I don't know how much experience i need to create one of my own..What do you suggest? IMHO the book-written scenarios offer alot of flexability so a GM can still be a GM, not simply a narrator. In addition, if you are new to the roll of GM, running every book written scenario in chronological order is a great way to get started off. Illumination> the three in Purge the Unclean> The House of Dust and Ash> Tattered Fates> the unreleased two of the Harlock Legacy. After completeing them in that order do you as the GM understand your players, and the players understand you, and from there the game can be fun using elements from Creatures Anathema and Decipels of the Dark Gods.
  5. Well since my group usually plays three hour sessions we should be fine time wise. Okay, now onto the topic at hand.
  6. No, nor do I understand why they are releasing them in three books insted of one like Purge the Unclean. As a PC maby its just that Tattered Fates is a particularly long scenario, but I would also like info on the releases for the final two books of the Harlock Legacy, as my group should be finishing The House of Dust and Ash this sunday. Also, so not to start another thred, how long did Tattered Fates take for your respective groups. Please dont provide any spoilers, just timeline. Good Question Hereticool, and I hope you dont mind my adding of another question -Ira-
  7. Look into the band Apocalyptica, they do all their music on 4 cellos and its very grimdark, like classical metal. In addition look into movie scores, Iv used Hans Zimmers music from the Dark Knight, Gladiator, ect ect before too.
  8. dvang said: Second, are you similarly limiting Swift Attack and Lightning attack (for melee wielders) to a single Fury chance in a round? It's the same premise, multiple hits using a single full-round action. More hits does, and should, mean more chances for Righteous Fury. Each hit has a chance to strike a more vulnerable area. I don't oppose houseruling the confirmation roll to be standard WS/BS, or perhaps just without the plus for Semi/full auto. That seems reasonable, but only allowing a single roll seems stretching things a bit too far for me. Not at all. The rightous fury HR was inacted to make players choose a different varity of weapon except the autogun with manstoppers. Hence for a single attack (in the case of full auto) any attack that uses more then one die (except tearing weapons) to determine damage would have to choose the die for righteous fury. In the case of Swift and Lightning Attack thats three seperate attacks. So for instance an assassin with great weapon and lightning attack would get three attacks per round of combat, so for each attack he rolls two die, one for the rightous fury and one for damage. That player would have three chances to get rightous fury over six.
  9. Whos up for a laugh? After discussing it with the group and everything we came to a plan of action against this blackmailer, for him not to have a chance to reveal us. At the pre-auction the guilded widow was activated and the chaos started. I would like to thank everyone for their great ideas, but as it turns out they are unnessisary, as the man who discovered us is either dead or fleeing for his life.
  10. Personally if you wana run an adept who can hold his own (but not be a combat master) i would run one from the Schola Progentium, as they get weapon trainings base. Put one of your finer starting rolls into BS, pick up an autogun with red dot laser, and you should stay alive reletivly well.
  11. Baldrick said: I actually took some wording from my UK passport! "HIS BRITANNIC EMPEROR’S INQUISITOR GLOBUS VAARAK REQUESTS AND REQUIRES IN THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY EMPEROR ALL THOSE WHOM IT MAY CONCERN TO ALLOW THE BEARER TO PASS FREELY WITHOUT LET OR HINDRANCE AND TO AFFORD THE BEARER SUCH ASSISTANCE AND PROTECTION AS MAY BE NECESSARY WHILST THEY ARE UNDER THE CHARGE OF TO INVESTIGATE THE JOYOUS CHOIR IN THE SCINTILLA SYSTEM AND SURROUNDING AREA. THIS WRIT IS DATED 0110815.M41 AND WILL LAST UNTIL 0102816.M41 OR UNTIL EXTENDED OR REVOKED PRAISE BE TO THE GLORIOUS SAVIOUR OF MANKIND THE ALMIGHTY EMPEROR" Grammar isn't great but I think it gets the message across. I like it, but i would the whold investigate the "to investigate the Joyous Choir in the Scintilla System" and replace it with "Whilst this Writ is within its expiration date". No one needs to know what they are investigating.
  12. Wow you guys are ready for anything. Personally I like my characters loadout to show his status, not his ability. Thats why he almost always carries his boltpistol, never for use, but just so people know how important he is. And, in my GMs justice, I just lost everything in the house of dust and ash to one of the suspects (wont name who). So currently I'm walking around with a pilfered stub revolver and a sheet wrapped around my otherwise naked form.
  13. Agreed, necromunda offers great minis for both the underhive scum PCs and those you will end up fighting; plus guard, inquisition, and alot of human models from mordheim and fantacy offer a wide varity of oppertunities.. GW has been doing tabletop gaming far before a 40k rollplay came around, just use them.
  14. A real easy way to do it is any and all of the gear you start with are family heirlooms. A guilded autopistol with the family crest on it, a raiper with gems and rare metals in the hilt. Get creative with your gear.
  15. Depends on the character. But my current one is a noble born arabite, whom used his legal status to be an emmissary for his arms dealing family. So he wears a mesh lined uniform of the family, and carrys a bolt pistol (as a sign of status). IF he knows combat is a definate, and undercover is out the door, he will also take up a hellgun and some good quality armor.
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