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  1. Emperor Protects! But a loaded bolter never hurt too...
  2. To break it down: You have a stat... say 41 in Balistic Skill(skill to shoot with) you roll a d100, and try to go under your score(41) and if so... you hit! The sneaky git might want to dodge - then he rolls under his Dodge skills(based on Agility) He can then negate the hit with a sucess, or wlse he will just take the damage! The 40k system lackssome of the finer details and options that make for the exciting tactical challenge in DnD, but makes for more intuitive and rather fast game play! I think you will find, that it's very easy to teach to most people! We never ever use miniatues*... but all characters have Speed and weapons has a range score, so setting the scene with miniatures and running it relative is very doable. (*not entirely true... we do use some miniatures and sugar cubes and a dice, but never a grid map) ...Idless
  3. For the reason included in the post: I like the fact that you are required to adapt! And that it's exciting to see the game develop! ...Idless
  4. in 2 hours... you played 2 games... Pardon my sceptisism, but I think you might have done something wrong. I won't deny, that a 4 player game can be done in 4-5 hours maybe less if you are an experienced group - but 1 hour for one game? How? Do you play with Age of Empire and Imperial II? ...Idless
  5. I am very keen on trying the Imperial II card, though I am ok with Imperial II! What I am not keen on, is "Age of Empire" - I find that the need for flexibility and adaption is key to a challenging game of TI and part of it's flavour. I have seen many people posting that they prefer Bueacracy, but also like the Age of Empire, and if they can be used together - my problem is the opposite! Would it be possible to play Imperial II, but without the (imho not so cool AoE) rule? - then rather reveal 1 PO in each status phase? or Use the 1OP with card or Bonus = OP - like bueacracy with the Imperial II? ...Idless
  6. Yeah well... it's also my character, if I take 1 more advance in will power... Yes got almost all Telepathy Yes got one Telekine ability, The Blade... 51% will power, as of now... ..but yeah, very Ravenoresque ...Idless
  7. Imagine af psyker... 56% in Will Power Having the power, Projection Having the Power, Psychic Blade Being locked up, protected - then making a projection and fly into a room with a 1d10+10 Pen 10 weapon, 66% chance to hit on an aim, and wounds not being an issue, and absolutly positively killing every last heretic in the room!? ....Idless
  8. They decided they got freindly with all and that Scarlet was a particular nice ladywho like the character Kahli. Then they decided at that offing a few members, would make them do desperate things, and then mistakes... They decided not to take out Scarlet, as she was clearly a friend... she hang around Kahli all night, at the meeting Because Scarlet is the one assigned by the organisation to watch Kahli, and find out what the suspicious person is up to. Lets see what happens... I let slip that there are up tp 200.000 at the big gatherings. That means, that if they do research, there is only ONE place in town they can gather secretly. So typical for my players, not to notice. ...Idless
  9. You know, that not a half bad idea... I will let the players meta-game and think that I let them infiltrate the group because its a plot point(look at the failed roll and say "hmmm... well... its not that hard... okay, he offers you a drink!" Now they think everythings is just fine... but there will be someone watching them, all the time... ...Idless
  10. Wrote a long answer, browers crash Its a labour org. and they don't pray to chaos gods or kill people... they just never contact the player again... sobs over 1 page of work wasted... ...Idless
  11. Friend of the Dork said: Well never let the resolution of an adventure to be decided by a few tests alone, unless you want to your adventures to be 30-50% winnable... In thise case, we'd need to know more to give you advice, but let there be some alternative resulution, perhaps one less successful but stil a resolution. Once in awhile a complete failure might be in order, if you think the players deserve it, but not just because of some poor luck. So if they managed to piss off/didn't convince one group, let there be some alternative group that can help them instead, which may require special favors and/or money to persuade. Or force the PCs to go through a dangerous combat that could otherwise have been averted.The conclusion is that one roll should not decide the game, but succeding such a roll should not be for nought either. That is indeed why, I called it a noob mistake... Its not just one roll, its several, as I run it as a DnD 4ed skill challenge... and and rather easy one for good roleplaying and preparation And it does not stand or fall on this one skill challenge... only that most of the alternative routes will drone on... @Eido - they have some vague idea that its not going so well... but they are still being treated nicely, so I might pull that one of. I might also have them persue the tailing route or simply say that it takes them a hell of a time to infiltrate them, and they feel that they are kept in the dark for almost the next month... "What do you do?" Let the in-universe time roll, but fast forward to the day they finally get it in, on the big meeting.. ...Idless
  12. Running 2 adventures in my GMs campaign, number two is reaching it's climax... I hope... Its a good time, as its been a bit long and both the players and I want to see a closure and get started with a new adventure with a new scenario. But, I made a noob mistake. The resolution of the plot calls for the players to infiltrate a "secret" organization. BUT that means that I hinged the entire adventure on a couple of dice rolls, which they are now failing, as they decided to send their 2 worst speakers. How do I turn it around? I mean, I could let them tail the members, but it would take another 3-4 session to get to, were we are now... Any suggestions? ...Idless
  13. 1 out of 2 things(there is actually three): 1) Tell them that its one character per campaign. Have them play or have them die. But players with dead characters don't get to play, before the rest of you finished the campaign. 2) You accept there need to make new characters, now that they know more about the game you are running. Then you make a deal, that they will go out one by one... deaths, transfers, falling from grace(death), and then the Inquisitor wants a new guy on the team. Or you could restart the campaign entirely... all make new characters and you start a new plot. Just is nessecary once in a while!
  14. Can't believe that should be an first attempt... I mean, I believe you, but I am amazed And a really nice gift, must have made him very happy. ...Idless
  15. You could just offer Elite Advances... ...Idless
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