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  1. I still say itd be fun to have a pair of huge ships: the Imps get the Resurgence, and the Rebs get the Raddus. Make them somewhere between the Xwing Gozanti and Raider in size.
  2. Not only is Armada a dead game, but they will never release the Chimera, OR the Profundity! We may only forever look at the preview and pine away over what could have been. Mwahahahaha!
  3. Why can't we just get a Finalizer and Raddus that are the size of the CR90 and Raider from X-wing? Then the sliding scale Armada uses doesn't even have to be that bad, as they would look really good that size. Arguing for the SSD in Armada always seems (to me) as goofy as if there were huge threads adamantly demanding an official Nebulon-B and Arquittens for X-Wing.
  4. Yeah, too bad they didn't put all that manufacturing capability into a few ships and wings of fighters around Starkiller Base..... Hopefully the new "flying shipyard" will have a fleet along with it.
  5. I'd like to see either of them at a size between the two sizes of Epic for X-Wing. Big without being Raider/Cr90 big, which could be problematic given how the bases yaw in Armada.
  6. Pretty neat that the Raddus is basically a canonized Viscount-class. Theoretically, we could now have a complete Armada Epic pairing of the Raddus for the Rebs and the Finalizer for the Imperials.
  7. Same price as standard ISD, with two Mandalorian squadrons and three copies of two new ship profiles that can be used by the standard ISD model. Definitely more than a re-skin (and a nice one at that).
  8. As stupid as it was not to release the prototypes at GenCon (I kept stopping by a couple times each day to see if they had put out anything new), what a cool new set of additions to the game! Not sure if it's been said yet in this thread, but: "Stop fooling yourselves sheeple, Armada is obviously dead!"
  9. I'm sure it's certainly doing better than any other fleet-scale game, that's for sure. No that there's really much competition from Firestorm Armada or Dropfleet Commander, especially to go up against a Star Wars theme, much less a pretty good set of game mechanics. I'd actually still rather play Battlefleet Gothic than Armada, but that's a ship who sailed long ago.
  10. How about painting the entire eyeball red, with standard-colored solar panels?
  11. It'd be awesome to see those old Seperatist ships as Rebels.
  12. Wow. It is kinda funny that it's implied that the entire flaw in interpreting this card by this community was the fact that instead really should never have been on the card for it to be perfectly decipherable.......... Hell, I'm happy enough as long as it becomes an 'official' FAQ/Eratta. It's actually better and simpler mechanically than how I had house-ruled it with my dear old pops. If it becomes a canon rule change, we should get a new card with an arrow pointing to the left (presumably at the RLB card) with the text of: "stop over-thinking. Use the token to place some set-aside squadrons up to your squadron value, and then activate as many squadrons as you normally could from everything in range, but the placed squadrons can't move.
  13. I like to fly Cracken. Mostly with 1 MC30, 3x CR90's, and a Transport for bombing runs. Squadrons to taste (though limited as I only have one pack of the basic ones so far.)