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  1. While the local store had some Clone Wars stuff and they look awesome, it'd be cool to have the next Wave of Armada minis just be an adequately large printing of all the ones that are out already but nasty to get a hold of.
  2. I'll be over there when this all ends. Lots of people don't like the BGG forums, but I have used them to great success over the years for having lasting access to game info. The games's page is also a good place to post files for download, too, as well as not being tied to a specific company like the FFG forums.
  3. No way! Go over to the Boardgamegeek page!
  4. Well, sunuvabitch. I've been enjoying these forums for the five years Armada has been out, plus some. Make sure to at least migrate over to Boardgamegeek, at least guys!! The fans have done more for Armada than FFG ever did, anyways.
  5. Man, what another sucky thing to happen. A lot of the time lately I have been more of a wallflower, but it's still been a great bunch of years with all you folks! I've been talking with some of you for most of a decade, now.
  6. You would think by now that FFG would have a handle on demand issues, they've dealt with it enough over the years. It's probably one of their most recurring weaknesses.
  7. Now I have to admit I have done that from time to time, while still keeping the majority of the fleet pretty basic.
  8. I love CR90s, but I stopped at three, lol.
  9. Ah, R2 was so cool when he got his Sithbuster Armor. Or was it Droidbuster Armor, to accompany Anakin on more dangerous missions? "Sorry, 3PO, you get to stay with Padme and serve her drinks."
  10. I had a hard choice this week, as not only did my LGS have an Onager, but they actually had a Profundity AND an MC30. I ended up snatching up the Profundity, as I already have an MC30, and figured Onagers would be easier to come by later.
  11. I advocate for the use of lightly upgraded ships in my home games because the people I play Armada against are not hardcore gamers, and too many moving parts ends up being confusing and limiting to their enjoyment. While sometimes I like the depth that lots of upgrades give to each ship, I also love to see as many Capitol ships as possible on the table, while still keeping the game both as fluid and casual as possible. ESPECIALLY given the size of the Eratta/FAQ compared to how often I actually get to play, making me have to constantly remember which upgrade either needs to be different than written, or clarified.
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