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  1. This whole thing is a bummer. I was just getting into buying some Legion stuff, even if technically it's not for playing the Legion game. Tomorrow I was planning on buying a box of Clone Troopers from my LGS, but they only have a single box and the other store in the city has none. So I'd have to go through them in my car before I leave to make sure everything is there, with my fingers crossed the whole time? Maybe it's better to buy from Amazon, where theoretically there's lots of stock and the return policy works well. Which certainly is a nasty thing for my LGS.
  2. Agreed. The paint scheme makes it look much, much better than the original!
  3. The pessimist in me feels they are probably just going to grab the storyline of the Katana fleet from Heir to the Empire, and change it into IDS's. The Resistance must get there before the First Order so they have a massive fleet to fight them. They sure as **** better be droid ships like the Katana fleet, as all those ISD's would take several million crew to man them all, at 30-something thousand each. What I really want is an Imperial Remnant force led by an aging Thrawn come to save the Resistance.
  4. Well, I buy tons of stuff at my LGS', and have for 25 years. But MM had a bunch of decks for an older game called Summoner Wars for 1/4 the retail price, so it was $15 for $60 dollars worth of product. Plus it can be very tempting to shop online when my 2 'local' stores are 20-some miles and 36 miles (one way) away in opposite directions. So I hardly feel guilty not buying local as despite the drive I have spent the majority of my hobby dollars for two decades locally unless it's on serendipitous deals that would never occur at my LGS, like when FFG had a fire sale on the At-43 and Confrontation miniatures games, but no one local had been interested in carrying either game since their inception. Or like my personal rule of never buying anything at GenCon that I could just get locally, unless it's a spur of the moment great deal. The Warstore was also a great boon to me when they used to sell plastic GW bitz, as I could at least enjoy a pale shadow of the insane GW bits service that used to exist. Neal was awesome.
  5. The nice thing is that at least for Rebels, I can repaint Separatist ships and/or certain Republic ships as surplus ships brought back into service, so at least there is a chance for some medium ships there.
  6. Its hard to find the Chimera online here in the US which makes me regret not getting it earlier. I think I remember seeing one at a game store I don't frequent much; I may end up paying full price for it there, even though I had a personal goal of only getting Armada stuff when I found good sales.
  7. Bummer, an end of an era for me. Been ordering with The Warstore for more than a decade. Miniaturemarket on the other hand is getting slower and slower. I ordered some stuff during their warehouse sale and they took almost two weeks just to process my order. I emailed them after a week, they said "we had more orders than we expected, here's 100 reward points for the wait" (a whole $1.00 off my next order, lol) and it still took them nearly a week more to process it. So with shipping time, it's 2.5 weeks for a couple of decks of cards from a couple states away.
  8. Cool, I was originally going to use an Epoch as a counts-as Assault Frigate Mk2, as it looks a bit like a dreadnought.
  9. 35,000 gallons of red paint must have cost the Empire a pretty penny, lol. I really like it! The red stripe is the best, as it makes it unique.
  10. Hmm, I dunno of either of those designs really scream "Star Wars" to me. Either of them look like fan art. The Starhawk could literally be from any space game. Not to sound like a broken record, but Rebels should have just gotten an Assault Frigate Mk 1 to fill out their medium ships more.
  11. Id like to grab some more ships, but some, like the Chimera are hard to find nowadays.
  12. I'm a completest by necessity, as to get anyone to play I need to have both sides, which means that I eventually need everything or certain ships will never be played on my table. Pretty much the same way with every game I play, as my LGS is 35 miles away, and is nearly entirely 40k and Magic the Gathering, so unless it's one of those games, Im never going to see an opponent bring their own stuff.
  13. Sure would be nice to ease the waiting for the SSD if FFG would get some of the out of stock ships reprinted, like the Chimera.
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