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  1. AegisGrimm

    New factions

    There could probably be two more waves from the GCW period. It's hardly a dry well. You could do a good Wave of just some iconic ships for us "older" players, like. Two ships could be a Dreadnought for the Imps and a counterpart of an Assault Frigate Mk1 for the Rebs. A small ship/flotilla for each could round it out.
  2. AegisGrimm

    The SSD?

    A watched kettle (FFG) never boils (delivers on time), lol.
  3. AegisGrimm

    New factions

    I thought that the second shot was going to be what completely used up the star that was partially drained with the first shot. I felt like the whole thing was to show that using Starkiller base was a First Order temper tantrum to force people to see them as "legitimate badasses", with no thought to it being a two-shot weapon.
  4. AegisGrimm

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    I have yet to have any concrete fiction for them, but the core of my Rebel fleet is a trio of Corvettes that I ended up with after a Christmas sale, and so I painted each ship in an individual yet unified color scheme to be a trio of defense ships owned by a planet's ruling house that defected to the Rebellion along with a couple of older squadrons of Y wings and Z-95's. It's my own little way of having "My Dudes". Their fluff is that they didn't have the red when they joined the larger fleet, but it was added to show unity after they joined.
  5. AegisGrimm

    New factions

    Small 200 pt games can easily represent some of the fringe factions. -Repainted Rebels are pirates -Mod some TIEs Solar panels and with some repainting, field a small (large for them!) force of the Mining Guild from Rebels.
  6. I just printed out one of the good ones people around here made, that had multiple segments, like just range one, range one+range two, etc. I used adhesive paper, and mounted them on sheet plastic.
  7. AegisGrimm

    Interdictor on Sale!

    Jesus, the Interdictor (hardly knew her!) is down to 13 bucks, and the Vic is down to 15.
  8. AegisGrimm

    Interdictor on Sale!

    Can't see a tournament ever existing in my area. I don't even know of anyone playing at all outside of those who share my collection to do so.
  9. AegisGrimm

    People still playing?

    I really wish I had other people to play with than my dad and longtime buddy, but that's almost always the case with gaming in my area. After 20 years of gaming I would think I'd be used to it, but...meh.
  10. AegisGrimm

    Interdictor on Sale!

    *wink* Yeah, but dirty little secret between you and me... when I started I printed out a lot of cards I didn't have, those included. I scaled them to the correct size, and just replace them if and when I get the expansions that include them.
  11. AegisGrimm

    Interdictor on Sale!

    Yeah, it's nuts. I finally got my Interdictor earlier this week, and thought 18 dollars (I also have Prime shipping) was an absolute steal, but now it's down to just over 14 dollars! 10 dollar Neb-B is tempting me, but I don't know if I really need a second one of them. I really should get a Profundity or Home One as I am really Med-Large heavy in my Imp collection, but the only med-large ships my Rebs have is a Liberty and an Assault Frigate.
  12. AegisGrimm

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    Yep, even if the game stops here there are a lot of ships to choose from for each side, as long as you have at least one reliable person to play the game with. I don't play the game with anyone but my dad and occasionally a buddy, but am still slowly buying all the ships for each side. In a few years hopefully I'll dust off the game as my son gets old enough to play, and I am sure the game will be done by then- but it's not like my collection will go bad because of it.
  13. AegisGrimm

    Max number of each expansion you'd like to own.

    Frankly, I'm pretty happy with just one of everything, except 2x Victory, 2x Raider, and 3x CR90.
  14. AegisGrimm

    Started playing Armada with my son....

    I'm just happy trolling Amazon from time to time. Last night I bought an Interdictor for 18 dollars. Some insanely good deals from time to time, and it's less shady.
  15. AegisGrimm

    A gift that keeps on giving.

    The great part about Armada is that practically any ship you get at this point can provide you with some fun. There really aren't any "duds" in the game, just some that take more work to find their place than others. The only really common mistake is thinking a Raider gives the Imperials the same as a CR90 gives the Rebels, as that's kind of a finicky ship to find a place for.