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  1. Which ship is that? Rogue One/Mc75 expansion cover art

    I don't know how to do it rules-wise, but I always thought it'd be fun to see a transport sized ship that instead of a flotilla, would be an escort vessel, where it came with a way to stick it on the same flight stem as other small sized ships, so you could have it flying alongside a Cr-90 or an MC-30, flotilla-style. It was a cool mechanic that the Halo Fleet Battles game that I have yet to see repeated in another fleet-scale space game. But yeah, I would like to see combat flotillas in the game, that just don't have the pain in the butt scatter tokens that plague flotillas right now.
  2. MC75 Ordanence and Armored both card quality

    I'm eternally glad that I play in an environment where this wouldn't even be noticed.
  3. Does Armada need Lucrehulk?

    There's actual artwork (offical?) of CIS ships under the Rebel flag.
  4. Tips for easier handling of squadrons?

    To facilitate accurate replacing of squadrons when dad and I play, we stick dimes under the bases. Then when you need to pick up a squadron for any reason, it's dime is left there to mark it's place to be returned to.
  5. The Supremacy

    Yeah, hyperspace negates time dilation with space magic. It's Star Wars after all. Time dilation would change the entire setting of Star Wars as we know it. The setting already handwaves itself around discussions involving relitavistic distances, whereupon by the time ships can be seen if they are a significant distance away, they will actually be in another place due to the speed of light meaning you see them where they were minutes or hours ago, regardless of how fast your ship can go. Space fantasy.
  6. The Supremacy

    I was totally going to post this, lol. ****. Quote fail for some reason.
  7. Ships We Still Need

    Yeah, we gotta have Dreadnoughts, if anything.
  8. Actually, I have been pondering, and I don't know if 'Epic' Armada ships really have to have that many different mechanics from the main game as with Xwing Epics. Definitely not fore and aft sections. A pair of ships in the 150pt range, about a foot long, on 'Epic' bases that are as much larger than large bases as larges are to mediums. Give them a 4 command value. I think a Resurgent at 12" to the Imperial at 8" would be just fine as a sliding scale. Still 50% larger, which still makes it pretty **** large, considering how wide it would be, too. A Raddus would look and work great that size, too. That size would make them appropriately huge, while their movement could remain as normal ships with a huge, but not obscenely gigantic base. They wouldn't have the crazy table-sweeping yaw of proposed double large length bases that people have their homemade SSD's on. They could essentially be handled like oversized, very powerful Large ships. At the most maybe an additional command mechanic representing how they are even more sluggish to command than just a basic a 4 command value would make them.
  9. Ships Worthy of More Than Two Of

    Yeah, that's what...30 Impstars surrounding the Executor?
  10. Ships Worthy of More Than Two Of

    So far the multiples I have are 3 Cr90s, two Raiders, and two Victories. Pretty sure they have all been on the board, except maybe the second Raider, I can't remember. Obviously I will be getting the Chimera for a second ISD, but I have been pondering a second Assault Frigate (my games are pretty casual) or maybe a second Arquitens.
  11. A Guide to the "worst" ship in Armada

    I'll be happy to try the new commands on my Pelta, when I get the Chimera. About ships, I think the main problem with some underwhelming ships is that some people want ships to do things they aren't really meant to do. The Interdictor is not a main battle line Star Destroyer, and the Raider is not meant to fight more powerful ships. The Pelta, well..yeah the Pelta is slow, lol.
  12. At least that's the important part, eh?
  13. Just want to put up a thank you for keeping this fleet builder going. It's incredibly helpful in helping me teach my pops to play Armada, and just plain super useful besides.
  14. The best way to get back into the game?

    Is there any reason for a second Liberty over a single Home One? I haven't used my single one yet - I planned on using it as more of a flanker to come in at an oblique angle to avoid going up against a Vic or Impstar head-on. The bummer of Hammerheads is that I'd like the External Racks for my 2 Raiders, but really don't need more small ships for what I usually run than my trio of Corvettes.
  15. You know I always wondered if things would have been so much easier if the cardboard was out of the equation, and everything was just base to base excluding the protrusion of the shield dials. Its not like ships can have any other base dimensions vs. cardboard. I guess it removes any thing nebulous about shots that go over the dials being over the edge of the rectangle of the base, but whatever.