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  1. AegisGrimm

    Clone Wars Factions, or just Ships?

    There's also art somewhere for a Providence cruiser (the one the Invisible Hand was?) with big, obvious Rebel insignia-not just the one from the first page. Also I think Banking Clan frigates??
  2. That's a tad bit of hyperbole, there. Releasing a Dreadnought does not equal releasing the Enterprise. Also, throw out any Raiders you own, among several others that aren't expressly in a original trilogy movie.
  3. AegisGrimm

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    The fact that they are 110-150 bucks for an increasing frequency of giant models. Even for a centerpiece model, that's too much for me. At least at $160 a SSD comes assembled, painted (never was an issue before, but now it's a great assist for a guy with two young children and a new house to wrangle), and with additional gaming material.
  4. AegisGrimm

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    It looks really fun, but even the preorder price of $160 at Miniaturemarket is just a helluva chunk of change. There's a reason I don't own any of the modern giant $100+ Games Workshop models, despite buying their other stuff for 20+ years now.
  5. AegisGrimm

    Funny names for the SSD

    Galaxy Trucker, because it'll maneuver like a space semi.
  6. Rebels should get a large/huge based flotilla with a pair of Katana Dreadnoughts, representing them working in concert by being droid-linked from the old Thrawn books.
  7. AegisGrimm

    Executor arrives

    It's not hard to imagine that Huge ships might just get a special rule where they may be counted as large ships for the purposes of being given upgrades.
  8. Regardless of their sequel trilogy status, I'd rather see the Raddus and Resurgence as $100 huge ships than the Executor as a 200 ship, cool as it is.
  9. Seems like it'd be easier to just add Clone Wars era ships into each GCW faction as older ships, like the Arc-170 in XWing.
  10. AegisGrimm

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    Do we know whether or not that if an opposing ship gets hyperspaced into play overlapping the SSD base, it destroys the SSD?? I mean, canon effects and all....😜
  11. AegisGrimm

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    I'm still unsure what to say about the price point. I mean, I've heard people thinking $200 would be a crazy high price point for the new version of Adeptus Titanicus from GW (thus making it the most expensive boardgame they've ever released). And that is an entire game with all the rules material and dice, tons of cardboard control panels and player cards, a handful of plastic buildings, 2 titans and 6 Knights. And those 2 titans when built are each nearly the height and width of an Imperial Star Destroyer stood on end. I was thinking a SSD released like this would be 120, or maybe 150 at absolute most.
  12. AegisGrimm

    Super Star Destroyer discussion thread

    Well, unfortunately the new SSD model is a nonissue for me, as regardless of what it would add to gameplay, I would rather buy 200 dollars worth of normal Armada ships, especially as I have to buy both sides to ever see a game. Plus, it's pretty annoying as the initial reveal has clogged the forums with dozens of SSD threads.
  13. AegisGrimm

    Love this game

    Possibly further, unless I can get my father or good buddy (who lives 45 miles away) to play. And I can reliably say that about any game I own. Buying online, the shipping is sometimes cheaper than the gas I'd burn to drive a 60 mile round trip to the store that even carries Armada.
  14. AegisGrimm

    I kinda hate Armada and here's why

    Aye. That which is dead can never die. Luckily there's truly quite a bit of stuff for Armada already, and if it dies it's not like FFG come to my door and repo's it. But then again I have the comfort of two kids coming up, so I may be able to get them to play.
  15. AegisGrimm

    I kinda hate Armada and here's why

    Nope, I love Armada because it doesn't take painting time from my multitude of other games crying for my attention. I'm hoping to eventually get one of everything, and in about 6-7 years I can hopefully get my son interested.