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  1. AegisGrimm

    Love this game

    Possibly further, unless I can get my father or good buddy (who lives 45 miles away) to play. And I can reliably say that about any game I own. Buying online, the shipping is sometimes cheaper than the gas I'd burn to drive a 60 mile round trip to the store that even carries Armada.
  2. AegisGrimm

    I kinda hate Armada and here's why

    Aye. That which is dead can never die. Luckily there's truly quite a bit of stuff for Armada already, and if it dies it's not like FFG come to my door and repo's it. But then again I have the comfort of two kids coming up, so I may be able to get them to play.
  3. AegisGrimm

    I kinda hate Armada and here's why

    Nope, I love Armada because it doesn't take painting time from my multitude of other games crying for my attention. I'm hoping to eventually get one of everything, and in about 6-7 years I can hopefully get my son interested.
  4. AegisGrimm

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Im not going to sugarcoat things. As I already have lots of the releases for each side (due to having to host the entire game if I ever want to play it with the 1-2 people who I can even get interested), by this fall I plan on making sure I have the other 3-4 capitol ships I still need to buy to have (at least) one of everything for both sides in my collection, simply in case the game crashes, so at least FFG can't tank the game for me. It'll be a bit expensive, but better than getting raped on Ebay when it's OOP. This game gets such an unbalanced amount of our love vs. FFG support, it's tragic.
  5. AegisGrimm

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    Why not just make a Resurgent class Star Destroyer, and then you can make it the size of a Raider from Xwing? Then you don't even have to fight a sliding scale of size and firepower, as it'd be in scale with an Impstar?
  6. Yeah. "Oh no the Falcon doesn't look right!" And then it does.
  7. AegisGrimm

    Solo Discussion Thread [NON-SPOILERS!]

    I just don't get it. Watched Solo this morning with my wife and we both loved it. It felt like Star Wars, I definitely got a young Solo vibe from Han. Lando was played so creepily perfectly by Glover he sounded exactly like Billy Dee a couple of times, and there were at least two strong female characters. Plus a cool bad guy.
  8. AegisGrimm

    New Commander Announced...

    At least Armada doesn't need a 2.0 to clean up it's mess......
  9. AegisGrimm

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Still like the original Dreadnought the best. Especially the prow. Fractal one is too busy, and Rebels is too angular.
  10. AegisGrimm

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    That fleet looks awesome running escort for their Hyperspace Torpedo.
  11. AegisGrimm

    Painting my Armada Ships

    I really like those Gauntlets!
  12. AegisGrimm

    Major Derlin

    I just always assumed that Derlin reduces damage that was rolled. Which as stated above, is different from damage recieved from other sources, like card effects.
  13. AegisGrimm

    Official Solo Trailer! [Not Teaser]

    *Blink....blink*. Huh?
  14. AegisGrimm

    The Eclipse Class

    We don't need shipsmthat are half the table long or more.
  15. AegisGrimm

    Official Solo Trailer! [Not Teaser]

    Regardless of my low (seriously, it's low) view of the current trilogy, I really, really liked Rogue One, and I'm seriously hopeful for this movie too now that I have seen this trailer. It looks gritty and snarky, which is what I expect from a young Han Solo. Even my wife is excited.