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  1. alleyman

    First deck advice

    without looking at other Deck Builds online, you need more upgrade dice. Agro decks rely on Guns, Lots of Guns. You are going to want Hold Out Blaster x2 and (albeit not a gun, Jetpack x2). First Order TIE, IMO, is horrible without the 'firepower' event, and I'm not sure you will ever be able to afford AT-ST in this deck without 'drudge work'. A better support would be 'Black Market', where you can fish for cards and play them at a discount. I would also run 2x backup muscle. I don't believe block is as important as dodge here, as usually you do not see melee damage stacking up like the ranged damage does in Jango/Veers. And usually, you can control the melee dice easier, because there is generally less of them compared to ranged dice. You are also going to want to run 'Flank', since you are running three characters. It is one of the best removal cards in the game. I would also run one 'Endless Ranks'. That card can be a game winner in many situations. Also, Confiscation is a sneaky card that can deal with holocron for free, for a turn. just wait until the opponent activates all their characters and play it. TL:DR: You are on the right track, but you need more upgrade dice, cheaper supports, and better removal.
  2. alleyman

    Create a Character!

    What about: During the setup phase, place a character token on this character. Before this character would be defeated, you may remove a character token from this character to heal 6 damage from this character. Remove 1 character dice from this card. After an opponent's character is defeated, you may remove a character token from this character to ready it. It's thematic, and it makes the ability not as good as second chance...since the ability is built into the character. I think 17 health is too strong, but if you cut his dice in half, that extra half-life (heh), would be reduced effectiveness at least.
  3. alleyman

    Create a Character!

    Sarlaac Pit Monster Unique Yellow NEUTRAL 8 HP 1 Melee 2 Melee / 1 R 1 Discard 2 Discard Special Blank Flavor Text: BUUUUURP! Special: Capture an opponents character Die for the rest of this Round, and place it on this card. It cannot be rolled. When this character is Refreshed, return Die to owner. 12/15 points
  4. alleyman

    Bala-Tik and his ability?

    But what about the blank's? You cannot resolve blank sides, so are they stuck in the pool?
  5. alleyman

    The Emerging Meta

    In Orlando, 3 character teams are very popular, with eRey/padawan/padawan seeing a LOT of play. I played my Vader\Raider deck yesterday at a store I had not previously played at, and I went 1-2, with my one win against grievious/bala-tik. my 2 losses were close games. By the time I chewed through 2 characters, my opponents were able to defeat Vader, basically giving them the game. There were some other 3 character combos there as well, including padme\rey\rebel trooper...but mostly padawan builds.
  6. alleyman

    Support - Vehicles

    I recently added outpost to my jango/veers build as a cheaper speeder scout (as I run frozen wastes battlefield), with concerns to the speeder bike's special ability. true, I don't get the extra action...but it is more cost effective and I like the die sides.. (getting to turn to 2 resource disrupt is really handy when this deck doesn't have much resource deprivation) so I'm running 1x TIE fighter, x2 Outpost's, and x1 AT-ST (which I might cut).
  7. alleyman

    Exploring the Possibility of Sealed Play

    In my opinion, I really think Destiny does not need a draft format. Never have I thought while playing/deckbuilding I would want to draft this game, especially if you have to break some rules to allow it to happen. I am really enjoying constructed play, and don't see the need to stray from that. the next format I want to try is 2 vs 2 free for all. 3 player free-for-all is just okay in my opinion (having played 2 games of it. I think team games could be quite fun and allow for some interesting deck combo's.
  8. alleyman

    Support - Vehicles

    TIE's are a great counter to Han/Rey and qui-gonn decks Any deck that uses shields. I've even seen people run shields with Jangobeers b/c of Hunker Down/Jetpack. ~D indeed, I run hunker down in my jango/veers deck. its super potent against other military decks. Also, for me, I need to have a really good reason to not include hunker down in any deck that it technically can be inserted into. its such a good card that if you play it right, you can get a minimum of 2 shields for 0 cost.
  9. alleyman

    Datapad special

    You resolve the special to turn another die not showing damage . Does not work on itself.
  10. alleyman

    Future Card Speculation!

    I'm excited about Thrawn, Yoda, Palpatine, Lando, Wedge, and even Jar-Jar(for trolling purposes)... the designers seem to have a really good understanding of the star wars universe and the perception of it, so if they DO make a Jar-Jar card...I'm sure its going to be hilarious. would not be upset though if they never make him a character. Also...a sarlaac pit battlefield would be awesome. Not sure what ability it would have. maybe...Claim: opponent draws one less card at the end of the turn, to a minimum of 3. that claim ability may be suited for another location..*shrugs*
  11. alleyman

    Best part about a Rogue One Expansion

    I hope they do a Grand Admiral Thrawn! Thrawn is already confirmed in set # 3 :lol:
  12. alleyman

    AT-ST errata needed?

    Cunning, just like any other Upgrade - ability, is a die and can be controlled with dice manipulation like any other die. If you consistently have issues with that card, you might consider running more control, or as someone else said, target their yellow character first . Cunning is a great card, but certainly not OP IMHO. Usually in decks with AT-ST, you are trying to Run n' Gun as much as possible and not control the flow of play, so its the risk you take. Also, I do agree with you that AT-ST has its drawbacks, which is why I use it very sparingly. I only run 1 in my jango/Veers deck and I might still cut it entirely because of the steep cost.
  13. alleyman

    Support - Vehicles

    TIE's are a great counter to Han/Rey and qui-gonn decks
  14. alleyman

    Support - Vehicles

    yeah, I'd like to see a 1 cost support to have action: exhaust this support to reduce the cost of one of your vehicles by 1. It comes into play exhausted. I am curious as to why it would come into play exhausted? It wouldn't make your current turn any better. If you had a 5 cost vehicle in your hand you only have 4 resource available you pay one for the support card and then exhaust it you would still only be able to play a 4 cost vehicle. I could see if it was 1 cost for a 2 reduction that could come into play exhausted. Also if a card like that was made should it be unique? I would like to see something similar to Backup muscle possibly something called "Jawa Trader" or something where it has 2-3 resources on it and you can exhaust it to gain a resource when there are no more resources on the card it leaves play. I really feel that this game is so diverse that we could see a couple cards that compliment each deck right now and be able to make a full set without even delving into new decks yet. The sky is the limit for this game. you are probably right, I was thinking on a whim. I thought a card to reduce the cost of vehicles could be really powerful, and maybe the card needed something to tone down the power level, since on future turns, you could get multiple vehicles out at a cheaper cost. I kinda like the reduction by 2 resources and the vehicle is exhausted for the turn for 1 resource cost...but that still might be too OP. I like your Jawa trader idea though. I never liked 'play the odds' much.
  15. alleyman

    Support - Vehicles

    yeah, I'd like to see a 1 cost support to have action: exhaust this support to reduce the cost of one of your vehicles by 1. It comes into play exhausted.