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  1. I´m still a WFRP1 fan and The Enemy Within (the first three parts) is the best rpg campaign or rpg material ever published. So do you think that FFG will someday publish a big campaign (hopefully 3-5 boxes) for WFRP3? I´m not interested in orcs, undead or another creature book. What I want from FFG is a complex high quality low fantasy campaign about intrigue,investigation and lurking horror full of roleplaying and social interactions. I´m really looking forward the Slannesh supplement, I believe it will be the best sublished supplement yet for WFRP3.
  2. Necrozius said: nico said: WFRP3 is a joke! Oh yeah?! Well the Velvet Underground was an overrated band and Nico had a man voice. So there. Nico is a mutated jungle cat with a pink tail from the dark corners of Lustria. All hail Goblin mushrooms
  3. WFRP3 is a joke! I dont like the rulesystem at all. But I do like what I´ve read about the forthcoming The Gathering Storm Campaign so I will convert it to WFRP2. I´m really looking forward the WFRP4 edition (realese date around 2013). According to the great schemes of Tzeentch, WFRP4 will go back to the WFRP1 roots! The Purple Hand is still alive!!! And they hate silly cards and stance meeters!
  4. You are right that I never playtested WFRP3. But I´ve been playing WFRP since 1988 and the more I read about WFRP3 the moore critical I became. I could bee wrong and I hope so, but I´m not interested in complex game designs. What I want is a new great campaign from FFG that focus not on combat but on roleplay, investigations and social interactions (The Power Behind The Throne is the best example of what I want). If FFG could deliver that I would be a great supporter of WFRP3 but unfortunal I doubt that kind of campaign will be produced by FFG. Herr Teugen
  5. The criticism of WFRP3 is all about what kind of game you prefeer: If you like to play a game that focus on a dark and low fantasy background with the best rpg campaign ever produced (apart from the Mountain of madness for Call of Cthulhu) you should focus on WFRP 1 If you like to play a game with a better magic system then WFRP 1 and a strong focus on religion (Tome of Salvation) and a quite good campaign like TTT, then WFRP 2 is your setting. And if you like a hack and slay version of Dungeons & Dragons that focus on a boring rpg system that has more to do with boardgames than rpg´s then WFRP 3 is your game. Herr Teugen . I
  6. Sadly when you read the description of WFRP3 it says: "A new age is beginning. The winds of magic blow strongly, and the Old World’s two moons shine brightly in the night sky. Storms appear out of nowhere, and the land is rife with conflict. From the north descend savage groups of chaos marauders, men dedicated to the four Ruinous Powers of Chaos. They are seen side by side with degenerate beastmen and profane daemons. Their raids are striking further and further south, yet they are only the scouting forces. Within, the lands of the Empire are besieged by Orcs and members of hidden cults. The Orcs delight in battle, and are laying waste to all they can find. The enemy within is rising up and striking vicious blows that mankind is unprepared to face. War is coming on all sides. For every age, there are heroes willing to stand up and fight, or common folk for whom destiny has its own unseen plans. This age sees the arrival of many new warriors. Dwarfs, humans, high elves, and the enigmatic wood elves must set aside their differences to face the forces bent on destroying the Old World. Fortune favors the brave, and these heroes will need all the fortune they can muster." Everything is about war, orcs, high elves and warriors. Sounds like WFB to me. Only one sentence mention "The Enemy Within", nothing about sinister plots, intriques, secret organisations, corrupted nobles, merchants without morale, poverty and diseases. We dont need a game about war with orcs and beastmen (players who like that have D&D to play). We want a dark low-fantasy roleplay with complex intriques and social interactions where combat is the least favourable action. For me WFRP is the low fantasy version of Call of Cthulhu decribed in classics like Shadows over Bögenhafen, death On The reik and Power Behind The Throne. Hopefully I´m wrong and FFG will make WFRP 3 the game we wants it to be but right now i´m very sceptical. Sorry!
  7. And while were entering the Grimdark ages FFG are plannig the release of WFRP 4 where the kids even can play dragon ogres and dragons
  8. I fear that FFG will transform WFRP from a low fantasy roleplay to heroic high fantasy - for example in WFRP3 you can play a high elf . And the game system with cards & dice pool dont look promising. Were entering the dark ages again.
  9. Tzeentch curse = WFRP 3 By Sigmar, we´re out of fate points!
  10. Sorry to say this but FFG killed WFRP today. Been playing WFRP since 1988 when we had the awesome "The Enemy Within" campaign. WFRP2 was great with many good suplements but WFRP3 looks so bad that i cant find words to express my feelings. Shame on you FFG - you killed the best rpg of all times!
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