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  1. I would want the Chiss Clawcraft. They just look cool! https://images.app.goo.gl/Pv3qxX7xAJD18vyG8
  2. So final match definitely a rebel vs empire. Cool. Nice variety of lists too.
  3. Anyone know the day 1 results? I seem to not be able to find it yet.
  4. For the most part, I bought at least one of everything, and the conversion kits all covered what I had plus extra. So I think it was pretty good for what they did.
  5. I will probably never play them, but would not care if they came out. I think the basic trooper unit could be the same as the imperial storm trooper but change courage value to 2 or more since they are brainwashed. Probably need to wait another couple years before that happens though. Resistance, maybe make pilots special forces? But just copy basic Troop from rebel.
  6. After they catch up the new factions, I foresee them releasing each faction every 4-5 months, since they may also do mini campaign boxes like the downed at-st. That makes me happy, since it was tough to keep up with the every month schedule for new stuff as is. I am sticking with rebels, but want a horde of battle droids.
  7. poke450


    I played a list with Anakin with 7b and Obi-Wan with calibrated laser, and I feel like the calibrated laser is better. With the repositioning got the extra focus result on all but one round.
  8. Finally! The N-1 swarm will live!
  9. I heard somewhere that the stromtroopers were bad shots because the E-11s given to standard troops were not the best money can buy, just the cheapest possible gun that could be mass produced.
  10. I thought the medical droids and Astro mech could only be used once per turn?
  11. Thanks for putting the prices up, I didn’t think of that.
  12. Www.coolstuffinc.com is having a sale that is including legion stuff. I saw most stuff at least 20-40% off. I am just a customer and not an employee.
  13. I just hope that the factions maintain their identities and they do not go down the path where all the factions have the same stuff like in X-Wing near the end of 1.0. Each faction should be unique and have certain strengths. I think the clone wars will add a horde style army and an army that has a lot of powerful people and smaller numbers, which will bring even more diversity to the game, and make it more entertaining and fun.
  14. I think it’s okay, especially since you could buy the dial upgrade kits and put any faction under there and as long as it’s for the right ship and has the same maneuvers, shouldn’t be a problem. I would allow it at my events.
  15. Can we use dials from other factions if they have the same maneuvers like we could in 1.0? Like use the scum y-wing dial for a rebel list?
  16. Sideways like large bases. I just read it in rules reference guide a couple days ago. They even had pictures.
  17. One of my favorite memories was getting a critical on Soontir Fel that made his pilot skill zero from range three through a rock. Flying deathrain. Flying the star viper with the new barrel roll. One shotting an a-wing with a range one Fenn Rau shot in arc. All the people I have met because of the game.
  18. They said that you won’t have to buy out of faction to get certain cards, but outside of conversion kits, if there is a new card, you would have to buy the new ship, it just will be in such a way that an imperial player would only have to buy imperial ships.
  19. Plus it’s sweet when you get to pivot an at-st every once in a while.
  20. Summit is located in downtown Lansing, registration will start at 11am and start playing at noon. $10 buy in and prizes from store championship kit. Standard tournament format with Swiss rounds. https://m.facebook.com/events/641509572914414?__referral_info_referrer_type=dashboard&__referral_info_mechanism=upcoming_events_card
  21. Is there a place for the cards?
  22. I just want to run 3 sniper squads...I might see if I can get parts of it instead of buying 3 boxes.
  23. I just did the math and Vader, palp, and boba fully loaded can take two five man stormtrooper squads and one 4 man and come to 799 points...
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