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  1. poke450

    Alt art n-1?

    I know they said they had some they were going to sell online in addition to the ones at worlds they were selling, so I was just wondering if they were going to hold off, or still sell them online.
  2. poke450

    Alt art n-1?

    Does anyone know if they are still selling it online? Or did they cancel that since Worlds was canceled?
  3. You could just have a cheap vehicle heavy or support that has no weapons, since vehicles provide cover.
  4. Isn’t there a golden rule that cards take precedence over rule guides?
  5. I have flown a couple pure n-1 lists, and my favorite so far is anakin with 3 init 1 guys all with torpedoes and passive sensors. That one was my favorite, my second favorite was 5 of them with passive sensors and random Astromech a. I tried the Naboo handmaidens and did not like them at all. Anakin is a really good ship, he has been the best because of his barrel roll pre move. Hard to predict.
  6. I would love a fan club thing, like an alt model of the month or something.
  7. This will probably be the natural progression for all armies except separatists, since they have such cheap units.
  8. I heard that they actually are $35 and that they asked to wrong people who said it was actually $25.
  9. I like it, will be easier to remove all the pieces.
  10. I would want the Chiss Clawcraft. They just look cool! https://images.app.goo.gl/Pv3qxX7xAJD18vyG8
  11. So final match definitely a rebel vs empire. Cool. Nice variety of lists too.
  12. Anyone know the day 1 results? I seem to not be able to find it yet.
  13. For the most part, I bought at least one of everything, and the conversion kits all covered what I had plus extra. So I think it was pretty good for what they did.
  14. I will probably never play them, but would not care if they came out. I think the basic trooper unit could be the same as the imperial storm trooper but change courage value to 2 or more since they are brainwashed. Probably need to wait another couple years before that happens though. Resistance, maybe make pilots special forces? But just copy basic Troop from rebel.
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