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  1. When we get our CE of Deathwatch, who will also get a standard edition? Also, I am slated to play in a preview game at GenCon this year, and I am sure there will be many of the games creators there. Assuming the CE is out by then, would I be crazy to get it signed? What about a regular edition - should I get that signed?
  2. I have the CE of Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader, and would really like to get Deathwatch in Collectors format. So, any word on this?
  3. I am interested, and can bring at least one other to the table, maybe as many as three others. I have played Dark Heresy and 40k, and really love the setting. Let us know if you pull another sessions together, or when your current sessions is booked and a timeslot.
  4. I started watching this movie at GenCon in '08, and frankly it didn't really appeal to me. Does anyone know if the movie was edited based on that premier of the film, or is the current DVD version the same one they showed in '08. Thanks.
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