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  1. N0-1_H3r3 said: The way I stat Bloodthirsters At last, a foe worth killing...
  2. +++++"I WANT MAI SPESS MEHREENS!!!!"+++++ Well I do. Spess Mehreens rawk. I did ask for a dedicated Marine forum, but they continue to be difficult about servicing the largest sector of the 40k fanbase...
  3. Anonymus said: That means you havent missed anything(except dezmond copies). Anyone who proclaims my opinions as unusual is fooling no one but themselves.
  4. +++++and the sessions where I have seen players shouting at each other to grab the sharpened bone dropped by an NPC as they die+++++ I'm not saying its a game about squabbling over sharpened bone fragments whilst might heros crush stars in the background, But.
  5. +++++Heck, even whiteshields/conscripts can get heavy weapons in the Codex.+++++ Aye, thus showing they are at least rank 4 (or whatever it is) and just how ultimately redshirted DH pcs are. You gotta play six months to even get to the level of a whiteshield. Couple that with the constant comments in adventures about why the PCs get to do this job instead of someone qualified, and you go a long way to realising where the inpression the PCs are redshirts comes from.
  6. Crimsonsphinx said: Pokeballs are also interesting. Some kind of stasis grenade for capturing daemons. I might possibly use them, although with a totally different name Ghost trap?
  7. Arbentur said: That being said I'm sure by now you must have taken what you see as a hum-drum drab 40k universe in Dark Heresy characters and made your own rules for Space Marines which I am interested in seeing if you do have them. Christ no. I don't have time for that - theres an internet forum people are WRONG on! -- That said, I think I might look at something like Rune http://www.atlas-games.com/rune/index.php or Agon:- http://www.agon-rpg.com/ The idea being that players compete against each other to see whose Marine can slay the most foes. The challenge is to better your peers, rather than directly in overcoming the enviroment. The enviroment will be overcome - the question is who overcame the most of it. This sits rather nicely with the Deathwatch idea - all the Marines are working togeather, but each wishes to win glory for themselves and their own chapter. (Agon has an interesting thing whereby every time your hero is defeated you gain Fate - the idea of the game is to score as many points as possible before your fate catches up with you). If one insists on keeping the d100 mechanic, epic scores act as a bump to the opposition like in Heroquest. So 350 becomes 50w3. So a foe with strength 250 (50w2) loses one success level on the roll. So a critical success becomes a normal success and a normal success becomes a fail. So if both roll 40, the Marine passes and the opponent fails. Ideally, I'd like to keep things abstract, so one can imagine the action how you prefer (and I can have my enormous swords and clouds of enemies being throw around with each swing and others can... Not), but that might get in the way of publishing books of ever large guns and swords and sheilds. Which would be an important cornerstone of the project.
  8. Peacekeeper_b said: 5. Again Dez, check out the Space Marine fan supplement. It is prett decent. Not if you want to live up to this kind of imagery:-
  9. Varnias Tybalt said: But sure, I can understand that it makes for fancy schmancy effects, and Star Wars are after all just stupid space opera entertainment that even I find amusing (and was totally caught up in when I was a young lad). But at heart and mind I will always be a bigger fan of the hard sci-fi settings like Alien, Starship Troopers (despite its many short-comings) and of course, the creme de la creme: Warhammer 40.000. And they call me crazy! This is 40k! There should be no character out there anywhere that we can't make our *****. Culture ROUs, The Shrike, Jedi, Dante, Superman, Jane Eyre, Captain Pugwash - All must crushed beneath the heel and impaled on the chaos spiky bit of the mighty Warhammer! In Space!!!!111!!!!
  10. +++++Well after playing DoW II now, I don't see the world shattering uberness+++++ Wait for the space marine brawler/god of war clone. :-) Now tell me people. How badass is a jedi? That is what Space Marines are competing against. In the hearts and minds of the fen. Time for an upgrade.
  11. I can see the Inquisition being really in to being able to use stasis technology to create bio-grenades containing a ravenous bugblatter beast of traal. You may look unarmed, but with a pokeball under your coat you can unleash a horde of admech bread monstrosities at a moments notice. Lictor! I choose you! -- You could make a whole campaign about tracking down, capturing and breading the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy to better combat the Imperiums foes. Call the pokeball a stasis prison and see how long it takes the players to notice they are playing pokemon.
  12. Peacekeeper_b said: but dont disparage them becase they do not showcase the 40Kiverse the way you see it... ...That is so utterly stupid, boring and so anime it makes me want to.. well do bad things. Ah, the irony... Or possibly, I find Dark Heresies characters frustratingly dull given the possibilities of the setting, and anyone who doesn't think 10' marines who can kill an armoured company with a single pelvic thrust is both a valid interpretation of the source material and a potentially very popular one is just being difficult. And frankly, if you want me to even think about putting up with your dull ass **** you can **** well put up with mine.
  13. You really don't think a lot of people would enjoy a badass marine game? I know I would.
  14. Thing is, GW don't promote drone marines. No one writes drone marine novels becuase they don't survive contact with a narrative. It is actually largly an unfortunate internet meme that needs stamping out with a good Marines as they act in all the fluff rpg. And as for badass levels, when the space marine video game comes out we will have a lone marine gunning down endless waves of foes, so I see no reason we can't do the same. Not to mention the exploits they get up to in Brothers of the Snake... After all, canon is the sabat crusade source book and the horus heresy novels.
  15. Varnias Tybalt said: hyper-powered demi-gods that can split planets with a pelvic thrust. Thats the spirit! I heard Leman Russ once pleasured the entire population of the harem-world of Warlord Thrax towards the end of a ten-decade drinking spree. Now, you try!
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