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  1. I was the designated hitter in my group as my mates already chose a Consular and a Sentinel so here is what I went with. I figured they were kind of squishy as one was a talker and the other a tech/pilot type so I wanted to be able to defend us as best as possible. As a Jedi, I didn’t want to be gaining conflict by attacking everything we came across so I maximized my defense to try and make sure I survived any first round backstabs to drag them out of whatever they got themselves into. Arkanian B:3, A:2, I:3, C:2, W:3, P:1 Skills: Discipline, Medicine, Resilience, Vigilance, Lightsaber 2, Lore Talents: Sense Basic, Control Upgrade, Duration Upgrade Talents: Defensive Stance, Parry I took the +10xp from Morality Since your Brawn and Intelligence are the same you have time to grab the Soresu Technique. You get a bit more soak as you are the “Defender.” And you are practically impossible to hit out of the gate. Obviously you’ll want to dump your Dedication into Intelligence but I think this gives you a very strong start. Obviously you can edit slightly for other races but I liked the idea of later getting Genetic Alterations and Cybernetics so Arkanian seemed a good choice.
  2. The missing characters do not seem to matter much. We played last night with several character that were not supported and just choose characters in the app that were of the same type (i.e. mage, scout, warrior, etc.). Since the app only tracks the Class Deck you choose as long as you pick a character that can select that Class Deck you should be okay. We played through 3 quests so far and found nothing specific that prevented us from playing any character regardless of whether it was supported or not.
  3. Thus far the Civilization franchise at Fantasy Flight Games has been designed primarily by Kevin Wilson. Since Kevin left the company last year I don't think that another product in this line is very likely.
  4. Fnoffen is correct in China there are restrictions on the use of Mao's likeness. So in most European versions of the game Wu Zetian was used instead.
  5. I have owned this game since its release and our group seems to love it so I will try to give a breakdown from the many games that we have played. Realize that I will be speaking from a position of owning all of the expansions and no house rules. Some of this will be a critique but most is going to be observations. Victories - Since the expansions have been released the fastest victory tends to be cultural. At this point an average game is won by turn 9 culturally with Military being a strong second place as the military player attacks the leading culture player (as they usually have very few techs or military advantages). Coin victories are certainly possible with the right Civs, tech, and board setups, and tend to rate fairly close with military victories (especially if the military player is focusing on the cultural player for victory). In my opinion tech victory is by far the most difficult victory achieved and at this point has not been achieved often since our group has become veterans of the game (even when playing Catherine). The reason for this is that even assuming the player is capable of gaining a tech on the second turn (which unless the player gets lucky they usually cannot), They will need 14 turns to win the game (of course 15 without the second turn tech). Now it is difficult to predict all the possible outcomes of a game but even if Catherine is capable of stealing a few techs and possibly getting one from a culture card, great person, or investment, this still only brings her down to a 10 turn average game without some pretty unusual circumstances. This is simply not fast enough to win the game against a good cultural player and most of my players rarely try to go for a tech victory anymore (although sometimes we will try with Catherine and every now and then it is possible with other player's mistakes or an unusually lucky start). Concerning Civilizations - In my opinion the two most broken civilizations in the game are the Arabs and Spain. The reason I believe they are the most broken is that given an average game both civilizations are capable of winning the game within 9 turns with a high chance of an 8 turn game. The Arabs with culture and Spain with coins. An 8 turn game is practically a guaranteed victory. Often when competing it will come down to who goes first in the last turn as both civilizations tend to win in the city management phase. The weakest civilization in my opinion is the Zulu. Compared to the other Civilization I just don’t believe their bonuses really make them stand out in an average game. Critiques - I understand that some people see the inability to change strategies halfway through the game as a problem. I don't believe myself that this is a problem with the game. After a few plays of the game everyone quickly realizes that the game requires a strategy from the start and begins playing that way. That being said however, if I believe that someone will only be playing the game once or twice I would most likely recommend another game unless they are just fans of the Civ franchise. By far my largest critique of the game is in the way wonders have been implemented. They are rarely used in our games excepting that Catherine will usually try for the hanging gardens if it is available, cultural players will attempt to add Stonehenge to their repertoire, and Himeji Castle and Statue of Zeus being the favorite of military players. Others just tend to not be worth the loss of other options required to add them (both in the space required on the board and number of hammers/alternate tech choice needed). Also since you only pick 4 of each age of wonder you rarely see the same wonders and it leaves you feeling as if the others should be there somewhere. I would have liked to have seen the wonders tied to the technologies somehow and believe that this would not have been a difficult implementation. As far as combat is concerned I understand the reason why it was implemented in the way it was and applaud the creativity of its implementation. Without the manufacturing of a massive number of unit types and the board being considerably larger it would be very difficult to implement a true video game style combat mechanic into the board game. I believe the current mechanic gives a great way to implement combat without cluttering the board considerably. I understand that tanks can be easily killed with a couple of spearmen but sometimes there are just limitations to translation. I do however, recommend attaining Wisdom and Warfare as soon as possible as it adds quite a bit of strategy to the combat mechanics. Another slight critique is that I feel that there is something wrong with the number of buildings in the game being limited. I understand why it is such but for some reason it just irks me. Conclusions - As an avid gamer and this game be in my groups go to game list (the others being Caverna, Twilight Imperium, Eclipse, and Arkham Horror) I have played at least 50+ games of this version of Civ (I also own every other implementation of Civlization in board game form). All in all I have very few negative impressions of the game. I believe that the game is fairly well balanced in that I have seen all the victory types win and at least 3 of them are very close depending upon Civilizations being played. I have also seen most of the Civilizations win the game at least once. To date I believe that this version of the game is the most faithful to the video game version in its implementation and that is a huge credit to the designers.
  6. That would be great man Thanks
  7. I've tried searching the forums for this and all I get is questions about font suggestions. What I need however is a font with all the Dice Icons that I can use when making cards for my game. As a GM I have to occasionally make up my own cards because there is no cards in the game for what I want to do and I need a font that has the Dice Icons that I can use to do that. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
  8. Jasper Phillips said: What's the timing on the level 2 tech Mathematics' iron-spending battle ability (dealing 3 damage)? In particular, can you use it upon a foe as he plays a unit from his battle-hand to attack, and thus potentially negate its damage by killing it first? I suspect not, but the rules are ambiguous. -Jasper Page 25 of the rulebook states "Some tech cards have resource abilities that are used during battle. These abilities are always used before or after attacking an enemy front, never during." Since you could not use the ability until after your opponent finished playing his card and resolving the attack you would not be able to kill it before it could deal damage.
  9. Page 22 of the rule book states "Each resource ability may only be used once per turn, regardless of how many resource tokens a player has." This would put a small damper in how many you could kill each turn but the rest of the strategy is valid.
  10. Here's a question we've had pop up several times. At what point can you use cards such as Animal Husbandry to heal units? Can it be used immediately after taking the damage or must the unit survive first then be healed of the damage? For example I play an Infantry unit with a value of 2 then my opponent play an archery unit on my Infantry front also with a value of 2. Could I use Animal Husbandry to immediately heal the two damage and then kill the archer and if that is the case what rule exists for the scenario where I played a infantry with a value of two and my opponent plays an archer with a value of 3. This would leave a front with both troops left alive and leave the other player unable to play again on that front. Or do we simply apply Occam's Razor and assume that unless a unit survives it cannot be healed.
  11. I assume you are referring to High Magic from the Tabletop Battles? I haven't played Warhammer in 10+ years so I don't remember how powerful it was (or is now).
  12. Yeah but this is fairly disappointing in a game that I spent a large chunk of change on. Besides I don't buy it, its just as plausible for an Elf Wizard to be out opposing the forces of chaos as it is for a student of the colleges. I was hoping to play a Wood Elf Jade Wizard but I guess I will have to come up with my own.
  13. Am I a little lost here? It says that Elves taught the Humans how to wield magic and helped them set up the college of sorceries, yet not a single career exists that allows an elf to use magic or to call upon the gods.
  14. So I'm reading my Wardancer card and under the Typical trappings it says that wardancers don't wear armor. However, after reading the FAQ it denotes that Typical Trappings are by no means rules and are simple guidelines with which to enhance your character thematically. Also after "They wear no armor" it says that some wear leather strapping. Is that then leather armor or not. To get to the point even though it sounds silly could a wardancer wear and use plate mail according to the rules?
  15. In america we do not "throw" dice, we roll them... Throwing dice is how people loose teeth (true story friend lost a tooth from a thrown D20) lol
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