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  1. The skill card Curiosity says “While you have 4 or more cards in hand, Curiosity gains (will)(intellect).” If I had 4 cards in my hand, one of them being Curiosity, and I then committed it to a skill test, would it still be considered to be in my hand, thus granting me the extra bonus? Or are cards being committed no longer considered part of your hand, therefore I would actually need a fifth card in hand at the start of the skill test to get the extra bonuses?
  2. Yeah, the miniatures look nice. I’ve got no complaint about the quality of them. It’s just that the figures being on a much larger scale than the map throws me off a little bit. And I know it’s the same scale in Runebound, but in that case the map is not crowded with so many figures. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll forget all about it once I get to dig in and actually start playing.
  3. I’m really looking forward to this game, but one thing I think is a missed opportunity is that the miniatures look too large on that overland map. I think Runewars board game sized minis would look perfect on these tiles. The tiles even resemble the Runewars tiles. Could you imagine playing Runewars with full size minis? And since you only have two square tiles for the skirmish battles it would allow room for a lot more stuff to happen instead of things possibly feeling cramped. And then, with the reduction in plastic comes cost savings which could be used for more cards or more figures, such as another enemy type. Or better yet, $20 off the retail price! Other than that, it looks to be an awesome game, and I’ll definitely be getting it when it comes out. I may try subbing the figures out with my Runewars minis. Does anyone know of a website where you could buy Lord of the Rings or generic fantasy mini miniatures?
  4. If you read the stories for the scenarios, one of them explicitly calls Ella his wife and also mentions he has a son. You can read them here: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Arkham_League_Session_2 Part 10 End Game for sure calls her his wife. There is no Joao anywhere in his story. How could he not be canon if he was created by FFG? This is not some fan made character, he was created by the company. Why would all of the other characters’ stories match up across games except his? Face it, FFG straight up changed his story. And for what reason? So they could add a gay character? How do they expect us to invest in their characters if they don’t themselves.
  5. It sounds like this is the game you're looking for: Folklore The Affliction. It matches your description perfectly. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/159504/folklore-affliction i just recently got Folklore. It's a cool game but, I still plan on getting Dragonholt. The only bad thing is no Minotaur race. I wanted to play as Steelhorns.
  6. I don't have a clue, but I know I'm looking forward to trying it out. It seems like it will be some sort of a GMless rpg. What system they would use for determining tests or skill checks, I'm not sure.
  7. I concur! It would be an insta-buy for me as well!
  8. I just played the scenario this morning. My map used tiles from forbidden alchemy and call of the wild, so the expansions are very well supported. I played a 2 player solo game and just barely won. One investigator had been eliminated, and so I was on my last investigator phase and managed to win. Very cool scenario!
  9. If I use a flashlight to investigate a location with a shroud of 2, thus bringing it down to 0, is it possible to fail that check? If I have an intellect of 2 and draw a -4, which brings my intellect down to 0, do I still pass since I've met the difficulty of the check? What if I draw the auto fail tentacles? Auto fail treats your skill as if it is 0, so I've still met the difficulty of 0, which should be a pass. Seems to me if you can modify a difficulty check to 0, then it's an auto pass. Of course you may still suffer some negative consequence from drawing some certain tokens but, the test would still be successful no matter what you draw. Sound about right?
  10. I was playing a solo campaign with Skids and I had my guard dog in play. The objective of the agenda was to defeat a certain enemy in play. The said enemy attacked me, causing me to be defeated due to sanity loss, while simultaneously, my guard dog "bit him back" for one damage, causing him to be defeated also. The objective, which pointed me to a certain resolution number, was fulfilled at the same time as my defeat. So which instance takes priority, my defeat or the objective fulfillment? Which resolution should I go to, the one that states no resolution was reached or the one called out by the agenda? I played that the objective was fulfilled but, at the same time I also took the mental trauma from being defeated. Either which way I decided to go, it seems like I should still get the victory points for the defeated enemy. What do you guys think?
  11. Thanks for the responses. They've been very helpful.
  12. What if a card tells you to discard an asset you control? Is that strictly discarding from the asset area, or could you discard an asset from your hand?
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