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  1. Played through forgotten age last year with a guy that punched or stabbed (one scenario no weapons, the others a machete) the Harbinger to death by himself as Leo, with no other buffs, without having it retaliate. When the Winchester came out we decided the card was his signature card. He got more deck searching off Leo's elder sign ability than the guy playing Mandy did off of his deck build + elder sign. Back when it came out it was better than the knife because it gave a testless second damage in exchange for an action, now it's on the scrap heap of history as each faction has better options.
  2. No confirmed date yet, but September was what I was told by my FLGS as they were asking if I wanted one before ordering. Really wish FFG would update that upcoming page.
  3. My FLGS received their shipment of RtTFA this past Friday, so I guess it's already released in the US, but the Upcoming page needs some updating.
  4. As these were originally print on demand product we can only hope that it will be brought to normal printing and distribution now that they are no longer available. However because of the age of the scenarios I would not be holding my breath, but with Barkham Horror being a real product who can really say.
  5. My conspiracy theory: There is no Monterey Jack, only Zuul. Non-conspiracy theory: I expect him to be released either as A: part of investigator pack similar to Marvel hero packs as one of their new products we have no details to; B: he is released in the next set to partly coincide with the release of Return to Forgotten Age; or C: He will be "released" with a currently unannounced Novella to coincide with the release of RtFA. I hope either B or C is correct, but am not holding my breath in anticipation of his release.
  6. I believe the order for Patrice's Upkeep Phase is: 1. Reset Actions 2. Ready all exhausted cards. 3. Discard all non-weakness cards in hand and draw until you have five cards in hand and gain a resource. 4. Check hand size. (It is only here where she counts as 4 cards) It appears you would take a horror from discarding your hand of cards (assuming you had any left) and then take a second horror from discarding when checking hand size as they are separate steps during the upkeep phase and La Comtesse's forced ability is not limited to once per upkeep phase. Look's like it's double punishment of deck mill and horror if poor Patrice ever kills La Comtesse.
  7. There are 4 locations: Palace of the King, Recesses of Your Mind, The Throne Room and Stage of the Ward Theater. Hope this helps.
  8. Getting away from Mandy discussion a bit, but I suggested to my group that if the rules allow, we use the same 4 investigators for both sides, but different players and decks are built independently to differentiate between the real and dream worlds.
  9. You can choose to gain clues as reactions are always optional, so you don't immediately need to work on it, though it's usually a good idea to. If it wasn't optional it would use the FORCED keyword instead. Once you get the last clue off of Roland's weakness you can ignore it for the rest of the game. More on the card and relevant rulings can be found here: Cover Up
  10. If you are engaged with an enemy and spend an action to do anything other than Fight, Evade, or activate a Parley or Resign ability, each enemy engaged with you makes an attack of opportunity. (copied from the Actions card included in the core set) So no, attacking or evading one will not provoke from the other as the action does not provoke. However if you performed any action other than the four listed in bold above it would provoke from all enemies engaged with you. An evaded enemy can still be fought and engaged, but there is rarely a reason to spend an action to engage an exhausted enemy. Usually the action would be better spent attacking or moving. Example reasons to engage an evaded enemy are because it has the Aloof keyword or having a machete or Zoey's Cross in play.
  11. I don't consider characters to be spoilers, but which means Ursula and Leo will hopefully have some competition incoming sooner rather than later.
  12. Having played this game for the fourth time earlier tonight I think I can start to give a useful opinion of the game. The group I play with at my FLGS tends to be on the larger side with an average of 6 players. I have personally played in games with group sizes of four, six and eight and other games were played over the weekend that I did not participate in. The mechanics are fairly sound and easy to learn. I like the uniquenesss of the items, not knowing the possible outcomes of spells or conditions, having 2 actions to choose from, always getting to roll at least one die and the ramped up difficulty after the ease of winning Arkham Horror (with the exception of new Yig, other Arkham Nights Ancients Ones are fun). The only problem with the mechanics of the game that I've notived so far is the scaling for larger groups. The two games played with four ended in a win and a close loss, so far the larger groups have not fared so well. In the first game with eight players it took three hours just to complete the first mystery, we were all new and learning the rules, but three hours is a long time for one third of a game. With tonight's game of six players we failed to advance the first mystery even once in the two and a half hours before the doom track advanced to 0 and we lost to Shub. Bad rolling played a part here in that of the three attempts made to advance the first mystery all failed, but we lost overall because a few bad rolls and unlucky monster draws seemed to have much more of a snowball effect than in the four player games and most of the game was spent trying to pass the rumors and play catch up with monsters. While I want to play more games with varying group sizes to be sure, my initial impression is that the game works best with four players, is functional but with a large difficulty increase at six and nearly unwinnable with eight. Given the scaling mechanic I would not want to play with a group of five or seven investigators and would be heistant but willing to try three investigators, I have no interest in one player board games. My biggest disappointments in the game components was the inclusion of only four ancient ones and twelve investigators. Given the ancient one mechanics I can understand why it was limited to four, but for as often as I like to play games of this sort, I like more diversity in my fight for survival. The investigator pool being limited as a play mechanic I can also understand, but after much Arkham play we like to deal out a few random investigators and choose from what we get. With only twelve we can't even deal out two to each player when eight are at the table, not a big deal for most groups but for my group it's something we'll consider when it comes to choosing the game of the night. One suggestion in the rulebook is to not read the possible outcomes to the player before they roll the dice and then only read off the results of the check. While I like the idea in theory, mechanically it can lead to very bad choices being made. One example being gate checks, on one check a player failed the first check, but decided to spend his clue to pass to reroll a die and then passed the check. Unfortuantely for him succeeding on the first check led to a second check with which he now had only one die to roll to close the gate as that was his lowest skill, had he not spent his clue and chosen to fail the initial check he could have made a skill check with his highest skill, had four dice plus the clue and still had a chance to close the gate. To make things more frustrating on the next turn he was required to spend the clue he no longer had just to have a chance to close the gate. Other times players have not spent clues on a reroll only to discover that it was not possible to close the gate if they did not pass the first check, but would have had they known. Given the difficulty in gaining clues in this game and how often they are spent rather than used for rerolls I lean toward a compromise of let me know if I'm wasting resources or hurting myself by spending one or more clues to try to pass the check. You lose a bit of setting but also a lot of frustration. Overall I really like the game so far and would recommend it to people that like Arkham Horror or Lovecraft in general and think it would make a good addition to almost any game library. More games will be required to see if our larger groups were just epicly unlucky or if there really is a mechanical issue with the game that should be addressed. I'm looking forward to having a second win soon or at least another close loss.
  13. Played my first game with Daybreak and it needs more playtime, but if this game was any indication making checks reckless will become more common than before. With all of the current treachery cards triggering regardless of whether the check is reckless or not most of the disincentive is gone, that said the new treachery cards can be nastier than the previous bunch. By the end of the game the cylons had brigged some of the humans multiple times by timing the playing of certain treachery cards and the destiny deck was almost entirely treachery cards from a combination of treachery card effects and failed skill checks. Treachery cards have gone from cards we mostly ignored to considered autodraws for cylon players and that is unlikely a good thing. *and yes, no more broadcast location to help manage the CFB.
  14. First off, the group I play with has logged hundreds of games of BSG and plays with 5-7 people. Love the new expansion, but I'm worried about power creep especially for the cylons. I've only played one game so far and know some of the cylon victory was luck, but the mutiny cards combined with the new treachery cards made the game almost a cakewalk for the cylons by the end. Being able to brig any human we chose through the use of treachery cards to force the humans to draw that second (or third) dreaded mutiny card made the win anticlimactic and the treachery cards self propagated until the destiny deck was nearly all treachery. While I understand Demetrius can be very good for the humans as can most of the new expansion and am taking a wait and see approach overall, after the first jump it seemed fairly unlikely the humans would win and they had yet to fail a single skill check. That's just first impressions, I hope they are proved wrong.
  15. As a fellow player of JerusalemJones, I can say a fair part of our failure has been bad luck. IE Lets see how many tasks and missions we start this game with. Yippee, its a rumor on turn two again. Did anyone start with a weapon better than the knife? Never mind bad rolling (2 successes on 23 dice) or bad encounters (You sure like spilling ink at the Newspaper). One laughable moment in one of the games was when a player passed a task and got a mission as a reward. As for me, spending an entire game without weapons, useful spells or useful skills and no money beyond starting cash has put a bad taste in my mouth. I think if we play the scenario again we should go through the unique item deck and remove the missions, perform a few dicercisms and not let a certain person shuffle any of the decks. That should increase our odds of success significantly. You'd think with eight players we'd have been able to trade items around to build a few solid characters, and we did the first three tries, but the last two tries the game was just 100% against us. The best example was Wendy getting sucked through a gate during the mythos phase at the end of the first turn and getting delayed twice in outworld, unable to return to Arkham before the game ended. Strategically, there was little more we could have done to win without making choices that would remove most or all fun from the game for certain players. Your idea of using Wendy to corral Dracula is sound strategy, but try playing her as your only character and see if its worth it. "Ooo, I'll just spent the entire game in the streets, have no encounters and fight no monsters! Can you move her occasionally while I go play WoW?" Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on the last example, but the premise holds. Also, with all the expansions thrown in it makes it a lot harder to "mill" for items and encounters. Milling the South Church for mass is not a viable strategy for removing doom tokens anymore and finding additional elder signs got a lot more time consuming. On the other side of it are the dual ancient ones that are not meant to be fought. The one game where we thought we might have a chance we tried to fight them, but Dracula killed the first investigator and gained back all the doom tokens we removed that turn based off of a single die roll (note: one investigator combined the shotgun with his 10 clues and got 14 hits that round). As much fun as fighting Azathoth. I like my ancient ones with at least a 5% chance of survival. Well, that's enough complaining for one day. Now for positive memories. In a recent game of arkham with just the base game we went through the entire unique item deck, had only two skills remaining in the skill deck and almost ran out of common items in that deck. Yes, we won that game.
  16. A few of us briefly discussed this at the local game shop and thought $100 was a bit steep until we read the full description and did some simple math. Four books means designed for four or more people. $100 divided between four people is only $25 each, less if you have more friends. From what I saw of it so far, it seems this is the business model they are currently working with, similar to the LCG Core sets which is everything two people need to play in one box. If you don't have anyone willing to split the cost with you, it is much more expensive. With dice, cards and books it seems so far to be a very reasonable price. Final decisions on the product will have to wait for its release, but so far it appears this may well be worth the cost. As far as the comparison to D&D, why should the players only have to buy one book and expect someone else to buy three? Sorry, but the cost of GMing is generally higher than playing and anything to alleviate that cost is something I'm in favor of. For the record, I'm frugal, not cheap. Also, I'm trying to figure out how having everything in one box is not portable, as opposed to the bag I usually use to carry my RPG books, dice, character sheets, pencils, etc.
  17. No, Cthulhu's attack lowers max sanity or stamina while his "Dreams of Madness" reduces max sanity and stamina. Calvin's ability prevents reduction of sanity or stamina. Similar, but an important difference.
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