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  1. I figured 4th Revised was over, anyway. I look forward to Fifth Edition! There's plenty that FFG did that could be folded into a new revised game by GW (or licensee), and I'd personally prefer a much smaller main board, similar to classic Talisman. In the meantime, do you guys have a Steam group for Talisman Digital? I've never tried the multiplayer and I figure it would be best with some Talisman enthusiasts.
  2. From the standpoint of Talisman Lore, the Horrible Black Void is my absolute favorite alternate ending. Every game of Talisman is a story, and sometimes a story ends very very badly. When the Horrible Black Void is drawn, the story becomes a world where the Crown of Command was nothing but a tall tale, a legend, a myth. This promise of riches drove warriors to desperate and harrowing acts, only to kill them in the end. What a fantastic story! That being said, drawing the Horrible Black Void sucks. We just need Timescape.
  3. This is exactly my thinking. Plugs the rules loophole and preserves KISS.
  4. I've been playing Talisman Digital with City and Nether Realm expansions, using The Gauntlet ending (which seems a good way to make the end game tougher and prolong the game a little requiring tougher characters). I have been able to use Hopper to "hop" each Nether card in the Inner Region to bypass all encounters in a single turn until the Crown of Command space (where I was able to use the Merchant power to bribe a big Monster to go away); and I've used Stompy to "stomp" each card in the Inner Region to avoid each Nether Realm encounter, including one of the two cards at the Crown of Command. Are these legal moves? The pets in question are quite strong all over the board but the ability to bypass so much in the Inner Region seems utterly broken.
  5. Use the the Nether Realm expansion, and make The Gauntlet the default ending to slow down power gamers. Also, make the Crown of Command not part of any region, so no player can use any game effect other than explicit instructions (Lord of Darkness, etc) to skip the Inner Region to reach it.
  6. To me, there is a very practical limit to the number of expansion boards: the main board is already far too big, adding "corner boards" around it is really out of the question for me. As such, I really don't like the Dungeon in its shape, I'd rather of had it a smaller rectangular or square board to place next to the main board. Adding three more boards around the main board simply isn't going to work for me because there isn't enough table real estate to support it. I guess I'll have to wait for 6th Edition (FF edition is 5th, not 4th "revised") for a smaller, more practical main board to return.
  7. talismanisland said: The box is the same size as the main game box and yes, the board is three fold. I've taken a pic to show the relative size of the Dungeon. I don't see how that will fit on my table. The main board is way way way too big. I can't imagine trying to fit it on the table when the other three realms are released.
  8. Runebound looked attractive to me, but after asking around, I heard it is really pretty much "multi-player solitare."
  9. The revised 4th edition board is slightly larger than the BI 4th edition board.
  10. I typically visit the Alchemist to turn extra Talismans into gold to keep them out of the hands of other players. Of course, this only works with Adventure card Talismans and not Talismans gained from the Talisman deck.
  11. Better yet, perhaps Meat Cleaver should be - You may discard an Animal trophy to heal 1 Life.
  12. Bludgeon said: Nice! It really shouldn't be a Weapon, though. I see it being used "post combat" to trim all the edible parts from the animal. :-)
  13. The phrase "chooses freely" has a different meaning than "draw a card." The official rule is to look at the Warlock's Quest cards and choose which quest you undertake. That said, we place the cards on the Warlock's Cave and players draw one randomly.
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