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  1. Piett was green, there aren't actually any grey officer uniforms they just looked grey on film. All officers are black or green and the Imperial Security Bureau was off white tops with black pants and hats. I like the grey uniform that they gave the action figures myself. The 501st Legion has nice profiles for uniforms so members can get them as close to screen as possible, they are also very useful for painting
  2. Anyone find First Order Stormtrooper minis out there in the 28mm size? I would think they'd have to be someone 3-d printing them, but I haven't found anything close yet. I wish they'd do a Force Awakens set for Imperial Assault.
  3. Coming from Edge I'm used to having several things listed in Obligation all with a numeric value, so am I correct that for starting Morality you just have the one number listed with a Strength and Weakness ie Love, Anger, 50 (or 29 or 71)? I looked at the Beg Box pc's but I didn't see it anywhere on their sheets.
  4. Thanks, just got Wrath of the Gods and was hoping somebody had done a clean character sheet. You guys rock!
  5. Is the VT-49 Decimator stated out in one of the books? I've been looking for it since I picked up the X-Wing miniature and haven't found one. I wish the mini's came with an rpg stat card as well.
  6. How can you improve the rating? Only by buying talents? Seems like alot of talents you must buy before you can improve the Force Rating if it's in your talent tree.
  7. I bought mine from FFG and there weren't any included either.
  8. As much as I like Warhammer, I'd love to see a Midnight Setting book or two with this system. I like how Star wars is a bit of a more streamlined system then WFRP, maybe that's where the system is heading, maybe not. Either way FFG has my loyalty and probably my money when they release new stuff for Warhammer.
  9. Yep, it was added a week or so ago to the Kindle Fire App store. It's awesome. Now I hope they do the same for Warhammer Dice.
  10. I would also like to see this on Kindle Fire
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