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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Some rules in discussion here...   
    Personally I'm more than happy with the 20+ stating stats and lower XP starting value. There is nothing stopping a GM just giving players extra XP to start with to represent there higher skill level (I've done this very thing in DH1, starting people at anything from rank 2 to 5).
    I don't think it needs to be codified into the game system, other than possibly a side bar to explain that GM might like to do it to give the game a different feel.
    Excellent to hear that Evasion is being looked at too.
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    Soloman reacted to Radwraith in Some rules in discussion here...   
    BTW: @ Tim:
    The communication on where you guys are wanting to go is VERY welcome! Keep it coming!
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    Soloman reacted to Tim Huckelbery in Some rules in discussion here...   
    Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback on a few areas we're looking at addressing in future updates (Update #1 just went up as a note). Don't feel this is all we're looking at of course though.
    Character Generation: Several testers have suggested lowering the overall starting characteristics and increasing the starting experience points. We’d like folks to try starting with 20 rather than 25 for generating characteristics, with the points allocation system using a base 25 (+ characteristics at 30, – ones at 20). Players can also increase their starting xp to 600. Try these out and let us know how it goes. 
    Adeptus Arbites: We’re thinking of change their starting talents to include both Shock and Solid Projectile Weapon Training. Try this out and let us know if it’s making new Arbitrators too powerful, especially in early games. 
    Some possible Role changes:
    Change Assassin Role Aptitudes to Agility, Ballistic Skill or Weapon Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception Change Assassin Role Bonus to Sure Kill: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (see page 245), an Assassin who inflicts damage in an attack can spend a Fate point to add his degrees of success to the damage inflicted. Change Chirugeon to Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Knowledge, Strength, Toughness Change Chirurgeon Role bonus: Dedicated Healer: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (see page 245), when a Chirurgeon character fails in a test to provide First Aid, he spend one Fate point to automatically succeed with the degrees of success equal to his Intelligence bonus. Untouchables and Evasion are areas we’re strongly looking over as a note. More to come on those.
    A very big thanks to everyone who has participated in the testing, especially those who've emailed in their game reports. 
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Melee weapon classes   
    I certainly liked it.
    Just a note, there is already a thread here looking into it:-
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    Soloman reacted to Tenebrae in Knowledge Skills too expensive   
    If this refers to my suggestion, you will note that I was refering only and exclusively to common lores. Scholatisc and Forbidden Lores are full price and under the usual restrictions.
    Remember, RT, so if it's not in your advancement tree, it has to be taken as an elite advance and can be surprisingly expensive.
    The idea is to make common lores common, meaning that knowledge experts can focus on more specialized subject - which fits the various academics and interlectuals I know.
    EDIT: Ofcourse, the knowledge experts are also likely to have higher intelligence and so gain more from skill in lores. Just as planned.
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    Soloman reacted to LuciusT in Thoughts on Update 1   
    The central point that I have not seen addressed is the failure of the Roles to provide the skills or talents necessary for the role. For instance, unless you choose certain Backgrounds, you can easily make a Chirurgeon who doesn't have Medicae. You therefore have to spend your starting exp to make the character capable of filling the Role you have chosen rather than to customize your character. 
    I also noted that characters do not start with Linguistics (Low Gothic) and the lack of starting Weapon Training means that most Inquistorial Acolytes don't know how to use a knife.
    These, I think, are very basic but absolutely essential issues which must be addressed.
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    Soloman reacted to Elior in Thoughts on Update 1   
    Keep in mind that the first update will be the least productive since they needed to collect all of this info from scratch without a starting point. Now that they know a lot more of what needs to be fixed, update #2 should be much more comprehensive. It's only been 1 week for goodness sake.
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    Soloman reacted to H.B.M.C. in The Emperor's Chosen   
    Weird. Most people complain that published adventures are too much of a railroad. No we have one that's designed to be a bit more free-form, so it gets criticised for that. No win situation I guess…

    Anyway, yeah, Emperor's Chosen. I'm interested to see how it turned out in the end compared to what we tested.

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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in Do People Like the Insanity System?   
    Indeed this was one of the parts they just should have kept from the old beta.
    Some goes for the beta1s fatigue system. Goes very well with the fear rules of beta1, making blood loss something more interesting and sapping weapons (which replaced shocking) also more interesting.
    Those guys really were a lazy...
    I could have understand it (not liked, but somehow understood) if they skipped the wound and AP system - but skipping every development is just ridiculous.
    Something like this is not worth buying if you own Only War.
    Lets hope they take this just as the first draft on work on it with the community to at least develop it a bit from OW.
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    Soloman reacted to Elior in Do People Like the Insanity System?   
    I think the first update is going to be vital on how we perceive the direction of this beta. If some good ideas from the original beta show up in the update, then I will be much more enthusiastic about the overall potential outcome for 2.0
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    Soloman got a reaction from Brother Orpheo in Opposed evasion tests   
    I love a non-binary dodge system. I want a non-binary dodge system. I have to add that Naviward is my GM, and makes Mook dodges of 30% around 90% of the time....he's the Sex Panther of Mook-Dodge....
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    Soloman got a reaction from Naviward in Opposed evasion tests   
    I love a non-binary dodge system. I want a non-binary dodge system. I have to add that Naviward is my GM, and makes Mook dodges of 30% around 90% of the time....he's the Sex Panther of Mook-Dodge....
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    Soloman got a reaction from Naviward in A response to the new (old) skills   
    Hi all,
    Just thought I'd share a response I got from FFG when I emailed them on my views on the new version of the Beta, both good and bad. I touched on a number of subjects already present on the forums including that I missed the ability of mixing and matching skills and attributes from the previous Beta...
    This was the response.
    Hi **** and thanks for your comments. 
      Quick note on skills—while they are more tied to characteristics than they were in the first beta (to link them better to the existing 40k RPG games), we do emphasize in the new beta that the GM is encouraged to use other characteristics when appropriate. Hopefully GMs will do so (I certainly will).    We're certainly looking at everything during the beta, and thanks for the feedback here. Looking forward to more from you and your group!    
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    Soloman reacted to Magus Black in Compiled List of Concerns for Chapter 2: Character Creation   
    I think they went to far to make this different than Only War and the Old Heresy, as I’m seeing several oddities (as many have pointed to many of them already), most recent is that when making a Chirurgeon I ended up (without EXP yet spent) with a character that neither could heal or interrogate…and was left wondering how this character was a Chirurgeon in the first place.
    The two most important parts of your character are where you come from (Homeworld/Origins) and what you do (Role).  While the meat of your character is from what comes between the two, you cant have a good sandwich if the bread is bad…and right now the bread is bad.
    Characteristics Modifiers: While I can get behind the idea of removing some of the excessive modifiers to make the Characteristics a bit more even between Players, this version seem….tame? I mean they only a third of your Characteristics (two positive and one negative) and they don’t even prevent you from hitting the maximum you could roll (difficult as it would be), so I think they should add just a little more to this to make your Homeworld/origins a bit more…important I guess is what aiming for. Granting an additional + and - would bring the number of Characteristics effected from 1/3 to 5/9 I think this would make it look a little more important.
    Something like: 
    Feral World:  +Strength, +Toughness. +Agility, -Intelligence, -Influence
    Forge World: +Intelligence, +Toughness, +Influence, -Willpower, -Fellowship
    Highborn: +Intelligence, +Fellowship, +Influence, -Toughness, -Willpower
    Hive World: +Agility, +Perception, +Fellowship, -Intelligence, -Willpower 
    Shrine World: +Toughness, +Willpower, +Fellowship, -Perception, -Influence
    Voidborn: +Perception, +Intelligence, +Willpower, -Strength, -Toughness
    But maybe only I think this, so Your Mileage May Vary.
    Fate Threshold: Right now I think almost everyone can agree that the arbitrarily unfair Fate Points should be removed and simply made equal to all Players, suggested number should be 3 (the normal average) with 4 being if the GM plans to put them through a particularly vicious campaign.
    Home World Bonus: There’s already some talk about the unevenness of these bonuses, mostly how Skills are always worth less EXP than Talents and that only a few get a genuinely unique ability (and one of which is somewhat circumstantial). I’d honestly rather make it more equal for each and bring some more skills and options, each Homeworld gets two skills (one predetermined, and the choice between two others) with the choice between two Rank 1 Talents. 
    So like:
    Feral World: 
    Skills: Survival and either Stealth or Athletics
    Talent: Either Battle Frenzy or Sound Constitution
    Forge World: 
    Skills: Tech-Use and either Trade (choose 1) or Common Knowledge (Tech)
    Talents: Either Technical Knock or Weapon Tech
    Skills: Linguistics and either Commerce or Inquiry
    Talents: Either Peer (chose 1) or Weapon Training (choose 1)
    Hive World: 
    Skills: Scrutiny and either Deceive or Sleight of Hand 
    Talents: Either Double Team or Clues From the Crowds
    Shrine World:
    Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed) and either Scholastic Lore (Philosophy) or Forbidden Lore (Heresy)
    Talents: Either Jaded or Die Hard
    Skills: Awareness and either Operate (Voidship) or Trade (select 1)
    Talents: Either Blind-fighting or Keen Intuition
    Or something like this at least, at the moment don’t know exactly how to deal any actual special traits yet but this at least seems more equal.
    Homeworld Aptitude: Honestly I think its part en due to the this that the Aptitudes of the Role are so screwed up, since they had to take them into the account for preventing too many double dipping in Aptitudes (if you pick it well enough you could get to choose both a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Aptitude). At the moment I am unsure whether we should keep `em or burn them (or maybe at least reduce them to only Background and Roles). 
    Wounds: This is totally a matter of opinion but I would rather have bonuses or penalties to Wounds be found here and the actual character Wounds found in Role, it just seems a bit absurd that a Highborn Sage can have more Wounds than a Shrine World Warrior (why the hell does the Highborn have such high Wounds anyway!?). A simple and elegant fix to this would be that if the Homeworld gets a +Toughness in its Characteristics Modifier then character gets a +2 Wounds; if they have a -Toughness then they get a -2 Wounds; and if they have neither + or - in Toughness then they get what they rolled (+0).
    …this also gets rid of the whole “tougher than thou’ issue of the Old Heresy where some of the Homeworld’s were effectively comparing the genitals in terms of Wound bonuses.
    So Wound Modifiers would be
    Feral World:  +2
    Forge World: +2
    Highborn: -2
    Hive World: +0 
    Shrine World: +2
    Voidborn: -2
    Recommended Backgrounds: Nothing to say here.
    Backgrounds: Not quite sure yet what to do here so I’ll leave be for the moment.
    As been pointed out, Aptitudes are all over place, characters are lacking the skills that Define the Role (my above mentioned Chirurgeon), and some of the Talents are bit off (Chirurgeons know Kung-Fu? …or is it Tai-chi?). Finally gear is dependant on Background and this can mean characters may be hilariously under-equipped for their Job.
    The old saying “If it aint broke then don’t fix it.” applies here I think. Instead of trying to find some round-a-bout way to make characters fit their purposes with their stuff scattered across two different fields, just stick with what’s been the basis since Dark Heresy with a little of Only War thrown in. 
    These are my ‘attempts’ at making it even as possibly balanced (and its likely not at all perfect), and few thoughts on why I thoughts so. 
    *All Roles have 6 Attributes, 4 Characteristic-based and 2 Secondary, with what I thought might be the best ‘basic’ setup.
    *Skills are set at 6 each, with those that focus more on skills (Chirurgeon, Hierophant, Sage, Seeker) getting an additional Rank (2nd Rank: +10) in place of a single talent (which at their best are equal in price) in certain skills that I thought most appropriate. Preferably with a few either/or options.
    *All Roles gain Weapon Training (Las) or (SP) and Weapon Training (Low-Tech) plus 3 other Rank 1 Talents (for each talent a role doesn’t get they get an additional Rank in 1 skill, as said above).
    *Wounds start at 4 for a Baseline and get a +2 Wounds for having the Toughness Aptitude; a +2 for the Defense Aptitude; and a +2 for being a Combat-focused Class (Assassin, Desperado and Warrior). Plus 1d5 as normal.
    *Gear was too much of a head ache for me at the moment so I have currently left it blank for now, if nothing else we can use Old Heresy and try make the gear match up as best we can.
    Also I made a few changes to some of the Special Abilities of a few classes that I think fit their theme better, tell me what you think.
    Again these are only examples and any refinement you can think of is worth debating on (the Hierophant and Seeker gave me the most trouble).
    Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Agility, Perception, Fineness, Fieldcraft.
    Skills: Awareness, Acrobatics or Athletics, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Stealth, Dodge or Parry, Security
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech), Weapon Training (select 1, except Heavy) or Exotic Weapon Training (select 1), Leap Up or Cat Fall, and either Jaded or Die Hard.
    Wounds: 6 +1d5
    Special: The Killing Moment- In the Surprise Round, when an Assassin makes a successful attack against an Unaware enemy they deal an additional 1d10 damage. The Assassin may choose to spend a Fate Point to increase this damage to 2d10. These extra dice DO generate Righteous Fury.
    Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Toughness, Intelligence, Fellowship, Knowledge, Fieldcraft
    Skills: Medicae +10 or Interrogate +10, Logic, Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Scrutiny or Operate (Surface), Scholastic Lore (Chymistry), 
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech), Resistance (Poison, Disease)
    Wounds: 6 +1d5
    Special: Professional in Health- When a Chirurgeon character rolls for the Medicae or Interrogate skills they may roll twice and take the best result.
    Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Agility, Perception, Fellowship, Fineness, Defense
    Skills:  Acrobatics, Deceive or Charm, Dodge, Inquiry, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Sleight of Hand or Security.
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech), Leap Up, Cat Fall, and either Ambidextrous or  Blind Fighting or Quick Draw
    Wounds: 8 +1d5 
    Special: Daredevil- When rolling for the Acrobatics skill reduce any penalties taken by -20 (to the minimal of 0). In addition on a successful Acrobatics roll a Desperado gains a number of additional Degrees of Success equal to half their Agility Bonus (rounded down).
    Aptitudes: Toughness, Intelligence, Willpower, Fellowship, Leadership, Social
    Skills: Charm +10 or Intimidation +10, Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Forbidden Lore (Heresy)  or Scholastic Lore (Philosophy),  Scholastic Lore (Occult), Scrutiny +10 or Deceive +10, Inquiry. 
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech), Peer (select 1)
    Wounds: 6  +1d5
    Special: Sway the Masses- As Normal
    Aptitudes: Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Defense, Psyker
    Skills: Awareness, Psyniscience, Intimidate or Common Lore (Occult), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Forbidden Lore (Psyker) +10, Forbidden Lore (The Warp) +10.
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech), Warp Sense or Resistance (Psychic Powers) 
    Wounds: 6 +1d5
    Special: Stare into the Warp- As Normal.
    Aptitudes: Intelligence, Fellowship, Perception, Willpower, Tech,  Knowledge, 
    Skills: Common Lore (select any 2) +10,  Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic) +10, Logic +10, Inquiry or Tech-Use, Forbidden Lore (select any 2) +10 or Scholastic Lore (select any 2) +10,
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech)
    Wounds: 4 +1d5
    Special: Quest for Knowledge- As Normal.
    Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Intelligence, Perception, Social, Tech
    Skills: Awareness, Survival,  Navigate (Surface) or Use-Tech, Linguistics (Low Gothic),either Operate (select 1) or Security, and either Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) +10 or Scholastic Lore (Legends) +10.
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech), Keen Intuition or Clues From the Crowds, and either Jaded or Die Hard
    Wounds: 4 + 1d5
    Special: Nothing Escapes My Sight- As Normal.
    Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Offense, Defense
    Skills: Awareness or Stealth, Athletics, Dodge or Parry, Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Survival
    Talent: Weapon Training (Las or SP, Low-Tech), Weapon Training (select 1), Die Hard, and either Rapid Reload or Quick Draw or Takedown.
    Wounds: 10 +1d5
    Special: Warrior’s Art- Before rolling for an attack you may take a -10 penalty to your Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill (which ever your using to attack for now) to either gain a +1 Damage or an extra Degree of Success (you must still succeed in order for this to apply).  You may take an additional -10 to the attack roll, and gain either a +1 Damage or DOS (these effects stack), a number of times equal to your Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill Bonus (whichever you are using) to the Maximum of -60.
    These are just some of my thoughts on Character Creation could be straightened out. Your Mileage Will Vary However
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    Soloman reacted to SublimeShadow in Compiled List of Concerns for Chapter 2: Character Creation   
    I don't see the need for these categories at all. The Imperium is too vast a place to ever be covered by an amount of expansion books. The common response is houserules and minor tweaks to already existing backgrounds to create new ones for players who are dead-set on playing a character that doesn't quite fit in the creation chapter. However, this is completely unnecessary if FFG just blends all their "choices" during each step. This would be, essentially, Regiment Creation but for Characters.
    Home World Choose 2 favored, 1 opposed Fate Threshold (1d5? whatever) Choose an Aptitude (maybe 2?) Wounds (for those who like that sort of thing) Bonus (pick from "Bonus Options" [a pool of skills/talents/traits available only during character creation, like Master of Paperwork or something]) Background Choose 5 Skills to start at Rank 1 Choose a Weapon Training or Specialization (X) Talent Bonus (same as above) Choose an Aptitude Role Choose 5 Aptitudes Choose 1 Talent (from the bonus pool, most likely) Bonus (same as above) Obviously a "Bonus Pool" would need to be created and the amount of Skills/Aptitudes would need to be balanced but this system would enable anyone to be whatever they wanted. That said, I understand if FFG wants easy content in the form of Char Gen stuff for their expansion books.
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Compiled List of Concerns for Chapter 2: Character Creation   
    While I don't have anything specific to add to the already extensive list, I certainly support that something needs to be done about the starting fate points as at the moment everyone is going to gravitate towards the backgrounds with high fate points.
    The poor feral worlder / hive worlder won't get much of a look in.
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    Soloman reacted to Nimsim in Compiled List of Concerns for Chapter 2: Character Creation   
    In the effort to do something productive, I'm going to try making a pretty thorough post of all the main parts of the Character Creation Chapter and list the issues and concerns that I have, and also edit in the concerns I see of other people so that there is a main document for it. I'll try to add in agreements and disagreements about points as well so that people can reference the gist of what's been said so far.
    Other General Concerns:
    1) The entire distribution of the aptitudes may need some work. Some examples include the assassin. Does anyone have any other examples?
    2) SublimeShadow is suggesting having a framework for "Create your own character options", although this would preclude having unique abilities for every choice
         Another option is starting with a few aptitudes and picking the rest
    3) Lots of people miss having choices with options, or options than benefit one thing and hurt another.
    4) Aptitudes are not equal to each other in terms of scope (Finesse/Fieldcraft vs. Offense/Leadership)
         Some players don't feel that this is an issue
    5) Some people don't like having randomness in character creation (myself included) while others do. The best argument I've seen in favor of it is that players may feel more connection to a rolled up character rather than a point-bought one. I don't know that I think that merits making random rolling the default choice, though.
    General Concerns
    1) I personally think that rolling for starting Fate Points should be done away with. The differences in starting totals are not balanced by anything in the game and I don't think that the narrative justification is very important.
         This has gotten support from some members of the forum
         Maybe the special ability of Shrine Worlders could be to have an extra Fate Point?
         Maybe the entire group starts with the same amount of Fate Points, based on a roll or set  "Pulpiness value?"
    2) Due to the different aptitudes that a starting character can end up with, the xp values of their starting talents and skills can differ, introducing xp imbalance to begin with. Yes, we've had this argument before, and I still stand by the fact that if you run on the assumption that all skills are equal to each other and all talents are equal to each other, then having players start with different xp values of them is unbalanced.
           *As a counter to this, the differing xp rates seem impossible to balance with the current structure of the system and may not vary by much anyway. (I'll try to run the numbers on this)
    3) A lot of the special abilities are non-unique (just allowing an extra talent or skill), and are thus both boring and potentially worth different things based on aptitudes and xp cost.
    4) Some of the skills listed for homeworlds are specialist skills but do not list a specialty/ability to choose. Does anyone have a list of these?
    Feral Worlds:
    Non-Unique special ability
    2.8 Fate Points (Base number of Fate Points + the odds of getting another)
    12 Wounds (Base Wounds plus an average d5 roll of 3)

    Forge World:
    Non-Unique special Ability
    3.3 Fate Points
    11 Wounds

    Nice, always able to be used Talent
    4.1 Fate Points
    12 Wounds (Wow, just as hardy as a Feral Worlder!)

    Hive World:
    Weird hybrid non-unique special ability and bad other half (very rare to be charmed by NPCs)
    2.2 Fate Points (Even less Fate Points than a Feral Worlder)
    11 Wounds (And less wounds!)

    Shrine World:
    Nice unique special ability that is always able to be used
    3.5 Fate Points
    10 Wounds

    At least the low-gravity ability is gone. Non-unique special ability
    3.8 Fate Points
    10 Wounds

    General Concerns:
    1) There is again a possible issue with starting skills/talents having differing xp values
    2) There is a paucity of weapon talents for starting characters. There is some debate over just having universal weapon training or eliminating training altogether. Maybe it would be better to have each character able to use all non-exotic weapons without penalty and have weapon training add a specialty for weapons (e.g. Bonus to reloading, additional damage, better chance to hit) Maybe also tie other talents that affect weapon use into only allowing you to use them for weapons you have the specialty in.

    5 Skills
    1 Talent
    1) People seem to agree that having a "Gone Postal" Administratum clerk should be an official part of 40K cannon.

    5 Skills
    1 Talent
    1) Really? Arbites have to choose between shock and SP talents?

    5 Skills
    1 Talent
    1)Again you have the issue of not allowing Guardsmen Psykers or sanctioned psykers from other backgrounds. Just package the Sanctioned trait with the Psyker Advance.
    2)Why would a non-psyker ever pick this background?

    5 Skills
    2 Talents (Wait, suddenly they get two talents?)

    5 Skills
    1 or 2 Talents (Unclear Wording on how many you get)

    5 Skills
    2 Talents
    1) The special ability is limited to lasguns only? Boring.

    4 Skills
    1-3 Skills (The wording on this is really unclear)
    1) The fatigue ability for this sucks, especially given the reversion back to Only War fatigue rules.

    General Concerns
    1) Once again, the talents may have differing xp values.
    2) The special abilities really differ in power, flavor, and how they are meant to define the role.

    Wow, a straight up additional damage ability. Combat based and seems powerful. Makes thematic sense for the assassin wanting to do a coup-de-grace/pick off the enemies closest to death

    The ability lets them re-roll a single subset use of the medicae skill without cost. This is pretty weak. Why not just let them spend a fate point to automatically succeed at the test, or even just say that they never get less than 1 degree of success on a First Aid test. Make it more flavorful.

    So is the whole theme of the desperado meant to be dual-wielding. Not a very flavorful ability.

    Spend a fate point for automatic success on social tests. Really powerful. Really really powerful.

    This role gives a baseline value of 300xp for each of the special abilities, given the cost for the psyker elite advance.
    1) Does there really need to be a special psyker role? I have the feeling that FFG is looking at this like a psyker is just plain better than any average human, and that the need to buy a bunch of extra powers rather than other talents and the risk of perils of the warp don't act as a big enough balance to the psyker's power.
         Some members like the ability to play unsanctioned psykers easily. However, there is agreement that Sanctioning should be a purchaseable trait. Maybe include the sanctioned trait with the psyker trait for Mystics? Or maybe include sanctioning for every background that makes sense (Guard, Telepathica, Administratum)? None of the other backgrounds seems like they'd employ psykers.
    2)It seems kind of boring to have psykers who want to play like the vast majority of psykers in other games be so restricted for background and role.

    Another automatic success for Fate Point talent. Flavorful for the sage being THE scholar of the group.

    Another automatic success for Fate Point talent. Maybe all of the roles should just have this special ability and differ in what skills they can automatically succe

    This ability has the potential to inflict major damage and make warriors into combat monsters.

    1) Having to look back and forth between a bunch of tables when using aptitudes is a bit of a pain in the ass and doesn't lend itself to smooth character creation/gameplay.
    Really? A chance roll on the d100 can seriously improve your character or seriously screw him up? Great.
           *Some players like having these, although it may be good to make them optional.
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in I'd like the old Beta's psychic rules back   
    Yes, that's exactly it. The divination school already has this a little bit with some powers being off perception, but it seems like an interesting extension to try this for all the schools with different core stats for each.
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in I'd like the old Beta's psychic rules back   
    A lot of good ideas being thrown around here. I certainly think there is merit in trying to make the psychic powers come off more than just WP. Too often I've seen psykers just max WP and use it to cover all the other parts of the game more effectively than other classes can.
    As Tom Cruise says, coming off other stats is a great idea, and means that the psyker has to focus on a range of thing and have to have a number of good stats to cover all the psychic powers or can focus on just one thing (giving a reason why psykers are often mono school) while also being good at something else, like lores, melee or shooting.
    As Morangias says, the actual powers might be controlled by outside factors. In of itself I don't have a problem with that, just that they make sense in the frame work of an RPG rather than just doing the same as table top.
    I like what SublimeShadow said about trying to catch the flavour of the fluff rather than the table top. It has often been mentioned in the books that psykers can do powerful things that other people can't do with guns or tech (which is good, psykers should have something to make them play more than just a gun on legs), but often pay a price. One of my favourite ones is that they often stun or fatigue themselves or take a few moments setting up a power. How much more interesting would fights involving psykers be if you had to work to protect your psyker in their 'down rounds' before getting the benefit of something powerful (or rush to get the enemy before they do something nasty, needing lores to understand what they are trying to do and how long you've got).
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    Soloman reacted to Tom Cruise in I'd like the old Beta's psychic rules back   
    It would be interesting to treat each school of Psyker powers as a skill. Having X ranks in Pyromancy unlocks Y uses of the discipline, which are more generic, adaptable manifestations rather than purpose built powers.
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in I'd like the old Beta's psychic rules back   
    Absolutely with you on this one, Morangias. I've always disliked the +5xPR rating system they brought in from Rogue Trader onwards (it just about worked for Rogue Trader (without the added stuff from the Navis Primer) but deathwatch onwards (especially deathwatch itself) was a mess).
    The beta system was much better. 
    As Tom Cruise says, the power could do with work, so a combination of the original and new beta powers would be fine (plus maybe some simple minor power system as long as it really is minor stuff), but the existing system really needs to change for something better, with the original beta system a good starting point.
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    Soloman got a reaction from Elior in A response to the new (old) skills   
    Hi all,
    Just thought I'd share a response I got from FFG when I emailed them on my views on the new version of the Beta, both good and bad. I touched on a number of subjects already present on the forums including that I missed the ability of mixing and matching skills and attributes from the previous Beta...
    This was the response.
    Hi **** and thanks for your comments. 
      Quick note on skills—while they are more tied to characteristics than they were in the first beta (to link them better to the existing 40k RPG games), we do emphasize in the new beta that the GM is encouraged to use other characteristics when appropriate. Hopefully GMs will do so (I certainly will).    We're certainly looking at everything during the beta, and thanks for the feedback here. Looking forward to more from you and your group!    
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Melee Weapons   
    Sounds like a great idea. Ranged weapons have different types why not apply the same to melee weapons. You could even match the ranged weapons approach to keep it simple.
    Light - Storm for melee (2 hits per DoS)
    Medium - Can be used as normal
    Heavy - Swift attack only
    Lumbering (need a better word for this really) - Single attacks only.
    That said, obviously your approach is more flexible and allows for cool uses of other states (like Per bonus with whips, that sort of thing).
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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in Where are the improved Weapon traits / conditions gone ?   
    I loved some of the new traits which seemed like a natural improvement to me in the Beta1.
    Shouldnt they be easily adaptable for the Beta2 ?
    > Overcharge (X), sometimes being tied to characteristics was great
    > Felling also had an effect on regular Toughness Bonus; I liked that
    > Sapping was a good way to deal Fatigue; could this be tied to Shocking ?
    > Close Quarters
    And "primitive" is back... cant this one go for good ?
    Also the development/introduction of regular conditions was reversed - why ?
    > Dazed is no more (would be a good way to handle surprised targets)
    > stacking Burning was a good idea
    > characteristic decay and weakened are no more
    > helpless is not listed under the conditions anymore would like to see Dazed - Stunned - Helpless as building up effects
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Opposed evasion tests   
    One of the changes I liked about the previous beta was that evasion skills (dodge/parry) were opposed rolls against the attack. This meant that at higher levels the skill of the attacker still mattered as it'd made it that much harder for the opponent to dodge. It would also stop high level games being just about removing all the evasions from a skilful opponent before you could hurt them.
    Changing this in the current system would lead to more brutal fights (as without giving dodge an additional bonus characters would dodge less than they currently do) and would make cover more important, but I don't see these as necessarily bad things.
    Do people here think this would be a positive change to the rules?
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