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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in Imperial Guard bonus   
    too complicated....
    I'd prefer to carrying limits to be lowered in general, and the guardsman getting increased carrying capacity like in beta1 (giving him a better chance to wear heavy armour and weapons.
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    Soloman reacted to Brother Orpheo in Social Encounters   
    In my experience, some players are excellent all-'round role players. On the other hand, some are good at describing only their actions, behaviors, and verbal participation in combat, but worry about saying something IC that is "silly" or causes a mess of a delicate situation. This is what social encounter tests should be for- the player who isn't always comfortable with the "war of words" in a social encounter can simply tell the GM the point he's trying to get across, and the GM may or may not assign a +/- to the relevant test. Disposition sets the foundation, the starting mark for how easy/difficult a social encounter may be.
    But (in my opinion) ToE's Social Combat rules suck and need to be kept as far away from DH2 as possible.
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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in Linguistics, Cypher, Decypher   
    What I wanted to say is: why not tie languages to knowledge (lores).
    If someone has FL (Orks), he could get orkish language abilities etc.
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    Soloman reacted to susanbrindle in Linguistics, Cypher, Decypher   
    That actually makes a lot of sense. Languages come up pretty infrequently, and it's unlikely you'd learn a language without learning anything about the speakers anyway.
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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in Adamantium faith   
    I think this talent really needs a prerequisite in the shape of Nerves of steel, Insanely faithful or similar.
    Otherwise it is too easy to ignore fear and pinning from early on.
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    Soloman reacted to Magus Black in Update #4 is live...   
    After a lot of thinking about a lot I’m going to throw my hat in Morrigan and Kaihlik’s corner and agree with them.
    As it is now there is an over emphasis on Agility and the Dodge skill, resulting as Morrigan calls it “the you must be this tall be play” problem. 
    Another thing to add to Morrigans list is that unlike Semi/Full-Auto attacks which Degrees of Success on both offense and defense matter, Single Shot (Standard Attack) does not. This leads to the flip-side of Opposed-checks argument that its totally unfair that the defender rolled 6 successes and got nothing for the effort.
    Lets say that an attacker with an Autogun makes an successful attack with 5 extra degrees of success on full-auto against a defender with 2 extra degrees of success, see how they look under this system with the other RoF show alongside it. NOTE: the bonus DoS for Rate of Fire are due to the difference between Autofires (-10) and their modifier (+0. +10 respectively), so if the character rolled the same for each attack this shows the difference.
    Full Auto: 
    Attacker- Extra Degrees of Successes 5: Hits 6 (1 Base +5 DoS)
    Defender- Degrees of Successes 2: Hits Reduced 3
    Results- Hits taken 3
    Semi Auto:
    Attacker- Extra Degrees of Successes 6 (5 Base +1 for Semi-autos modifier): Hits 3 (1 Base +1 per 2 DoS; max +2 hits)
    Defender- Degrees of Successes 2: Hits Reduced 1
    Results- Hits taken 2
    Attacker- Extra Degrees of Successes 7 (5 Base +2 for Standards modifier): Hits 1
    Defender- Degrees of Successes 2: Hits Reduced 0
    Results- Hits taken 1
    As can be seen those Degrees of Success on you Dodge migrate the number of hits taken for Semi and Fully automatic attacks but do ABSOLTELY NOTHING for Standard, there was no difference between Dodging and Not-Dodging; it didn’t matter whether the defender had 1 success or 6 six degrees of success (how they would possibly get that many) they would still take a hit at full damage.
    You now have a situation were its almost impossible to dodge 1 bullet in Standard in comparison to trying to dodge 6 bullets (that WILL hit you if you don’t dodge) in Full-Auto. That’s just absurd, and by the point of view of the defender extremely unfair.
    This means that trying to dodge a single shot from Standard attack is extremely-high risk and meager rewards, its effectively Save or Die with the Attacker having the advantage (possibly an overwhelming one). In the previous rulings a Single-Shot vs. Dodge could be seen as both parties succeeding (Attacker: “I successfully hit” Defender: “I successfully dodged“). In the new rulings its  obviously unfairly favored to the Attacker (Attacker: “I successfully hit” Defender: “I successfully dodged…but totally failed to Dodge?”).
    Its one thing to say you succeed but so does your opponent…its another thing to say that you succeed, but your success means nothing.
    Gaunt your example is a poor one. Saying this system makes sense when you compare it to characters that have dumped at least 2600 experience (at the least) into Agility and the Dodge Skill is a bad example of how this ‘makes sense’. By a ‘make sense’ account a successful Dodge should always reduces the number hits by 1 (after all it IS a successful roll after all, not a failure).
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    Soloman reacted to Durandal7 in Update #4 is live...   
    Never mind that that Master of the Art of Dodge is likely incapable of hurting you very much (based on xp expenditure). I'm more worried about the balanced characters who can shoot, stab AND dodge with reasonable competence all-round. Not just the olympic gymnasts.
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    Soloman reacted to Durandal7 in Feedback on update #4   
    Same! On both counts
    Good stuff I saw the acronym and immediately thought 'hang on a minute...only the British Army says stuff like that'.
    And lo. I was right
    Jolly good. Carry on.
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    Soloman got a reaction from TorogTarkdacil812 in Feedback on update #4   
    The basic range of most military/ police flashbangs currently used is 5m at 170/180 decibels And it will still be loud enough to damage hearing and disorientate at 9m. Of course this effect is amplified in a built up area such as FISH. Hope that helps. (And yes, speaking from personal experience.). 
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    Soloman reacted to dava100 in Blademaster   
    I would be fine if it was a choice between weapon types instead of covering everything with a single purchase of the talent.
    Are there any weapons that would be hard to classify into blade or blunt? What would you assign flexible weapons to or would that be another weapon type?
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    Soloman reacted to Morangias in Can someone please explain the appeal of aptitudes to me   
    Basically, the aptitude system is still a class-(career-, profession-)based system, with the bonus of being able to assemble your own class from prefabricated elements.
    As for comparing it to a flat-costed open advancement, I'd wager the thinking goes a bit like this: if someone wants what you call a "unique, interesting character", chances are he doesn't care much about his "build" so much, and thus will be willing to pay a little extra. On the other hand, locking certain advancements behind higher exp costs will deter optimizers from grabbing all the best choices instantly, and at the end of the day, having a few cookie-cutter builds is better than having One Build To Rule Them All.
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    Soloman got a reaction from Naviward in Feedback on update #4   
    The basic range of most military/ police flashbangs currently used is 5m at 170/180 decibels And it will still be loud enough to damage hearing and disorientate at 9m. Of course this effect is amplified in a built up area such as FISH. Hope that helps. (And yes, speaking from personal experience.). 
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    Soloman got a reaction from Durandal7 in Feedback on update #4   
    The basic range of most military/ police flashbangs currently used is 5m at 170/180 decibels And it will still be loud enough to damage hearing and disorientate at 9m. Of course this effect is amplified in a built up area such as FISH. Hope that helps. (And yes, speaking from personal experience.). 
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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in When do Ag caps make sense ?   
    Hello guys,
    A lot of us seem to like the new ag caps.
    But is it the best to cap at AB, or would capping Agility in general not be better / more realistic.
    Furthermore, I think the capping is not strict enough at all. The values it caps on are set very high (usually this will not be something to consider at all).
    An "average" acolyte will have between agility 35 and 50, one that specializes in it will mybe reach around 60 or even 65.
    So that should be the area, the caps should cap.
    Only if a Guard Flak is capped at, lets say 50, it is something that is relevant to the game.
    A light Enforcer Carapace could be capped at 45, a Stormtrooper one at 40.
    And I checked it: the only way so far to get Unnatural Agility is 1 psychic power (Warp Speed). Thats not really a reason to set the caps that high.
    And: should wearing a helmet have any penalty (perception) ?
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    Soloman reacted to Radwraith in Update #4 is live...   
    Gotta admit! At first glance, this looks like the best one yet!
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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in Update #4 is live...   
    Opposed Evading ! Great !
    5 possible characteristic increases ! Great !
    You even brought Choke Grenades back !
    Delayed toxins to make detox a usefull thing ! Wow !
    Even an AB Limit on armour !
    Very elegant delay & Guarded action solution !
    Tim, you are the man of the day ! Thats a great update !
    Some notes:
    1.) as in Beta1, I think it makes more sense to give an Agility limit instead of an agility bonus limit.
    This would also give Parry a good position against dodge,m as it is not limited by armour.
    Also, the limit should be a little more restricting. It is rather rare that someone has more than Agility bonus 5, and really really rare that someone has 7+. Usually, if someone does not start with 45, he cannot even reach Ag-Bonus 7 at all.
    Therefore, the limits should be 1 Ag bonus stricter.
    2.) The new fatigue is a good improvement. I think it might be a little hard to half a fatigued characteristic...maybe a -10 penalty would be sufficient.
    After being unconscious it says it is reverted to Toughness Bonus - just after some minutes ? Wouldnt it make more sense to revert it to Toughness-Bonus+Willpower-Bonus (the threshold) ?
    Should it be mentioned how long it needs to "heal" 1 fatigue (1h ?) ?
    Maybe shocking should create fatigue now ?
    And Blood Loss should also create fatigue like in beta 1 (maybe you also can make Bleeder rounds fit in this style).
    Other than that - great great great !
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    Soloman reacted to Lynata in Merry Christmas   
    I'll chime in and wish everyone a nice couple days as well, regardless of whether you'll be spending them amidst your loved ones in physical presence or spiritual remembrance.
    For a bit of seasonal humour, here's a repost from SisterSydney over at dakkadakka that made me smirk:
    One of the wonderful things about our Imperium is all the different ways we find to give praise to our glorious God-Emperor! Let's all share how we celebrate His day on our homeworlds. I'll start!    On my homeworld, Yendys, the Cardinal has each district save up all its really good heretics all year -- the ones who did really horrible stuff for which a regular burning just won't do. Then on Emperor's Day we make a big bonfire!    Afterwards all the children sift through the ashes to see who can find a bone -- biggest intact fragment gets a prize! But all the kids love to take home their charred little treasures. Plus of course it wouldn't be fair to have the big kids and little kids compete, so we have one bonfire for the kids under six standard Terran years, one for the kids 6-12.    Then they bring out the Penitent Engines and have them drag sleighs! The kids love it and most of them even survive! - source
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Update #3 Feedback   
    This seems like a good solution to the problem. The full action approach might be the best as it gives players the possibility of getting a free action in before doing the delay (very much like the clause that stops double attacks/concentrations.
    The only question would be can you interrupt another players turn (shot as they step out of cover for example) or do you have to wait for a gap between rounds.
    As to the other suggestion of making it a full round delay with a lose of reaction, seems like it might be too powerful (especially once characters get step aside). Personally I'd like delay to be an occasional thing not something players use every fight.
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    Soloman reacted to symcoxkd in Things that need to be errata'd in DH2B2U4   
    Here are our list of things that seem broken and need to be fixed or errata'd.
    1) Inescapable attack.  This feat needs to go away.
    2) Dodge and Parry:  Should be opposed rolls.  We would like to see dodge only work against ranged so that agility doesn't stay the uberstat.
    3) Flame:  back to DH1 rules, which is death for the person on fire.  Once again the only way to survive is to max your agility.  Most pcs will have from 3-5 rounds to put out the fire before falling unconcsious and be only able to act normally during one of those rounds.  The chance of putting out the fire is about 10-20% each round.  The way you treated flame in DH2B1 was much better.
    4) Influence:  We cannot find a usage limit on the requisition test.  BY THE RULES as far as we can tell.  If you have a character from the adeptus administratum at the table and are willing to have a subtelty score of 0 during your first adventure, you can equip yourself completely in the FIRST module with all near unique items.  Shouldn't these tests be time limited like the commerce tests so that you don't just accept 100 failures to get your 1% success?
    5) Shock:  Stunning opponents or pcs for long periods with common weapons is bad table management.  If shock mauls are really that common, then expect to see npcs with them.  Every second time hit with a shock maul is going to result in an average of 3 rounds of stun.  This takes the player out of the game for up to 15 - 20 minutes.  How is this fun for the player?  You need a mechanism that imposes a penalty, but allows the player to do something.  Perhaps only half actions (daze in D&D terms)?
    6) Fear.  You went away from the very nice fear mechanic in DH2B1 and went back to the old DH1 fear mechanic.  We are back to the old " I see a dead rabbit and am catatonic with fear for d5 days" stupidity.  Please, please go back to the B1 mechanic and break fear down into catagories.
    7) Full auto into melee.  And can't hit your ally?  Really?  What kind of uber snipers do you think the pcs are?  And if they are that good, why do their stats stink?
    8) Auto fire vs. single shots.  There needs to be a mechanism to balance single shots versus auto fire.  I think it would be reasonable to limit some of the damage adding talents to single shots (crushing blow, mighty shot, etc.) to encourage a little sanity in the combat.
    9)  Accurate weapons.  You need to go back to B1 and make accurate weapons heavy, so that you must brace to get the extra d10.  Extra dice are hugely damaging, which is fine with the suprised sniper head shot, but not so realistic when someone is dual wielding two pistol gripped sniper rifles (which is just so wrong on so many levels that I don't have time to list them all).  I would go so far as to say that to get the bonus dice, you must do a full round aim, this would fit with "reality" of snipers carefully picking off targets, not fast, but deadly.
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    Soloman got a reaction from GauntZero in The 5 big wishes   
    Gaunt, you tick my boxes
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    Soloman reacted to GauntZero in The 5 big wishes   
    Reading through the forums, I tried to find issues that are shared througout a majority of players.
    Issues that really should be adressed, as the general oppinion strongly drifts towards a certain solution.
    If I am wrong, correct me, but many many people seem to want (or are at least not against):
    1.) Opposed Evading !!!!!!!!!!
    2.) Re-worked Fatigue system (more like Beta1)
    3.) Exchange the Lore Skills for Remembarance & Specialist Talents
    4.) somehow buff Called Shots
    5.) integrate some more narrative Psy Powers (especially Divination needs some love)
    THIS are the issues to work on, dear Devs, THIS.
    NOT if 5 characteristic advances or 4, NOT if starting at +20 or +25, NOT if sages should have to wear funny hats or not.
    And guess what - that are all things that are easily made compatible to OW standards.
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Mono   
    In our current dark heresy we allowed arrows to be mono'd and to put poisons on arrows. Didn't end up being too powerful and meant that the bow welder was a valid option, so would be all for this in the official rules.
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    Soloman reacted to Fgdsfg in Aptitudes   
    I like the old system, I really do; I just don't see the improvements I want in DH2, and I think it's moving in the wrong direction, with further consolidation & generalisation of skills, wonky system vs. setting rationales, and increased "gamification" of aspects of the game that should already be covered by pre-existing Skills and Talents.
    The latter had already started in Hammer of the Emperor, where there is a Talent that would allow you to cook a meal that would improve your squad's chance to resist fear and pinning, and another Talent that would allow you to take Charm tests to receive a bonus to your Logistics Rating to acquire gear from the Quartermaster.
    Excuse me, but isn't that what the Skills are for to begin with? Why would there be a specific Talent for something that really should just be a box with "Additional uses of the Trade (Cook) skill" or "Charm Skill Alternate Uses"?
    But now I'm just ranting. I apologize, I didn't mean to derail.
    If anyone is interested, there's a pretty good Aptitude discussion going on in the Leadership thread.
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    Soloman reacted to Fgdsfg in Aptitudes   
    The way I've always suggested running Only War still stands for DH2 - although it's doubtful I'll ever run DH2, rather than work out my own system, by this point - allow any player to switch out any one single Characteristics Aptitude for any one other Characteristics Aptitude and any one single Professional Aptitude for any one other Professional Aptitude to, with the GM:s approval, fit a theme or concept.
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    Soloman reacted to Naviward in Psyker + Influence. The best social character?   
    Ouch, I'd forgotten about the Sanctioned bonus.
    So what I see here is that you can, after the first game, do a fettering influence at psy 2 for a target rating of 70 (additional +5 from psy rating, +5 from power), basically making all other social characters pointless (except in rare null type situations).
    Add to this that the psyker can then buy other powers to keep up in combat, for example another 200 xp for a 40 metre ranged S/2/- 1d10+2 Pen 4 gun that can't jam, be taken away from you, peril and gets better as you level up (maxing just 1 stat to make all your stuff better) and hits on 70, why would you want to play any other class?
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