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  1. Just got an email back from the chaps at FFG on this, in case anyone is interested.. "Hello, While it is not specifically stated that Terminator armour allows a Space Marine to wield a two-handed melee weapon with one hand (and thunder hammers do not require two hands to use in any case), it is perfectly reasonable for a Space Marine in terminator armour to use a Relic Blade in a single hand. Thanks for your question, Tim"
  2. Just a quick question. Can Terminators use Relic Blades one handed? They seem to use a lot of other things one handed, and I can't think of any instances of a Terminator using a 2 handed weapon. (Probably can't get his arms together). Is there an actual rule for this or are people house-ruling? Thanks
  3. Have a look at Advanced Space Crusade. You'll find lots of stuff on Google. It was all about space marine boarding actions against Hive Ships. Involved fighting and navigating though what is essentially a body's immune system, killing important organs on the way and fighting 'nids
  4. That's the thing with powerfield though: If your weapon has it, then you are attempting to parry in order to damage the weapon. If you are parrying a weapon with a powerfield, then you are probably intercepting the arm, or some other part not covered with the field. Hence you don't get to try and destroy weapons when parrying AND when parried. Thats how I've always pictured it anyway
  5. Herichimo, I guess that's why without a melee attachment it counts as improvised and gets a -20% to parry.
  6. Thanks to Alex, I too have found your thread! I posted my own version of Iron Snakes using the custom rules in the book. I developed a couple of relics that don't seem to OTT. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/100573-chapter-iron-snakes/
  7. Yeah, there's some lovely stuff there too! I didn't have the scope to make custom stuff (except the Relics) as I'd be playing not GMing.
  8. Hi All, I designed this using the rules for custom chapters. I was surprised to see no Iron Snakes in the successor chapters so thought I'd remedy it. Not had a chance to play with this chapter yet. I have attempted to keep as close to what has been made known in the canon for as much as possible. Current Chapter Master - Seydon (12th Master of the Chapter) Standing Force - The Reef Stars Founded - 2nd Founding, M32. (Non-Confirmed) Homeworld - Ithaka, Feral World - Large bodies of Ocean, Archipelagos and Ice Polar regions. Relationship with Homeworld - Distant Rule from Fortress Monastery on Ithaka's Moon, Karybdis Progenitor - Unknown, probability high of Ultramarines Progenitor. Genestock - A New Generation Codex Demeanour - No Mercy, No Respite - Unwilling to concede defeat. Geneseed Deficiencies - None Organisation - Divergent Chapter, Doctrine of Short Range Engagements/Close Combat Chapter Variances - No Scout Company/ Higher number of Apothicaries Chapter Affectations - Traditional Equipment. (Sea Lance,Combat Shield) Chapter Hero - Sergeant Veii, leader of a Notable Squad, responsible for securing a sector from Rebels. Beliefs - Totem Creature - Water Wyrms Friends - (Inquisition) Enemies -(Dark Eldar / Primuls and Orks) Notable Squad NamesSkypio Parthus Veii Thebes Damocles PastsOrk Killer - All Iron Snakes are trained to deal with Orks, and most have faced them in battle in the countless wars the Chapter has fought against the greenskins. During your early years as a Battle-Brother you personally slew a mighty Nob, a favourable sign in the eyes of the Chapter and a deed you must always try to live up to. Seconded to the Inquisition - You fought alongside a Cell of Inquisitorial Acolytes whose master requested your Chapter's aid to destroy a particularly pernicious threat he had uncovered. Through your deeds, the cell was successful in its mission and an entire world was saved from damnation. Banner Bearer - You were once chosen to carry a standard, possibly a back banner for your squad or even the prestigious Company banner. The selection was a great honour, and one not easily relinquished until you joined the Deathwatch. Solo Undertaking - Iron Snakes are oathed to protect planets and sectors around Ithaka. Sometimes when petitioned for help, the Chapter evaluates the need, and sends a single Marine. To be selected for this is an honour, and a great responsibility which required flexibility of tactics and combat method in order to complete the undertaking without the support of Battle Brothers. Sabbat Worlds Crusade (755-778.M41) - The Iron Snakes were one of the myriad Chapters oathed to assist Warmaster Macroth during the persecution of the Arch Enemy during the Sabbat Crusade. The Iron Snakes covered themselves in glory during multiple actions and were essential for securing a number of worlds. You were there during such famous actions as Operation Newfound, Balhaut, The Cabal Salient, and notably Amold Eleven (Depending on campaign time frame) Possible Character NamesSeydon Petrok Phobor Cules Pheus Khiron Raphon Priad Xander Phybos Autolochus Kater Krates RulesChapter Characteristics - +5 WS/ +5 BS Solo Mode - Quick Reaction - When in Solo Mode the battle brother is considered to have the Lightning Reflexes Talent. At Rank 3 receives a +10 to Dodge tests. At Rank 5 the Battle Brother is considered to have the Rapid Reaction talent. At Rank 7, once per game session the Battle Brother may automatically pass any one Agility-Based test. (For opposed tests the Battle Brother is considered to have rolled a 01) Squad Mode - Attack - Tactical Bolter Drill - Free action, 2 Cost, Not Sustained. With this ability in effect, the Battle Brother and those in support range gain the benefits of Bolter Drill Talent when firing Bolt Pistols,Bolters, Heavy Bolters or Storm Bolters. (Firing Semi and Fully Auto increases RoF by 1) Squad Mode - Defence - Only in Death... - Free action, 3 Cost, Sustained. While this ability is active, the Battle Brother and those in support range ignore the effects of critical damage that would not kill them until this ability is no longer active. Once this ability end, they suffer the full effects of any critical damage they received. TalentsStarting Package Hatred (Orks) - Free 1000xp - Signature Wargear (Combat Shield), Signature Wargear (Sea Lance), Hatred (Dark Eldar), Peer (Inquisition) Gear Chapter TrappingsWaters of Ithaka - Complete short ritual on Planet of Operation to gain +3 WP to tests against Fear, Psychic Powers, Warp Effects and Pinning (On GM permission, include members of Deathwatch Squad in ritual to all benefit). Kaylix Token - Squad token used to represent the squad in the selections for an undertaking by the Chapter Master. Gives +1 starting cohesion to a squad Chapter Relics Name Class Dmg Pen Special Wt Req Renown Helm of Alchilios - - - - 18 50 Famed Scales of the Water Wyrm - - - - 15 50 Hero Sea Lance Melee or Thrown 1d10+4 R 5 Lathe 9 10 - Sea Lance of the Master Hunter Melee or Thrown 1d10+5 R 5 Lathe, Felling(4), Proven(3) 9 25 Distinguished Name Protection Rating Overload Roll Wt Req Renown Aegis of Karybdis 45 01-10 3 30 Hero Aegis of Karybdis - Also adds +10 to command checks to prevent cohesion damage. Helm of Alchilios - Standard Power Armour Helm with +10 Command, +2 maximum Squad Cohesion, Fear Level 1 to enemies. Scales of the Water Wyrm - Adamantine Mantle + Immune to being knocked back/down.
  9. Yes Kshatriya, funnily that came up just before your post. Makes you wonder why they aren't fitted as standard Once again all, thanks for the posts!
  10. I noticed that change too Visitor Q. I assumed that its just retcon creep as originally that was the case. However, if I remember what I've read recently, all of the Power Armour teleportations have utilised a homer, unlike Terminator armour which doesn't require it (Though it helps). Maybe that is a factor? As to your other points, I completely agree with all of it from a fluff point of view, I'm just thinking in game terms that when you are a high enough level to wear Terminator Armour, then what you are fighting probably ignores most if not all of it. As with Calgor Grims comment above, I can totally see that happening. The penalties for wearing it seem to outweigh any gains. Not only can you not dodge, due to its bulky nature, but you take a -20 to Agi on top of that. (Rather than taking that penalty to Agi and then trying to dodge) I just think a simple rules revision would make all the difference, by making PF/CF and TH unbalanced in the hands of Terminators rather than Unweildy. Thanks all for your imput though. Looks like I might ditch any traditional armament then
  11. Hmmm...my GM has pointed out that guns count as improvised close combat weapons, so it would be possible to parry with a Storm Bolter (with the applicable penalty for parrying with improvised weapons)...
  12. Actually it's less about the dodge, which I completely understand, and more about not being able to parry either (given that both Powerfists and Chainfists are Unwieldy and given that those are the standard secondary weapon for Terminator suits) that leaves one screwed in close combat. And while I understand that Terminator armour is designed to take the hits, given the level of threat you have to face in order to get terminator armour, you wont be able to survive said hits.
  13. I'm not entirely sure what the OP's question is as such. The description of lightning claws in the main rule book (page 154) says they can be sheathed or unsheathed as a ready action. Isn't that enough?
  14. Hi All, Just checking but as far as standard Terminators go, in the RPG they cannot dodge or parry with the regular set-up (Storm bolters and Powerfist/Chainfist)? So all Terminators just have to stand there and take it? Has that ever been resolved or amended anywhere? I mean I could imagine them being Unbalanced in Terminator Armour, but Unwieldy leaves you with no options. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Otherwise it means everyone in Terminator in our future planned Space Hulk game will be rocking Power Swords if they want any ranged options.
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