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  1. The rules for "The" state that the two expansions ("The" and " ") should not be played together. Does that mean that I should remove my Barred from Neighborhood cards from my game? Are there no more barrings from neighborhoods?
  2. Cool, thank you!* *Also, the above statement was too short to submit. So I added this bit, just to thank you.
  3. The rules say to increase the max wounds of heroes (based on conquest gained in the overlord's keep) before the battle begins. Do I also increase their current wounds to reflect this increase as well as their max wounds?
  4. An FFG-ized version of this would be dope. Tighten up the game play, great components. Drool.
  5. If my hero is stuck in a web and Shadow Soul is halfway across the board, can I swap out of that web?
  6. ColtsFan76 said: Only the "A monster appears" allows for a monster to disappear after the fact. Doesn't that only apply in the Other Worlds?
  7. There seems to be some confusion. Is there a way to get a definitive answer? From the rules, FAQ or someone attached to the design of the game?
  8. Thank you. That's what I wanted to know. Is the Monster Limit the ultimate line of demarkation iregarding monsters on the board or do these cards with their limited duration superscede the Monster Limit. Thanks everyone.
  9. So if you're already at your monster limit, these cards would send the reward fodder directly to the outskirts?
  10. Which takes precedence when playing with the Curse of the Dark Pharoah expansion: the monster limit or the Dark Pharoah Mythos cards asking to bring in a grip of monsters for one turn only?
  11. Thank you! My kids may now rest at ease.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Is it written somewhere?
  13. I know it doesn't affect gameplay, but what is Kirga's gender? My kids want to know.
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