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  1. kingbobb

    Set 10

    If they were going to make a full production run, they would have just released Covert Missions normally and made the announcement prior to wave 10's release. Likely they have, as stated, a proof set, less than 50 copies. Just enough to use as final prizes.
  2. You're playing smugglers and other scum in the Outer Rim. What else should be the victory condition?
  3. Halo sees like a license that is just waiting for a decent game system to come along and use it to print money. But since it hasn't happened, I'm guessing there isn't a big crossover between fans of the console games and table top gamers.
  4. Every card we have encountered in the Maelstrom has some test that if passed grants an additional turn. I can't say I've looked through every card in the deck, but from the quoted rules I'd say that this hold true for the entire deck. You aren't guaranteed an additional turn, but you are guaranteed a chance to get one awarded.
  5. For me its a combination of things: mostly it's a budget thing, and time investment. I want a table top game, and CW was looking like it would be coming at a good time for me to pick it up. And had it been on time I would have. But the delay meant it would cost me more (LGS was closing, and taking it's sweet discount with it), the local playgroup was moving further away (another casualty of the LGS closing), and the delay gave me more time to think about the 2 times I've tried to get into X-Wing, and failed. I love Star Wars, and I enjoy playing FFG's games, but their marketing approach which really requires you to purchase things you maybe don't want just to make the things you already have better doesn't sit well with me or my wallet. Put all that together and my budget allocated to Legion went elsewhere.
  6. My LGS closed two weeks ago....had CW been in, I'd have been on board for 2 copies. Now I'm buying 0, and not getting into the game, ever. Maybe not directly connected to the delay, but it gave me enough time to come off the fence and added straws to the camel's back that prompted me away from the line entirely.
  7. It seems like you haven't interacted with GW in the past few years. I've been playing Underworlds going on three years now, and across the board players praise GW for the customer service, interaction with the player community, and listening to concerns and then reacting to them.
  8. GW in the past 3 to 5 years has pulled a complete 180 in terms of their approach to their games, customers, and retail product. They've brought a lot of gamers back into their fold after alienating them for years. They've done this in large part by taking a customer first approach, interacting with them, listening to them, and actually making changes based on what they hear.
  9. In my case, I haven't even started because the Clone Wars factions are all that I care about. So in the time that I decided I was interested enough to start collecting for me an my son, our LGS announced they were closing and the venue chosen by the Legion group that played there is just a tad too far away for me to really think I'd go often enough. So in the meantime, the money that I've budgeted for Legion is just sitting there, and then new releases for a game that I do play all the time and an very active in starts to announce their next set of releases, and...there goes my Legion money. Clone Wars was announced in March, cores were available at Gen Con in August, and now we're nearly halfway through September and still don't have anything close to a solid date for when the product will be available.
  10. I'm that player this year. If the CW core set had had a street date of tomorrow, I'd have bought 2. As things are looking now, I'm buying none and not getting into Legion at all. I played a few demos at my LGS, really enjoyed the game, and was excited to be able to start with the new factions. But that excitement has cooled and new games have come along that I've decided to spend my budget on.
  11. Clone Wars has been on the boat since early June I think. On the boat can mean a lot of things. Literally, the container could be loaded on the boat that then sits waiting clearance to depart for weeks. Then spend weeks at sea. Then spend a few more weeks waiting for a docking berth. And then the container might spend even more weeks before customs clears it. And that's all before you throw in any chaos from the tariffs.
  12. I've been waiting to get into Legion with the CW set....was hoping it would arrive in time to give one last big support to my LGS before they close, but that needs to be by the 14th to happen
  13. It could be worse, the figure could also have new cards and abilities that you can only get at the Con. I know with the con Vader, SDCC in the past has required con exclusives to remain con exclusives...vendors aren't allowed to sell the elsewhere. This may be a similar case. I don't have any issue with it....people going to Cons should be able to get things that those that don't go can't, it's part of the reward of putting in the time, effort, and money to support the con. If you really, really want this Obi Wan....there's going to be plenty available on eBay. And it'll cost you a lot less than a ticket to Germany and all the other expenses necessary to attend Essen.
  14. Well, that makes me sad. Champing at the bit here to get them...
  15. P3 = Privateer Press? Ew, why would FFG want to be them? As soon as Legion was announced, I had a feeling that Runewars was more or less a test run of the production methods they would need to make Legion. Maybe even a production proof of concept to get Disney to approve the entire Legion line. So essentially an expensive prototype of a game system that they were banking on making more than enough money to cover the cost they'd incur, knowing that Legion would appeal to a much larger audience and sell better. From that perspective (and if I'm even close to be correct), Runewars was a resounding success.
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