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  1. Having things to scale certainly helps, but so long as it's pretty close across the board, I don't think scale issues are going to chase anyone away. On the other hand, being to scale really isn't a major selling point....there's maybe that one guy that was on the fence, but then was like "hey, it's ALL to scale?! Well, them I'm IN!" Keeping force sizes small IS a great selling point, as it keeps entry costs low. I don't doubt that as the game matures, we'll see an apocalypse version of the rules released, either officially or fan created. It may never catch on as a dominant version, but as players' collections grow, they're eventually going to want to run mass battles using them. And the Legion rules may not translate well to battles of that magnitude.
  2. This is a sign that the gaming market is reaching a saturation point. And Runewars was in a rough spot almost from before it launched. It got a huge boost from showing up in the Adepicton Swag bags...and was immediately overshadowed by Legion. And shortly after that Song of Ice and Fire hit Kickstarter. That's 3 products drawing from largely the same crowd (tabletop, rank and file, new games), and FFG's Terrinoth setting just can't compete against the likes of Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Runewars never caught on near me, and I couldn't get my son interested, so we bailed very quickly after Adepticon. But I did enjoy the game, and found it to be a much better application of the Flight Path system to this type of game than D&D Attack Wing was. But I'm glad that FFG finished their production to give the fans a complete game experience...something not every company would have done (or has done).
  3. Lack of faction access is part (imo) of what killed Runewars (Legion itself is also partly to blame, but i digress) I'm in that group that liked the idea of tabletop Star Wars, but found the initial core an limit of 2 factions as a barrier to entry. I didn't want to have to spend money on factions I know ultimately that I don't really want to collect just to be able to play. The Clone Wars box has exactly what my son and I both want...droids and clones. Neither of us is settling. Having a decent selection of things to add to the core figures is also kind of a necessity. Take too long to get them to the LGS, and it becomes another barrier to the game for Republic/Separatist players.
  4. Thanks for confirming I was trying to explain to my almost 6 year old son, hoping to be able to give him more than just colors to go on. For instance, grey could have been political bounties, maybe easier to fight, but likely less reward. I think I was the only one worried about that, he caught on to the color concept fast enough.
  5. I've looked in the books a few times, but haven't found anything that describes the classes outside of color (yellow, gray, green). Is there anything that describes them in better terms? (like combat, skill, etc)?
  6. I think the game has lots of room for faction mods, and I'm sure I'm not the only person that looked at the rep sliders and was disappointed to learn that the base game doesn't use the incremental markers at all. I'm sure there's a way to use those to some effect that tracks crew unrest.
  7. Maybe it's a delayed payment for a job you did on the last world you stopped at.
  8. 1. I think you overestimate player's ability to keep everything in memory during a game. Bounty players may be keeping track, but even then, it's hard....At least for me. I spotted Chewie while playing Fett...and the best I could remember was which side of the board he was on. Trying to keep track of everything else left little room for me to manage much else. 2. I don't like the idea of messing with the other face down contacts. Some of those might also have been placed, and even if not, I have issues thematically with Dengar single-handedly being able to shuffle so many characters around. 3. I also feel like the OP is only touching on one facet of the encounter. Non-combat players will surely want to avoid him, but as stated, he's worth a point of Fame if you do take him out. When the end is nigh and things are tight, Dengar could be the difference between hitting a Navpoint encounter for 0 Fame, or scoring some creds and 1 Fame, getting you one step closer to winning.
  9. This has been a staple of Destiny from the start. When a card gives your opponent a choice, they can almost always choose the thing that hurts them the least, even if their choice doesn't make any additional change to the game state. There are very few abilities where this is not the case...such as Hondo (Legacies 65), and they are specifically worded so there's no option to choose the 0 sum effect.
  10. It seems to me that it's actually harder to cheat in Keyforge than it is in any other game at the moment, because of the QR code. Sure, you could throw in a card that doesn't belong using some printer tomfoolery to make a card. That's the easy part...the hard part is getting away with it. Because even if you 100% match the cardstock and ink, you can't fake the QR code. So maybe I should make that...it's easier to cheat, but it also easier to get caught. In any case, I don't see it as an issue, because anyone trying to do this is 100% certain to get caught eventually.
  11. I'd question relying on that local source in the future Resolve and Remove are two different game terms. They are not the same. You are correct in your turn/reroll analogy.
  12. I've pretty much dropped the game. My experience at Adepticon last year started a serious negative experience with the game, and my last purchase was a box of Way of the Force. I've mostly moved on to other games. But the groups were meeting Tuesday and Wednesday, with Wednesday being the main night now.
  13. Farther north even than that. Gift of Games in Volo has a regular Star Wars group that rotates between games, but has dropped 2-3 Destiny players in the last couple months. A few miles away in Wauconda is Lindsay's Gamer Garrison, which hasn't seen regular Destiny play in months. I think Everthing Games in Buffalo Grove might still be holding draft events, but I don't make it out that far very often. It's certainly cooled considerably up here, and the new set seems to have not brought any new players in.
  14. I was very surprised to see the initial run NOT have some tamper proof sticker added. The fact that there are people in the hobby that will do this kind of thing to get an edge has been around longer than the TCG genre has existed. But staying in the hobby, MtG players were thumbing cards around inside the packs because you could see through the tops and read the card names without opening the pack. You could farm the good rares with just a little patience.
  15. The Regional turnout might have been ok, but it was also down from last time. And of course, the Regional pulls from a much larger area. Locally, I know that the northern Chicago area in my local scene has taken a hit, losing 3+ players from the local group while adding maybe 1? And it wasn't a big group to begin with.
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