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  1. Just to let you know, Nexus who made this game has gone out of business. FFG only distributed the game. The designer's brother has said they are trying to get the game published again through another company, but that hasn't happened yet. So, you won't find it at FFG, maybe some of the online stores still have copies. Sorry, Will
  2. Just wondering if FFG is still sending out replacement cards. I have sent an email and have not heard anything back. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Will
  3. It is the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society, if you google Cabs Rocks, you can find them. http://www.buckeyeboardgamers.org/ is the link for their website. Tonight Friday Dec 19, 2008 is the Christmas Party and Meeting with lots of gaming. On the website is a 2009 schedule. The first meeting you go to is free. After that its $3 a meeting or you can join for the year - I think $35. I get to a couple meetings a year - generally you can play any game you would want to. Most people can teach you any game and most people are willing to play any game. Hope this helps Will
  4. I would be interested in getting a game going, depending on time and location. Have you ever been to CABS, a game group that meets on every other Friday. I have two young kids so my gaming nights are somewhat limited, but let me know when you would like to play Thanks Will
  5. It is being done by Big Rooster, if you go to their website there are screenshots. XBOx live arcade game. Does anyone know what Winter 2008 means or if this has been pushed into 2009? Thanks Will
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