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  1. Yeah I would like to take a look at this as well, please update the link
  2. Good advice., any chance you have the map/sheet of the blockade bandit with the checkboxes avalible for use?
  3. That look really awsome, can't wait see it
  4. Silke

    Looking for Fan-Made Adventures

    Thanks Coordinated Action is that available too? The link doesn't work
  5. Silke

    Looking for Fan-Made Adventures

    I can only find one adventure to download: Age of Rebellion: Imperial Crackdown The other 2 parts I can't.
  6. Now that's amazing great effort and thanks alot for sharing
  7. Silke

    The Iron Blockade

    Yeah that would be awsome
  8. Silke

    Jungle Planet in a book

    Jagomir in Arda I Is described with some wildlife
  9. Silke

    Encounter interactions cards

    Gas leak Demonstration against something Falling or Crumbling building or stones or other natural item source tree maybe