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  1. get wind pact and theres a good chance to get rid of CB a few times. but if you got enough backup weapons in your backpack, i think there are worse cards then CB. yes, from time to time it gets frustrating if the OL blows off a nice item you just got from a chest, but as it was already said cards are not gone forever as they return right back to the deck. IMO cards like "dark charm" (not sure about the rigt name, the one that makes the OL controll a heroe and kills another one with one blow from a strong tank) makes you hate the OL much more then CB. or imagine trapmaster in the right dungeons can make a hero party wanna bang the OL´s head against the next wall.
  2. you´ll find special rules for the feat cards on page 5 of the toi-rulebook: "During setup, after the Skill cards have been dealt to the hero players, separate the three Feat decks (fighting, subterfuge, and wizardry) and shuffle them individually. Then, each hero player draws the quantity and selection of Feat cards indicated by the starting skills section of his hero sheet." Playing Feat Cards "Each Feat card lists one or more triggering conditions that determine the timing and situation in which it can be played. Hero players may play Feat cards at any time as long as the triggering conditions have been met. After playing a Feat card, the hero player simply follows the instructions printed on the card, resolves its effects, and discards the card onto a discard pile for that feat type. Important: Each hero player may only play one Feat card per turn. So, for example, each hero player may play one Feat card on his turn, and one Feat card on the overlord’s turn." Drawing Feat Cards "When a hero player activates a glyph, all hero players may draw one Feat card (unless their hero sheets state differently). Additionally, some quests’ treasure chests yield Feat cards as rewards. When a treasure chest lists a Feat card as a reward, all hero players may draw one Feat card (unless their hero sheets state differently). When several players must draw Feat cards at the same time, they may decide among themselves what order to draw them in. If the hero players cannot agree, the overlord player chooses for them. Each hero player may only draw from Feat decks of the types they are able to draw from during setup. When a hero player draws the last card in a Feat deck, the hero player shuffles all the discarded cards of that feat type and creates a new deck. If a Feat card deck runs out of cards and there are no discarded cards of that feat type, the hero players cannot draw that type of Feat card, and must draw another Feat card type, if able. Unless otherwise stated on a player’s hero sheet, a player’s maximum Feat card hand size is four. If a player already has four Feat cards in his hand, he may still draw Feat cards when able, but then must immediately discard back down to four." if some of the cards require special rules or are exchanged, they come with the rtl or you find an explanation in the rtl rulebook.
  3. perhaps this will be helpfull to some of you, as people often try to remember some rules but don´t have the rulebooks with them. here you´ll find ffg´s official rules listed by expansion: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=5&esem=4
  4. ok, thank you. i hardly remember that our OL once refused to show us his set of cards because he said first it´s our turn and afterwards he starts drawing cards. i´m not really sure in what case this happened. normally dungeons are set up, the OL draws his cards and then it´s the heroes turn. so the heroes can take a look at the cards? what about the second level of a dungeon or a LT involving encounter? heroes enter the second level, OL draws his cards and then wind pact comes to play?
  5. hey there! i hope this question wasn´t posted before. i just wondered how grapple affects those soaring monsters in an outdoor encounter. to avoid the 4 spaces in an attack a monster has to come down to attack. is it now affected by grapple? that would mean t looses his 4spaces advantage to melee fighters and could be attacked by tanks because it´s kept to the ground by grapple.. thanks for your answers!
  6. awesome work what surprise move posted! i wonder how he managed to paint those tiny little heroes with all those details..
  7. imo miniatures for the familiars are really useless as they often share the same space with a monster/heroe - so that would mean changing miniatures to familiar-tokens every few minutes.
  8. what about wind pact and rtl. if you start the first level of a dungeon, it´s the heroes turn and after that the OL receives his first cards (if i´m remembering this right). that would mean you could only take a look at the OL´s cards at every second level of a dungeon, and never in an encounter (except for it´s an encounter involving a LT because the OL can have his treasury/treachery-cards(sorry, i´m always confused by those two) if he bought that upgrade). or am i wrong?
  9. including a book/summary of all the dungeons (for jitd and the expansions), perhaps a new rulebook (even if i like the one from rtl very much, but including the toi-rules and perhaps the new faq´s), new rumors and outdoor encounters, some new dungeons, including toi-stuff miniatures for the OL and his lt´s (not necessary), a few new market or copper/silver/gold items and eventually new heroes (imo not really necessary as theres already that huge bunch of sword-swinging guys with lots of possible combinations for a party) AND some backup-tokens (like the ones that came only one-time per hero like the ready tokens f.e.) i would pay about 25-30$
  10. beginning our first campaigns of descents took us lots of time to get through all the rules, setting up the board took us hours...but the more often you play the faster it gets. what does not mean a descent session lasts less then six hours. but i think the fun is worth the time. right now we´re 3-4 players (we always play with four heroes) and right now we´re having a descent session about once or twice a week. it´s our 3rd rtl-campaign (and our OL really did a good job, so we didn´t finish a campaign yet) this game is so very addictive to me, i could play it every day. real life sucks - i wanna play more!
  11. pushing this thread, seems relevant to me. the new forum is...ehrm "nice" to look at, but useless without all the old threats and (un-)answered questions. is there no posibility to copy the old threats into the new forum? another suggestion is mirroring the old forum (works with different softwares), so you can keep a "copy" on your computer to look up old topics. and btw: WHY does this foum always open the forum-overview after replying to a post? this really, really sucks. is it not possible to open the topic i´ve just been answering instead of catapulting me like 4 pages back?
  12. hey there, yet another one: what about the "normal" dungeons, secret areas, master monsters in dungeons.... does the OL always have to read the entire text that is written on the dungeon cards or the description for rumours in the rulebook? and what about the special abilities the OL´s LT´s have? are the heroes in favour of knowng everything abouth them or is it written in the rules that the OL can decide what he wants to read and tell the heroes? thanks for your answers
  13. heroes as well as monsters block los. but keep in mind that it´s not allowed to spawn new monsters behind other monsters. in that case they´re not blocking your los.
  14. help! is there anybody out there who knows about the rules and not only "how do i use the quote-button"? ;-) and please don´t feed the trolls! :-P
  15. hey there mahapate! thank you for your answer, but i think you didn´t really understand what i was talking about. i´ve been putting this topic here because i don´t agree with the "gathered list of answered questions". if i would, i wouldn´t have posted it oh yes, our overlord was definetely too strong, but thats just because he´s houseruling everything on his own, like fleeing dungeons and restocking. MaHaPaTe said: Oh just forgot one thing: When speaking english you always start a new sentence with an capitol letter... just for your information i think what you meant is the capitAl letter, not the capitol. because that is some kind of building, just for your information perhaps somebody with better knowledge knows how to handle this recuperate-thing (even if i think it´s very useless, i´m still interested in the rules). thanks for your answers!
  16. hey ho! our overlord has been begging me to post this question for him, he´s blessed with the gift of illiteracy and he does not speak any english. and finally, he´s not really the smartest. so here we go: we´ve been discussing the "recuperate" action, i´ve just been looking that one up last time we´ve been playing, and we are not really sure how to understand that kind of action. page 10 of the rulebook says: 4. Party Actions When it is the party’s turn to act during the game week, the hero players collectively choose either the Move action or the Recuperate/Train action. Blablabla Recuperate/Train Action When the party chooses the Recuperate/Train action, each individual hero must decide whether to recuperate or train. If a hero recuperates, he spends 50 coins and is restored to full wounds and fatigue. If a hero trains while the party is in a city, he visits one of the buildings available in that city and follows the instructions for that building’s “train” circumstance. If a hero trains while the party is at a Secret Master Area, refer to the instructions under “Secret Training” on page 23. If a hero trains while the party is not at a city or Secret Master Area, he receives no benefit. ok, that is what the rules say. and i see no rules about the heroes beeing in a city when choosing that action (btw this action would become totally useless because you could use the temples instead (besides, the city was raised)). so what do you think? i think as they point out that heroes can also train but not receive any benefit (how useless is that?) while beeing out of town shows that you can recuperate while you´re not in a city. for that you have to stay at the same point for one week. thanks for your answers!
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