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  1. Runeblade - The rights for Rackham's fantasy world of Aarklash were purchased by game studio Cyanide. They licensed out the miniatures game to CoolMiniOrNot. I think the rights for the RPG Cadwallon are still with the European translation company that FFG was using. Not sure about Hybrid, Cry Havoc, etc.... CMoN has plans to release the miniatures game again (I assume Kickstarter like all their other games). They promised a rules preview PDF to all those whom backed the "Guilds of Cadwallon" board game they did on Kickstarter last year. As far as I know no one has received that PDF. I know Blackball games was doing the rules set for them and they are still playtesting....it seems that the first round of (alpha? or beta?) playtests got very polarized reviews. They may have gone back to the drawing board on some of that.....CMoN also just released Wrath of Kings which is another fantasy mini game which features several of the original Rackham artists. Cyanide also has released two Aarklash games through Steam for PC. I would love to see the Cadwallon RPG or any (RPG set in Aarklash) Hit the market, but I don't think there is a good chance of that.
  2. Yep, I saw those too....silly kids, Ebay is for adults.
  3. So why is this not available in their store yet? I really want to get in on this BETA.....unless they sold all of them at Gencon....ugh that would suck.
  4. A few thoughts: 1. These could be useful if you are only a player and just have your sheet and a notebook. Or if you are a GM who wants to lay everything out in front of you. 2. Not sure they really are THAT useful though considering you can just photocopy the pages of the trees from the book. The pages even have permission on the bottom in small type. 3. GLAD these are POD....that way you can pick up just the ones you need and ignore the rest. With the nasty response to the "boardgame-esque" components of WHFRP3E, I am shocked they went this way. Again, as a POD option, it is nice, if we were forced to purchase them with packaged with some other product, I think that would suck. 4. I have to give FFG some thumbs up for great and varied support of these lines already though. Good JOB! Keep up the good work.
  5. IF it is on sale at GenCon, why is it not onsale here at their site yet? Maybe they are waiting until they actually "announce" it at GenCon or until they get back? I just want to get my hands on it soon...
  6. Who ever did the SW space battle animation above should have been recruited by Lucasfilm a LONG time ago....(in a galaxy far, far away.) to produce full length features done this way. Just amazing.
  7. I think that any ship or vehicle combat would be exactly as you suggest...it woudl be story driven and involve obstacles created (advantage or threat) to affect player scale plot development. I guess what I am looking for is some interesting "guidelines" on how to create "scalable" ship combat sequences. I also would like to see more info on land/air battles including the use of "beasts" or mounts....like dewbacks, taun tauns or Banthas. Ultimately, the system they have provided in EotE is pretty **** good and can be scaled easily to fit most situations because of its narrative focus. This being the case, are we to expect just more "fluff" with some new species, resources and adversaries? What warrents it being its own game, if it doesn't build onto the "crunchiness" somewhere? Why do a new basic book, if really they are just adding content that could be added through supplements much more cheaply? Are there enough players that would ONLY want to play in this era withought Jedi and as a "military man"?
  8. I agree with Jegergryte. The space combat in EotE is a great way to handle it within a non-military, narrative way. You must remember that the core mechanic within this system is narrative based, they are called narrative dice. This means that the majority of what happens is narrated by both the players and the GM. The dice are there to facilitate good storytelling. The one drawback that I see to the current system is that it is really centered on small numbers of ships. It is not meant for mass ship battles with 10-50 capital ships + 100's or 1000's of small fighters all mixing it up in the same sector. This is what I hope AoR brings to the table....or at least the way to have this going on while the main action is your characters trying to manuver into position to take out that newest Imperial technology. Keep in mind that the narrative dice system is pretty open ended and a good GM could use it for just about anything. Also, if you want some detailed strategic star wars starship combat, they make a little game called X-WING....
  9. I agree that the Careers/Specilizations are probably generic (titles) enough to be used by either side. They will could each have a specilization breakdown like this: Rebellion Independent Empire Although that might limit the options for inside career additional specilizations. I assume that the differences would be in "fluff" and "gear/ships" instead of a "crunchy" talent difference. There could of course be exceptions to that rule though.
  10. Jegergryte, I agree. It seems that this beta is all about Balance....where the EotE beta was about actually testing the basic, underlying system.
  11. It looks like "Duty" is the AoR "Obligation"
  12. I am assuming Duros...that is what it looks like in their mock-up page spread.
  13. Apparently Duty is the new obligation. Looks like Bothan and Droid and probably human will be repeated races. Sullustan, Mon Calamari, Duros, Ithorians, and Gran will be new races. We also seem to be getting the Force-Sensitive Emergant as the force using specilization.
  14. (first post! ) Several discussions have been floating around on the EotE boards recently discussing if FFG would do a beta test for AoR and F&D. I assumed they would, but I was not sure that it was necessary. How does everyone feel about them doing a beta for this game? Personally, I am excited to playtest some new elements, but with the "core rules" not being debated, just the new races, careers, talents, resources, etc. will be put through the ringer. I think this will generate some quick income for FFG because everyone is so anxious to open up the possibilities, especially with regards to mass starship combat, mass land vehicle combats, and new races and equipment, however, is this really NEEDED?
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