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  1. here follow the link unfortunate cat klaus a turn for the worse An irresistible allure
  2. Konx said: badash56 said: Well, the most commonly known 'instant win' combo is using Hidden Agenda and a discard mechanic like Prism of Many Views. If you are able to use this in the refresh phase, and somehow get Hidden Agenda back into your hand, it's an infinite combo. You're able to discard one card from the top of their deck per refresh phase, and can repeat it until their deck is gone. There are a few different ways to do this, but I haven't looked into it very much. There might be cards to get the combo off quick if you're lucky. Well, The Large Man seems the perfect card to take back Hidden Agenda from the discard pile. The problem is that Hidden Agenda (that is quite clearly a card for combo decks) cost 4 (and Loyal), and again The Large Man cost 4 (but there are ways to cheat characters into play, so this is a minor problem). Anyway, I'm glad that there is a bit of discussion about this Francesco/Konx Actually i think it's cool speaking but just in theory , i played hundreds of matches but i can remember only one vict(ory in 1st turn and we were in the CCG era. I think the 3x format advantages hard destruction decks (once were hastur/agency now seems to be Yog/Cthulhu turn) more than combo ones . I would have definetely preferred a 4x format and a 60 ( for example) mimimum card deck . By the way the more are the cards available the more Yog will take advance ( like it was in the ccg era).
  3. here follow the cards on sale: 1x AE R73 Gangster's Moll 2x EE R70 Hatchetman 2x FR R104 •Shining Trapezohedron, The Darkest Jewel 1x MN R40 Chemist 1x AE R62 Courier 1x AP I12 On the Lam 2x EE R234 Temple of Nephren-Ka 3x FC R91 •Ithaqua, The Killing Cold 2x EE R76 Auto-de-fe 3x EE R164 Born in the Spheres 2x FC R17 Service Notice 2x FR R138 Draught of Phan 2x AKD F15 Mentor to Vaughn, Without Equal 1x FR R14 •Fire of Asshurbanipal, Bane of Ninevah 1x AE R27 Mayor's Office 1x AE R19 Search Warrant 1x EE R151 •Omar Shakti, Ageless Wizard 1x FR R103 Turning the Silver Key 1x FR R30 Tapping the Shadow Fund 1x FC R86 •Plateau of Leng, Where No One Lives 1x AE R138 Mass Hysteria 1x AE R149 Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Von Junzt's Dark Masterpiece 1x FR R82 Unsettling Visions 1x ADD F10 Feathery Watchers 1x EP M43 Court of Yhtill 2x AE R82 The Rip-off 1x FR R90 The Hidden Gallery 2x AKD F17 •Tulzscha, The Green Flame 1x FC R99 February's March 1x AE R135 Behind the Pallid Mask 1x AE R166 Dream Messenger 1x AE R153 Foul Dimensional Shambler 1x FC R104 •Commoriom, Remnant of Hyperborea 1x FR R105 Dark Texts 3x MN R58 Coral Infection 2x AE R114 Cthaat Aquadingen, Lore of the Sunken Masters 2x UT R44 Double-Cross 2x FR R62 A Grand Aquatic Destiny 1x FC R63 The Time is Nigh 1x AE R75 Burning the Midnight Oil 1x ADD F8 Noises in the Hills 1x FR R60 Spawn of Cthulhu 1x MN R127 •Jackson Elias, Skeptical Reporter 1x AE U238 The Orient Express 2x MN R138 Strange Aeons 1x AP M22 Bust of Hypnos 1x ACC F18 •Kitab Al-Azif, The Original Necronomicon 2x AE R231 North Church 1x FR R141 Incomprehensible Machine 2x EP I45 Ancient Tomb 1x ADD F18 Pocket Telescope 2x FC R144 The Keenness of Two Alike 1x FR R144 Time for Discretion 1x ASM F14 Glimpse of the Void 1x FR R112 Spawn from K'n-Yan 1x FR R130 Guru of the Forgotten Way 1x AE R45 Against the Darkness 3x AE R35 Expedition Leader 1x FR R28 Frenzied Research 1x FC R27 Burn the Books i got also tons of common uncommon cards for newbies that want to improve card pool for friendly games feel free to write directly to fabio.soncina@gmail.com for quicker reply i got web filters at the office and i can't check the forum I DID NOT VOTE FOR BERLUSCONI
  4. Hi there i got three sealed copies of spawn of madness deck : 1 eng edition ( without paper cover but sealed ) 2 it edition ( without paper cover but sealed ) also i got a sealed deck of ythian cards but unfortunately in it edition moreover i got tons of ccg era cards commons uncommons and rares , no much time for compile a list but enough to reply to the mail , pls send an email if interested because i got internet filters at office cheers fabio.soncina@poste.it
  5. not all italians I think , i feel enough entertained . Now if someone is goin to be entertained too just let us know we'll give IT for free , or, well in fact we can also pay.................
  6. Hi there , long time passed by the Genoa tournament when you played with my deck. Good to see Italians at the top. Too sad playing with Eibons. We hope to see you very soon May be in Liegi Cultisti do Zena
  7. Hi there , we are trying to re build an Italian Circuit , pls all the people that still play give a knock Genoa , Milan , Massa plays for sure
  8. I would really like something like oracle text for CoC
  9. Yes i saw the post you refer to but in the faq referring to Event becamin attachment the Faq says that the type is changed and the one before is canceled alongside with skills icons etc . I don't know really if you can refer also to location case but it seems to be a common rule for all type.
  10. Y. disrupt Exhaust G.o.T.k to cancel 1 effect that chooses a support card as a target . Q1) : Do Location cards retain their " Support " Type when they're turned on characters? (i.e. Idol of the Abominaton, Guardian Pillar etc) Q2) Can i counter direct effects ( i.e preventing My infernal Obsession from being discarded after a temporay changin in control ? Due to I.O. own text ? Q3) How it works with continous effects ? ( i was wondering about suffering a strange delusions on " factioned " support . Thanks to all
  11. definetely thanks for all the passion you gave to all the italian community, tin cup We 'll miss you like Silvio Cdz
  12. Dadajef said: EchPiEl said: you can't ready an readied card, etc... I do not agree just give a look to FAQ on Y'go part.
  13. Amante said: I see no reason to believe that one of them can't be exhausted already, due to the wording. For one, you CAN exhaust something that has already been exhausted (or ready something that isn't exhausted, for that matter). Cards generally don't specify that something has to be in a specific state to be exhausted / readied, but a few do. Bringer of Fire, however, does not. It merely says "exhaust all copies of Bringer of Fire". If one of them is already exhausted, that's not my problem. I'm still properly following the instructions as printed on the card. If it was the design intent that all copies had to be unexhausted to properly exhaust for the effect, errata would be necessary, because the current wording doesn't support that. I totally agree with yr points cards line panic for example wold be useless if the opponent has at least one exh char. ..... i think the original thought was to have at least two ready char to match the effect but at this moment , yes you can use and abuse the bringers .....
  14. Dadajef said: phantomsurfer said: I disagree , I usually play that way the card simly states that you are obliged t match the condition n order to activate the effect . It doesn't say if you are able to exaust at leasf two bringer . I use Y go and Ancient too boost BOF effect "it doesn't say if you are able to exaust at leasf two bringer." No it says you must exhaust ALL your copies. If you control 3 BOF, you should exhaust 3 BOF, if you control 2 BOF, you exhaust 2. And if you have only 1 BOF you can't do anything. If you can't exhaust all Bof, the effect can't be triggered because you haven't pay the entire cost for the effect. I know the wording f the card is poor . But actually i think that the cost i to exaust all the copies you control . This means for example ( as you said) that if you control 3 copies of BOF 2 ready and 1 exausted you cannot use the ability ? Or Am i Wrong ?
  15. White border format For players that come fm other cities pls email at fasoncina@libero.it for confirmation Prizes = CCG BOOSTERS ENTRY FEE 3 EUR
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