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  1. I like the idea a lot, but some of these ships seem quite overpowered. Further, there seems to be a lot of fuzziness about archotech itself. Are we talking dark age tech? great crusade era? pre dark age? personally, I would find ships from the pre dark age so powerful that they are basically plot devices. FTL drives, deadly accurate weapons and targeting and invulnerable shields are all things these ships could conceivably have. I would suggest that simply giving the compact ship +10 space is plenty, without the space reduction for new components as well. Steady bonuses are good, enough to be appreciated, but I might consider giving them a +10 bonus to affect the ship during combat. Potent. this one is quite OP. also, taking away bonuses makes little sense unless they are from similar sources (e.g. enhanced capacitors etc). Perhaps double the strength of any lance/macro cannon weapons and increase the range? or make the exchange rate a lot steeper. two power for one damage is not a lot. I've always found it strange that the power increase is the same, regardless of the size of the generator. It might be that you decide to simply increase power generated by 25% or even 50%, giving the ship the option of carrying a full bank of the heaviest weapons.. Swirling energy. Again, I can't see why this effect would render other bonuses useless, perhaps to stop a lot of zero (or one) power components? why not give it a set of castellan shields (double shields against one target a turn) and say that the components cannot become unpowered for any normal reason. It could also protect against small craft and torpedoes by giving extra armor/turrets or making them not ignore the shields. Precision. quite Op again. double ranged bombardment cannons anyone? I can see what you’ve tried to do for the energy bleed, but still, game breaking. extra space, power and maneuver would all be good bonuses for this quality as would extra morale and crew quality. you could even conceivably given them another weapons slot. Indestructible. not op. I likes this one as it offers the effects of several components and upgrades simultaneously. I think it would also make a good endeavor to recover a ship like this after a defeat or some such. It might be worth specifying that no further (inferior) armor can be added. the multiple blessings table is good, perhaps it should rolled on for all ships as well as the main table (extra blessings could become owners choice?) This thread also raises another thought, we have good quality component rules, but not craftsmanship rules for hulls. Surely not every single ship in a given pattern is the same? To that end, I would suggest the following, Good: A good quality hull costs an extra 20% in SP at creation and imposes a similar penalty amount of the profit factor roll to acquire a new hull. This is in addition to any backgrounds that the players may wish to purchase. A good quality ship hull can choose three of any of the following bonuses once: +1 armor, +3 maneuverability, +1 turrets, +5 detection, -5 to enemy detection attempts, +3 Hull points, +2 space, +2 power, +25 achievement points for: Trade, exploration or criminal themed objectives (choose one). A best quality Ship hull can choose six of the bonuses, up to twice each: +1 armor, +3 maneuverability, +1 turrets, +5 detection, -5 to enemy detection attempts, +3 Hull points, +2 space, +2 power, +25 achievement points for: Trade, exploration, military or criminal themed objectives (choose one). A preinstalled component up to 3 space that cannot be removed. An Archotech ship can choose up to twelve of the bonuses, up to three times each. +1 armor, +3 maneuverability, +1 turrets, +5 detection, -5 to enemy detection attempts, +3 Hull points, +2 space, +2 power, +25 achievement points for: Trade, exploration, military or criminal themed objectives (choose one). A preinstalled, Archotech component up to 3 space that cannot be removed (counts as three bonuses).
  2. I don't think he means defenceless full stop, even the smallest colony may well have some AAA and militia/ house troops. The thing is with taking on starships that even a single macrocannon is an huge expediture of worked metals, chemicals for the propellants and infrastructure to make the shells and gun itself. If you wanted to import these things, they may take up an entire cargo ship. Colonies hovering on the edge of profitability may simply not warrant the expense. larger colonies i.e. self sufficent worlds, may be much more heavily guarded in the expanse then they might be in normal imperial space because of the known level of threat. As for throwing up a couple of hundred bombers, given that our modern tech level can't get substiantial numbers of craft into space, discounting ICBM's, why would a colony world a fraction of the size of China be able to do it? For Inspiration, it may be best to think of the age of imperialism, circa 1700-1900. some ports were heavily defended trading hubs, with forts to guard their entrances and dedicated monitors to their defence. If the Pc's build up a successful world, than this might be the result, and is worth underlining in the narrative when they approach the world. for instance "Freeport Gidjanik was founded only two centuries ago, but the discovery of rich ores and stable warp routes made it a natural stopping point for traders heading into the foundling worlds. with more and more of their wealth stemming for the worlds manufactoriums and tarrifs, House Cavelock commissioned the construction of the Burning Fort whose partially exposed plasma reactor acts as a lighthouse to all that would visit her" and "Drycove had been founded on high hopes, but like many worlds in the expanse, floundered swiftly. when the initial returns were not as strong as expected, the founder house have been infrequent visitors, seeking profit elsewhere. Without a tech priest cadre capable of expanding the few manufactoriums on the world, the vast majority of the populace uses locally manufactred items of low quality steel. while the satraps personal guards have lasguns, the PDF makes do with bolt action rifles, and while numerous, lack any kind of MBT or artillery."
  3. whoops, I did meant to add this as well: the only person i can seeing as missing is a member of the local nobility. If it's okay with you, I might add one in to the player handout…
  4. I really liked the series. I have a couple of players who are fluff light in comparison to the others so, if you don't mind, I'll print a copy as an example of daily life.
  5. My Players have reached a fairly epic tier, and now spend a lot of their time speaking civilly and polietly to inquisitors and planetary governors. The thing about the Rosette is, it grant everything and nothing in the same breath. you have absolute authority, but there are few inquisitorial depots to simply requisition stuff from. A political leader who wants something done has a lot of resources to hand that might surprise the inquisitor who points a gun at his head. secret police forces, PDF stormtroopers, even sanctioned psykers and moritat assassins depending on the world. poisioning, sabotage and torture await those who anger powerful people and unless the inquisitor has good reason, he probably needs to minimise the additions to the list of people who want to kill him. the imperium is a very violent place, but everyone is prepared for violence. A quick fix would be to make him the revered head of the local church. Nobody looks good threatening a priest.
  6. You could invent some trade skills or give additional functions to the one you use for riding beasts. I can see how on a desert world a stronghold with good water and fuel would be crucial, but the game mechanics don''t really favour anything so dull…. try inventing a series of flashpoints (raiders stealing crops, stampede of local wildlife to be caught, orks poisoning the water from upstream) and run it like that.
  7. I reckon that the tech level and moral standards of the regiment's homeworld may play a big part. Hive worlds can't have widespread contreception otherwise they wouldn'thave such a problem with overpopulation. for the guard, I can see contrceptives in the food for some, some from shrine worlds may take vows of chastity (with punishments for the transgressors) but given the huge size of an armys logistical train (which can only be an order of magnitude biggger in an intersteller war) it woud be easy for any accidents to be absorbed into the campfollowers and non fighting element of the guard who may even have kids of their own. I think the ecclesiarchy might play a big part in raising them, and many get shipped out to orphanages from the larger warzones were there is a constant stream of transports (carrying invalids and other individuals back, having dropped off the next wave or their other cargo).in smaller ones, like the Tanith seem to fight in, they are probably not even noticed.
  8. How about 100 copies of "50 shades of twilight", apparently destined for the battle sister contingent.. 1000 copies of "your small part in my war", a vainglorius publication by the warmaster himself 50 pieces of Ratling underwear. 10 copies of "SMASH" a large print book instructing on unsutble tactics for Ogryns. 10 copies of "1,2,3 SMASH" a large print book on sutble tactics for Ogryns. 100 uncharged lasgun clips. a leaky flamer tank. pieces of track for Leman Russ tanks. Size 9 screws and size 7 bolts for baslisk gun sights. 100 boots of various sizes (but only for right feet) 10 suits of Artic gear (if they are on a desert world) 10 suits of Desert gear (if they are on an artic world) Urns containing the ashes of 413th Darakian regiment. A small group of rare volumes of love poetry. looking inside the covers leads to the discovery of handwritten notes by the general currently in charge of the front when he was a teenager. A bushel of apples and pears. 10 copies of the Munitorium requisiton guide or "how to deny the average trooper everything". This tome allows the players to get a bonus on requisitiong extra supplies as they know the usual stalling tactics. Right handed wrenches with tins labelled "elbow grease:for left elbow". A selection of best quality weapons, as well as a datapad sealed with Inquisitorial ciphers… An Antique statue, looted from the local inhabitants, worth a fortune but apparently on the way from the colonel to his wife. 10000 Blank dog tags. 100 Propaganda posters. 5 Hellhound focussing nozzles. 20 searchlight bulbs.
  9. I'm allright with 40k gear being based off ww2 stats (advanced tech making them much more reliable then modern weapons though.) but HW need to be carried with the rest of standard issue kit which is why you have a loader to carry the ammo and someone else carrying the gun… I suppose weighty items might represent items that are especially bulky and impeed movement. after all, a large empty crate might weigh 10kg but you would fight far less well with one on your back then a backpack with 10kg weights.
  10. In my mind, the imperium is a lot like the roman empire. in which case the governor might be expected to have a few ships to deal with pirates in order to free up naval assets, but if he showed signs of trying build up a serious fleet without permisson then painful questions might be asked. given the number of rogue traders who marry into sector nobility theremust be a fair few governors who not only have the right to have a fleet but it is required of them to do so. Imagine a sector which was conqured by a rogue trader, who then becomes sector governor. his descendants would wield the power of his warrant as well as the power of a lord (or lady) sector. given the combination of these powers, a serious fleet could easily be built up.
  11. I like it! how about, "combined regiment: your regiment was recently created by merging the survivors of two older regiments. While the skills of your group are unusually diverse, you are still subject to offical confusion regarding the existence of your formation. Effect: Gain 1 regimental design point. However, once per session, the GM can cause you to automatically fail a test or generate a complication based on people simply not knowing that your regiment exists i.e. "krak missiles? I've got some for the 301st and the 296th but none for the 597th… If want to appeal, see the colonel." or "You're with who? my order of battle doesn't have any reigment by that name in this sector, deserter scum!!"
  12. It seems a little strange to me that standard barricades are armor 12. That is the equivilent of ordos terminator armor! Sandbags are probably not more protection then master crafted carapace… I think i would halve those values pherhaps, although I suppose you can wear down cover reasonably quickly.. If trenches were classed as cover, could they then be worn down? That's kinda difficult to do without ordinance, but lasguns would be able to do it in theory if they had armor twelve.
  13. I think people are somewhat conflicting two issues here. the bonus for standard tests is there to insure that, in the game model, average people can do average things without having to break up the stats into a million shades of difference. D20, favoured a lot more detail (+3 vs +5), storyteller system (WOD) favoured much more broad strokes with skills. As the combat descriptions state, the combatants are performing many different actions at once, (attacking, parrying and dodging) wihout rolling. A standard attack is someone attacking probably quite carefully, a lighting attack is someone of much greater skill attacking more fluidly. As far as being able to land several good hits (i.e. those that can cripple or kill) on potentially different people during six seconds goes, it is difficult.. very difficult. especially if they know what they're doing. multiple attacks are for combat specalists and the model above assumes frankly average weapon skill. A swordsman with seapon skill 45 or 50, would fare a lot better in terms of number of hits and it is easily possible to get weapon skill above these ranges. Full auto mods are entirely different though. it really should make hitting the target easier, becuase it does… however. full auto then becomes the best trait for a weapon bar none and this upsets the entire game balance. we've keep full auto at the original levels and have given it to lasguns as standard. they kick a lot of ass.
  14. I'm not enitrely sure that Basilisks fire anything larger then smartcars, and given the prevalance of las technology they may even be hybrids… I suppose the problem with reducing damage by area is that weak blast weapons become useless (frag grenades) while not sufficently impacting on artillery damage. 2 points per meter does seem to be good though, allowing exceptional shots to deal rather more damage to everybody. as for trenches, how much cover does a trench provide in terms of AP? most of the target simply can't be hit by the shell surely? I suppose foxholes might give additional +4 or so? Scatter distances really should be influenced by range but that is kind of difficult, maybe firing indirectly causes additional penalties at long and extreme ranges (-20 and -30 respectively) which would increase the average degrees of failure and hence the scatter. Pen 8 is fine for shells as they are designed to penetrate bunkers and buildings and then explode, whereas demo charges just go "boom". a shaped charge should get some pen as well, for instance. I would like to see some artillery based talents for operators.
  15. given the reported scatter range for artilllery in real bombardments, max 20m seems very low. how about 2d10+(Dof)d10? this wouldmake artillery pretty **** deadly in the hands of competent gunners but useless in the case of Bob the ork..
  16. The stormtrooper regiment is sometimes referred to as the "black regiment". Given that the purposes of these guys is to provide the inquisition with a morally pure core of soldiers, then the exact numbers that are included is probably wide open to speculation. equally, their origins could range from mindwied penal legionaires to tithed officer cadets from the schola progenium. I would think that guard stormtroopers are seconded to the high command of a given war zone and thus slightly outside the normal chain of command. However, i can see stormtroopers being almost conditioned to follow orders, so insuborination is probaly not much of a problem. the suggestions above (either grenadiers or simply there "to show them the ropes" would work with a group. I suppose you could use commisars as "overseers" of their fellow troopers, who have gone a bit "native".
  17. I Like the idea of RF on each penetrating hit, after all, tanks are much more likely to be disabled then destroyed in a single hit. A special weapon quality i.e "armor defeating" which could have the AP of a target would be useful for anti tank weapons and mean that autocannons would not be preferable to krak missiles in terms of tank hunting! I do think that Devastating quality (which strips unnatural toughness) could reduce armor be a set amount against vehicles, such as 3 or 5. As for 2400 guardsmen being able to destroy a baneblade in six seconds, if 2400 lasguns can't heat up metal to the point where tracks fuse, sights break, turret movement is impaired etc, I don't see nid muscle powered weapons being able to do anything to it at all….
  18. I'm in favour of RF damaging tanks and any other vehicles, but also in favour of AT weapons being damaging to most tanks. We've added +2d10 to most of them in my game (leftover from DH plasma weapons being sucky) but i realise this might not suit all. Pherhaps the devastating weapon trait could reduce the armor by X points per degree of devastating, or you could give them a trait that doubled their damage against any target with a TB/ARMOR value above a certain amount, i.e. space marines, carnifexs and Vechiles. this would represent the rather gross overpenetration of AT weapons against a normal trooper.
  19. I think the model is a little small. the inside cover illustration of the imperial guard codex has some planetary defence cannons that look like hive spires! But is suspect that they would be more like lances. I guess the rough answer is How many do you want? Some macrobatteries may fire machine gun like bursts of MOAB size ordnance, while others fire single shells of colossal size in cannon esque volleys. I've always thought of sunsears as being like turbolasers from starwars, several ranks of them (perhaps 12* strength), whereas plasma batteries were far more like artillery pieces. simple mars pattern batteries were like the main guns of first world war dreadnoughts, with multiple guns sharing a turret and unleashing broadside fire in order to blanket the enemy with shells either way, each weapon probably has is own turret, the size of a large apartment block, with heavily guarded hoists lifting shells from deep within the ship (or fuses, primers etc). these will be one of the busiest and most heavily regulated parts of a ship, because of their strategic and the danger posed to the rest of the ship if the enemy or carelessness causes the ordnance to go off inside the battery!
  20. I seem to recall that the vindicare in ascension can dodge a titans stomp (as well as exterminatus weapons). I think Titan's are a little far stat wise, but details of the training that the princeps and crew have to undergo and how the machines are looked after (rare reosurces that lead mechanicus agents to commit all sorts of heresy to aquire) would be good.
  21. I've never been that convinced by the biomass recyling ability of the nid's, nor the seemingly limitless amounts of creatures they can employ. However, assuming that the horde numbers in the hundreds of billions from a significant hive fleet then the only viable solution for the guard is massed bombardment on the ground and decent aerial defenses. ironically, without taking the suicide missions to travel into the hive ship into account, taking on the nid's is far more a job for the guard then the SMs. massive prepared defense in depth with minefields, buried seismic charges to collapse tunnels and lots of flak is the way to go.
  22. I think most worlds in the imperium have governorships that fall into the following systems ( in order of prevalence): 1. Elective: A certain group of people (usually the heads of major noble houses, who act as vassals) voice their opinion on the planetary governor and vote as to who gets the role. Some may allow him to be removed midway through a tenure, others not. how the electors are chosen varies from planet to planet. in this system the strength of the governor can vary immensely, from absolute ruler with the full support of a powerful group of nobles, to figureheads put on the throne for the prestige of their house. (Roman Empire) 2. hereditary: According to tradition, the planetary governor passes down their title to a designated heir. the qualifications of this heir might be being the eldest male child, being the eldest child of his sister, being his eldest sibling etc. nobody gets a say in this and who the heir is might be open to debate. (British monarchy) 3. Domination: the ruler is the governor simply by having the biggest stick, whether that is an army or control over the only food producing area on the world. this lever is what gives the governor their power and will often be exploited to the hilt to get more tax thrones from their unwilling subjects. (Panem from the hunger games) There is a lot of evidence for privately owned warp ships, whether it is the shape of chartist charters or free (rogue) trader charters. Few would be warships although rogue trader has ambition class cruisers, which are designed and commissioned by individuals who are simply very rich. house Krin is also said be offering a frigate as a bounty. Most would be in the business of making money but a world with lots of ork raiders nearby would be dumb not to have an active local fleet. Indeed, i think the adeptus terra would smile on a governor who tithed ships simply because they don't need picking up and transporting to a warzone by an imperial force. I think sector wars would be uncommon, but not unheard of, and as long as the tithe wasn't impacted too badly, the imperium wouldn't consider the cost of intervening to be worth it. The trade wars between Sinophio and Scintilla are a good example. Of course, should a victor start making even the smallest noise about trying to cede from the imperium at large, then bad things would happen.
  23. Decent quality mooks with autoguns with penetraors rounds should surely be able to do some damage. Even if the shots do no damage, they'll still have to test for pinning. Dark heresy daemons have always been very weak, because they were designed when bolters did d10+4 damage and ascension didn't exist. I use the deathwatch versions to make my players fear the daemon, and you can alwayspoint out the the warp breach this time around is much larger, making the daemons more dangeorus. on the arbites shotgun, it is sickeningly powerful. so is the lockshield. I asked the judge in my game to take a exotic weapons training advance for 300xp in order to be able to use the thing properly and upped the weight for both the shotgun and the shield considerably but she is still like a little siege tank. I suppose the extra damage from hordes makes mooks more of a threat, but I'm glad the weapon didnt exist when my group were low level.
  24. On some over populated worlds the tithe could easily become a method of population control. However, as the quality of the tithe might well determine the life expectancy of the imperial commander then many might give some of thebest they can offer I order towin greater prestige from the wider imperium. PDF is the usual method of training these troops. Of course, they might not call themselves PDF (household soldiers or personal bodyguards) but when the PDF gets called a speedbump let's not forget that this is coming from catachans, cadians, mordian iron guard or other elite formations.
  25. During the second world war the German economy was widely recognised as not being geared for war until the last two years. Consumer good production actually went up after the fall of Poland.. I'm not sure the imperium produces all that many consumer goods on hive worlds. The imperium has a long history of throwing under trained, under equipped conscripts into battle. Every world has to maintain bodies of armed fighters to fufil the tithe and these reflect on the governor so they are probably reasonably equipped. In a feudal society every noble house would have to provide soldiers as well, although those could well be of dubious quality. I think that governors might be keen to buy assets that couldn't be stripped from the world like emplaced cannons, but that would vary from world to world.
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