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    I haven't played Starfinder yet, but I understand it's based on the d20 D&D3.5/Pathfinder engine, which means it's heavily focused on combat and character customization. I'm not sure if such a system would work well in Genesys. But I love the concept of Paizo's Adventure Paths, which are in fact complete campaigns ... but are they really suited for Genesys? I have played the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords campaign, and I don't think all that dungeon crawling and fighting would work with Narrative Dice.
  2. PzVIE

    Indiana Jones

    I just found this! This is really great work, thank you for that! 👍
  3. I'm still shivering when I think about the consequences of that scene ... 🤢
  4. Alright, the session was yesterday. For those interested, here's how it played out: They entered that no-name star system (because of a treasure hunt) and found the old CIS frigate; scanners showed no life and no energy. The engine section was destroyed from an explosion and the port side was destroyed by heavy turbolaser fire. It laid adrift here for 20 years after they fled a battlefield during the Clone Wars and while in hyperspace, the engines exploded and the ship was thrown out of hyperspace into that uninhabited star system, where the few life forms on board froze to death and the droids deactivated because they ran out of energy. My group docked their ship onto the frigate and began to explore it ... no gravity, no energy, inactive floating B1 battledroids ... I tried to describe scenes a little creepy (which hopefully worked out). Despite a 20 year old atmosphere, they put their space suits on. Without energy the turbolifts didn't work, but they found the maintenance duct and made it to the bridge, where they activated an alarm sensor which in turn activated a couple of B1s and a T-series tactical droid in the command chair, which were all turned off for the last 20 years. We had a small firefight in which one of my guys were hit (just a little fleshwound, though a hole in the suit). Because one of the players is force sensitive and he used the Move-power to disarm a minion group of B1s, the other droids were convinced that they were Republicans and cried out "Oh-oh, Jedi! Blast them!" so there wasn't much talking but blasting. When the B1s fell, they immediately attacked the T-series and his famous last words were "You Republicans will never get this ship" and suddenly there was a constant beeping! They had only seconds until the self-destruction mechanism went off, so they didn't bother with disarming, but blasted a hole in one of the windows and left the ship along with the atmosphere that was left. In space, the damaged suit was repaired by a desperate maneuver and a repair patch and they ordered their R2 Astromech which was left on board their ship to undock as fast as possible! And then they suffered the silent explosion of the whole bridge section of the ship. One guy took a little blunt damage from debris but all made it to their ship alive ... It was a fun episode, although I expected a little more talking and less blasting. I kept the end open - they could have negotiated with the T-series; at least make use of the thousands of B1s on board - selling (or even donating) them to the Rebellion maybe? However, I also threw in a Mynock attack before they explored the ship, which was also harmless fun for them. All in all it went well, and I will surely keep @GameboyAK s Starweird in mind for a future encounter. Also thanks to all of you who provided me input. It was another great evening of role playing in the Star Wars universe.
  5. Follow up question for specialists: A sealed off section in the ship with non-functional life support - the atmosphere in there would be 20 years old and no organic life forms, just droids. Is that atmosphere still breathable?
  6. I like the idea of simple masks like the one Han is wearing ... but my players prefer a little more realism (if this is even possible in a space opera game ...) So still, combat is out of the question. But deactivating something, a race against time probably ... I think I can work with that! Thanks!
  7. I'm a little blank at the moment. My players are on a treasure hunt that will take them to an uninhabited system, where they will find the treasure of Celis Mott (an old D6 adventure I converted). However, (as expected), they ruined the showdown so I came up with the idea of letting them find an old heavily damaged Clone Wars CIS frigate to explore (shot down at a battle, fled into hyperspace and then the hyperdrive exploded and they ended up with no drive in said system). Now, there won't be any life or energy left on the ship, so they will encounter a ton of inactive B1/B2 battle droids, probably a tactical droid, and some corpses. I want to have some "wow" element, but as they all will wear EVA suits, combat is not really an option as it would be pretty deadly when a shot hits the suit. Do you guys have any good ideas on what they could find or experience in such an old ship? Thanks for any nudge!
  8. If they take their droid with them on a mission, or if he takes part on any ongoing action, I give it XP, and my players can use those normally (they own an R2 Astromech).
  9. Yes, that's a dangerous thin line ... I have a slicer encounter upcoming next Friday ... sometimes I wonder, why bother to roll the dice at all? However, Desslok is of course right. This is not WFRP, where you play an average loser; this is Star Wars, where you are a true hero. So I slowly get used by asking for a check and knowing, that my characters have a 90% chance of making it. I try to work with the remaining 10%
  10. I slowly got used to space combat in this system. I read a lot of posts here and finally thought I understood it (not sure if I ever did). My interpretation was/is, that the PC's ship is in a relative position to all other ships. So, if three groups of TIEs are approaching from Short range, the PCs can Maneuver away from them, but only from one group, right? So after the maneuver, one group is Medium range and the other two are still Short. On the TIE's turn, each TIE group can try to maneuver back to the PC's ship and - if in range - fire. I guess I got that one right. At least I hope so. Otherwise, everything I wrote below is obsolete. But, in Friday's game, we had a situation where nobody had a clue who this should be solved according to the rules: We played the final pages of Beyond the Rim, and the group escaped from Raxus Prime with three ships: the CR90 Corvette, their own YT-1300 and an old X-Wing which belonged to IsoTech. So on the PCs side there were three ships. They were attacked by three groups of TIE fighters as well as an Imperial Patrol Vessel. Now, when the YT-1300 maneuvers away from the IPV, the other enemy ships - the TIEs - stay in the same range; they just opened a gap between their 1300 and the IPV. But what about the X-Wing and the CR90? They still are in the same position to the IPV as they were before. Now if the X-Wing and the CR90 each maneuvers away from a different group of TIEs, how would you visualize, narrate and of course, memorize that? We use a sheet with range bands, but in fact, given that each friendly ship is in their own relative position to each enemy group, you would need in fact three sheets with range bands and need also to memorize how far the allied ships are apart from each other. Right? Our heads spun after the session; we surely did something wrong, but we tried to help ourselves by using narrative elements to solve the situation. However, we would love to discuss this situation with rule-pros; how would experience GMs handle such situations? I'm having trouble with the basic concept already: on one hand, you have a very detailed system with nitpicking points of damage, system strain and available maneuvers and actions; but on the other hand, I so often hear "forget it, use advantages to narrate events and don't bother". That does not really work for me; it's somewhat unsatisfactory ... either you have rules, talents, skills, and abilities that help you, or, you forget all the stuff, simply roll and invent situations as you see fit. The latter is also very likely unpopular with the players. I would appreciate any advise from the pros here!
  11. Naaa, if there's a weak link in my game, than it's me, the GM. FFG's SW is the last system I can think about when it comes to min-maxing, as the theme is so prevalent. But if you rush through your class-tree you get so many useful talents and of course you will try to get two or three ranks in your favorite skill. Nevertheless, it hurts a little when your Force sensitive character is using his Move power to throw a fighter-sized object onto a group of three opponents, squeezing them before they even get a chance to react.
  12. Well, I accept the "Rookie" ... at least in this system 🙂 However, I still do think that the game has a very steep power curve if you give out too many XP. Of course you can always have the Nemesis surrounded by a couple of Rivals and Minions, or add +2 to the opponent's Presence or Willpower in social situations, but basically, the Tank outguns everything (especially with Auto-Fire), the Pilot outmaneuvers everything, the Charmer talks everyone down, and the Force user - using Move - handles Silhouette 4 objects pretty easily. So you have to adapt your encounters, but it also changes the tone of the game. From a band of entrepreneurs who look for jobs and have to deal with shady people to capable combat and social supermen who handle "small" situations with ease. Add that to the fact that this system is a system of success; meaning, at an Average difficulty and the player rolling GGYY, the success rate is nearly 80%, even 90% as they usually roll GGYYY in their specialized skills; two blacks would reduce this by approx. 10%, but they usually add up also some Boost dice too. So failure is more rare than in other systems. I can accept that, but as a GM, I need to tone up the adventures and encounters for my players to still offer a challenge. Not only combat-wise, but generally. I would still do this.
  13. We play twice a month (approximately 4 to 5 hours a session) and I give out 15xp plus 5 to 10 extra for milestones or special occasions. My characters have now accumulated more than 400 xp, and it begins to affect the game in a way I don't like - talk abut superheroes (especially the Force user in the group). If I would start again, I would cut down to 5 xp for the session plus another 5 xp for a milestone. 15 xp tops per session. But of course, it totally depends on the planned length of your campaign.
  14. I looked for a remote outpost in one of my campaigns, and I immediately thought of Hondo Ohnaka. Our campaign is set before shortly before the Battle of Yavin, so I used Hondo from the Dawn of Rebellion area and decided he went back to Florrum and now runs a shadowport with some side businesses there. I loved the Hondo as a character in both The Clone Wars and the Rebels series, and it seems, my players like him too. It was planned as a one-time encounter, but now they decided to go back to Florrum and use Hondo's connections and facilities again. I totally like that. I have vague plans to end my campaign on the Death Star (probably during the Battle of Yavin), and of course my characters would encounter Vader before he left with his TIE and maybe also a couple of other well-known Imperials. But I still need to work this one out.
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