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  1. PzVIE

    Q: Dead to Rights Talent

    Thank you guys!
  2. PzVIE

    Q: Dead to Rights Talent

    Quoting the rulebook: DEAD TO RIGHTS: The character may spend one Destiny Point to add additional damage equal to half his Agility rating (rounded up) to one hit of a successful attack made by ship or vehicle-mounted weaponry. Does that imply that you actually have to fire the weapon? Or could, e.g., the pilot of a YT-1300 flies the ship in a way so that the gunners can take advantage of the situation? 1. Dead to Rights performed by the Pilot can be used by the ship's gunner(s) to add damage equal to half the pilot's agility 2. Dead to Rights can only be used if the pilot of the ship is also the gunner (e.g., single seater) I would assume (2), but the pilot in my group begs to differ.
  3. PzVIE

    Looking for Fan-Made Adventures

    Check out this fantastic site: http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/Adventure-Downloads/
  4. This is absolutely stunning work! Thanks for sharing that!
  5. I talked to my prefered online dealer (Philibert from France) and they replied that they will get the books as soon as they will arrive in Europe. Meanwhile I bought DAWN OF REBELLION from an US source for 68 Euros. Ugh. But that book is totally worth it!
  6. Neither here in Austria. I'm still waiting ...
  7. PzVIE

    Imperial Patrol Vessels

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Great book!!! Thank you, Vorzakk!
  8. PzVIE

    Imperial Patrol Vessels

    Please consider a setting around Episode IV: What type of vessel would the Empire employ to enforce Imperial law in the Outer Rim? I'm talking about hunting smugglers, apprehend wanted criminals, preventing small uprisings, inspect suspect ships, etc.
  9. PzVIE

    App needs an UNDO button

    I just played the tutorial ... I totally agree
  10. This post should go on the game's description page! Thumbs up!
  11. In the specialization tree, there are boxes that say Force Rating: Gain +1 Force Rating. Of course, those boxes are on the bottom of the tree and expensive.
  12. I store them in a Ultra Pro card box, more or less sorted by set.
  13. PzVIE

    City of Ruins Rules up.

    That would be so awesome! I love the Star Wars setting and the mechanics they used. Converting that to Cthulhu ... OMG!!! More awesomeness!!!
  14. More scenarios. Fully digital will suffice; no need for new components, and I'm willing to pay a good price for those.
  15. PzVIE

    Custom Ciri Expansion I made!!!

    Very nice! Now where's the mini?