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  1. Imperial Patrol Vessels

    Please consider a setting around Episode IV: What type of vessel would the Empire employ to enforce Imperial law in the Outer Rim? I'm talking about hunting smugglers, apprehend wanted criminals, preventing small uprisings, inspect suspect ships, etc.
  2. App needs an UNDO button

    I just played the tutorial ... I totally agree
  3. This post should go on the game's description page! Thumbs up!
  4. In the specialization tree, there are boxes that say Force Rating: Gain +1 Force Rating. Of course, those boxes are on the bottom of the tree and expensive.
  5. I store them in a Ultra Pro card box, more or less sorted by set.
  6. City of Ruins Rules up.

    That would be so awesome! I love the Star Wars setting and the mechanics they used. Converting that to Cthulhu ... OMG!!! More awesomeness!!!
  7. More scenarios. Fully digital will suffice; no need for new components, and I'm willing to pay a good price for those.
  8. Custom Ciri Expansion I made!!!

    Very nice! Now where's the mini?
  9. Yes. All random. I wouldn't want it any other way
  10. Reprint?

    At least, there will be a new edition in German and Italian (containing also the expansion and a new module). https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/199966/kingsburg-second-edition/versions
  11. Are we getting reprints?

    Interesting. So here's hope for an expansion ... ?
  12. GW announce new edition for later this year

    My expectations are that it is set in the Age of Sigmar. They will produce character packs with fiddly miniatures that require assembly for the game. That's where they earn they money. Once the game sells out, they'll do a new edition, different from the previous. See Space Hulk. I will pass. My love for the 4th revised with all its awesome expansions will prevail. GW was once an innovative and great company (that was back in the late eighties), but nowadays, they don't appeal to me any more. Especially as they killed their wonderful Old World setting and they also killed Relic (along with all other games FFG did in their universe). Bah!
  13. The Lost Realms - A Fan Expansion

  14. One rule book to rule them all

    Wow, very impressive & useful! Thank you, Kaaihn!
  15. No longer available?

    Would be a pity if it is discontinued. Such a great game. I was hopin' for an expansion ...