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  1. Naaa, if there's a weak link in my game, than it's me, the GM. FFG's SW is the last system I can think about when it comes to min-maxing, as the theme is so prevalent. But if you rush through your class-tree you get so many useful talents and of course you will try to get two or three ranks in your favorite skill. Nevertheless, it hurts a little when your Force sensitive character is using his Move power to throw a fighter-sized object onto a group of three opponents, squeezing them before they even get a chance to react.
  2. Well, I accept the "Rookie" ... at least in this system 🙂 However, I still do think that the game has a very steep power curve if you give out too many XP. Of course you can always have the Nemesis surrounded by a couple of Rivals and Minions, or add +2 to the opponent's Presence or Willpower in social situations, but basically, the Tank outguns everything (especially with Auto-Fire), the Pilot outmaneuvers everything, the Charmer talks everyone down, and the Force user - using Move - handles Silhouette 4 objects pretty easily. So you have to adapt your encounters, but it also changes the tone of the game. From a band of entrepreneurs who look for jobs and have to deal with shady people to capable combat and social supermen who handle "small" situations with ease. Add that to the fact that this system is a system of success; meaning, at an Average difficulty and the player rolling GGYY, the success rate is nearly 80%, even 90% as they usually roll GGYYY in their specialized skills; two blacks would reduce this by approx. 10%, but they usually add up also some Boost dice too. So failure is more rare than in other systems. I can accept that, but as a GM, I need to tone up the adventures and encounters for my players to still offer a challenge. Not only combat-wise, but generally. I would still do this.
  3. We play twice a month (approximately 4 to 5 hours a session) and I give out 15xp plus 5 to 10 extra for milestones or special occasions. My characters have now accumulated more than 400 xp, and it begins to affect the game in a way I don't like - talk abut superheroes (especially the Force user in the group). If I would start again, I would cut down to 5 xp for the session plus another 5 xp for a milestone. 15 xp tops per session. But of course, it totally depends on the planned length of your campaign.
  4. I looked for a remote outpost in one of my campaigns, and I immediately thought of Hondo Ohnaka. Our campaign is set before shortly before the Battle of Yavin, so I used Hondo from the Dawn of Rebellion area and decided he went back to Florrum and now runs a shadowport with some side businesses there. I loved the Hondo as a character in both The Clone Wars and the Rebels series, and it seems, my players like him too. It was planned as a one-time encounter, but now they decided to go back to Florrum and use Hondo's connections and facilities again. I totally like that. I have vague plans to end my campaign on the Death Star (probably during the Battle of Yavin), and of course my characters would encounter Vader before he left with his TIE and maybe also a couple of other well-known Imperials. But I still need to work this one out.
  5. I would like to see two things: - More region sourcebooks. - More adventures, preferably an epic campaign. Things people talk about. One of the reasons for WFRPv1 success was surely "The Enemy Within" Campaign. Same is true for Call of Cthulhu's "Masks of Nyarlatothep". D&D also has such iconic campaigns. Creating such a thing for SW could earn them a place in the RPG Olymp ... I daresay, the most successful RPGs (D&D, Pathfinder, Cthulhu ...) all have tons of pre-written adventure material. Not all GMs (especially not myself) have the time/talent to create their own campaigns and depend on those adventure books. My own EotE campaign will likely come to an end when I run out of pre-written material. And that will be soon.
  6. I'd buy them 😎
  7. Actually I play a Pathfinder campaign besides my Edge of the Empire campaign. I'm always up for WFRPv2 (probably v4 - haven't tried it yet) and Call of Cthulhu
  8. Not really. When we are playing, my table is covered with a laminated copy of a galaxy map. Much more useful
  9. No I didn't use any terrain ... deep space (at least in my imagination) is mostly terrainless. However, in retro perspective, an asteroid field would have been a good idea ... Another thing. I might have played this totally wrong (after 14 Sessions playing with that system ... sigh). What I did, I used the chase rules. Piloting checks from my Pilot vs the TIE minion groups. My initial thoughts were PCs make two maneuvers, TIEs make two maneuvers, no chance for an engagement anyway. BUT, after I did a little research here, I found this post: The replay to the OP indicates that the PC's ship takes a relative position to every single TIE group - meaning, even if they get away from one TIE group, the others could zoom in on them. That would have been a totally different outcome, as they can't outrun every group. So if this post is the true intention of the rules, I messed that one up. Totally. @penpenpen @Tramp Graphics Regarding the minion groups of the guns, I just wanted some advice on how you guys handle this - and I was perplexed when I first saw the stats of the Imperial Gunners, as I considered them pretty weak for trained crew. However, if I come into a similar situation in a future adventure, I guess I would simply use the barrage rules as suggested earlier and describe it in a cinematic way, which would be totally in the spirit of the game. A single turbolaser or probably two (but no more), would each get one shot; assuming two minions man a gun, each would get YG or even YY (if I assume a crew of three as penpenpen pointed out).
  10. Good advice. I actually considered them, but finally didn't use them. Probably I should have.
  11. As so many, my players started with the YT-1300 Krayt Fang. In the GM Kit Adventure Debts to Pay, they lost that ship to the rogue droids ... it was a memorable moment when they emerged from the mine with the freed miners just to find out that the droids, who successfully convinced them that pirates were responsible for all the trouble, simply stole the Krayt Fang and left them with that old rust bucket on platform B. In the adventure Trouble Brewing, they hunted down Bandin Dobah, but instead of cashing in the bounty, they made a deal with him. His stash of glitterstim and his YV-666 Freighter for his life. He agreed and they renamed that freighter "Droid's Bane" and the pilot swore, whenever she encounters those droids again, she will dismantle them to the last screw! Currently they arrived at Florrum with the Droid's Bane badly damaged and encountered Hondo Ohnaka, who runs a shadowport there (what the players don't know yet, with the helps of exactly that droids who are currently on a supply run with the Krayt Fang. I'm totally looking forward on their reaction once they touch down at Ohnaka's place!).
  12. Thank you all for your answers! Two men manning a turbolaser turret, eh? Well, I have to look closer when I watch the movies next time! I wasn't aware of that. Thanks. @TheSlayer: And yes, everyone in my group has it's main attribute at 5. I totally dig why Genesys made a cap here. Your suggestion is an interesting proposal which I will likely pick up ... I guess making a cap at 4 seems reasonable. And, what I surely will do, is handing out much less XP in the next campaign. That way, adding a new talent box or inking a new skill box is much more valuable than having 20 XP to spend after each session. And it will deal with my superhero problem. At least, in the beginning ... About that Star Wars moments: I'm totally in for it, but I strongly want to create great scenes, not players slashing and firing through the scenes, unharmed, like Anakin through a battalion of clankers. IMHO, the job of a GM is to create such situations (combat, social, or otherwise), but still offer a challenge, so that the players can emerge as the heroes, but they should be aware that they are not supermen. I think it's the job of a GM to help to prevent player deaths (except if they act totally stupid), so I like to have them scratched and bruised, but victorious. @Garran: Your suggestion is - the way I see it - definitely more in the spirit of this particular game. Less hard rules, more action and narrative. However; I found out that - as much as I like the basic idea - I do struggle with that a lot. One one hand, combat is pretty hard ruled, with actions and maneuvers, strain and wounds, spending threats and advantages, and so on. On the other hand, I encounter a lot of situations where I totally miss rules! E.g., how long does it take for a ship to enter Hyperspace? I guess the correct answer to that is "as long as you like (watch those threats and advantages though), but it doesn't matter in the end as long as the narrative of the scene is tense and star-wars like". However, my players demand hard rules, they want to rely on something, so we created those.
  13. I had the following situation in my game yesterday: My players escaped in their Silhouette 4 ship from the Hangar of an Imperial Frigate and punched it, however, the Fregate's seven port turret-mounted turbolasers had a chance to fire. I looked through my NPC cards and found the Imperial Gunner, which - to my surprise - is a Minion (Agility 2, Gunnery 1 [as a group]). So what a I did is, I divided the seven turbolasers into 3 groups (one with 3 and two with 2 lasers each) and fired, using YY for the first three lasers, and YG for the two other groups. Would you agree to that or would have fired each turbolaser alone? And would you have used that Minion Gunner with Agility 2? I mean, did he even visit the academy? Whatever. I then looked forward to a fine chase scene with a couple of TIE's on the heels of the player's ship. Oh well. My pilot (240 XP, Agility 5, 3 ranks in Piloting (Space)) had an easy time outrunning those little fighters and they made it to Hyperspace easily. I even threw stones in their way (disabled hyperdrive and navicomputer, had to get that online first, etc.) but instead of cinematic and tense, it was easy-peasy for them. Piece of cake really. With only 240 XP, my players slowly develop those superhero powers I disliked so much when I played D&D/Pathfinder ...
  14. I use a BGG Geeklist as a campaign log and the whole story of my campaign is logged there: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/240464/pzvies-star-wars-edge-empire-campaign However, it's in German ...
  15. I includes only the Talents from the three core rule books and the eighteen career books, as well as Dawn of Rebellion. However, it's in MS Word format (docx), so you can modify it as you like.
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