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  1. It is a nice game, but it will really depend on your play group. Personally, my group and I feel that the war strategy is very strong so the game gets very little play (everyone is always paranoid of being attacked).
  2. Fantasy Flight just announced another Shogunate figure, Itami (TH 17). That's a complete Shogunate faction team with Iroh, Mizu, Itami, and the troop soldiers.
  3. Wow, I did not expect another Tannhauser product that quickly. Maybe a third Shogunate single figure will show up.
  4. Anyone check the Shogunate website where it mentions the new "allied forces" option? It looks like I can use Union figures with Matriarchy figures now.
  5. Tonyfr said: How long does the effects of the Smoke Grenade last? I can not seem to find the answer in the rule book. The effects of Smoke Grenades last for 3 turns.
  6. Sockpuppet2

    Hoax faq

    Fizzletop said: Another Hoax question- since attacking with a hand to hand weapon does not break invisibility, it seems that separating the two (or 3) invisible Hoax figures and then causing havoc all over the board is perfectly legal. So attacking with invisible hoax on one side of the board can be followed by attacking with the other invisible Hoax on the opposite side of the board on her following turn. is that correct or am i missing something? Basically true. You can move all the models on on turn, and on that same turn, only one model is given an activation to attack, search, etc ... On the next turn, a different Hoax model can perform an activation.
  7. Sockpuppet2

    Hoax faq

    The traits listed for the the Colt Thompson M1 in my copy of Hoax's rulebook are "weapons" and "pistol".
  8. My interpretation is that the adjacent circle is just used to determine which figure gets attacked in its range. I believe that all Voivodes on a team with Oksana benefit by having their Smiljan Coil replaced by Smiljan B Coils and Prime Directive O as well as using any of Oksana's special Voivode items.
  9. Stabinoff said: Well, last night I found a new way to accomplish this in death match. My opponent was Matriarchy, I was Reich. I dropped one of my Reich heros, and a trooper. I turned my CP token down buy one, and brought in our new minotaur friend. I slapped on the Stam pack to the minotaur, then used all the other reich folk to simply pen in the matriarchy. I think, in total, the minotaur took one damage to a grenade that was pulled from a crate. Maybe the problem is with our new Minotaur buddy. Lucky you; I was teaching some new players the game, and they played as the Matriachy along with Asteros (Zor'ka, Vioviode, Vioviode, and Asteros against Reich). I lost horribly.
  10. I find it unusual Oksana has no equipment packs.
  11. Do you play with the base game or with the expansions? I find it difficult to compete with the Mint track once it gets going.
  12. elyeti said: 1) If Ozo is not in the smoke but his shot goes through the smoke, does he receive any penalties? 2) Is his supernatural strength used when he receives a melee attack, or only when he attacks? 3) If someones throws you a grenade, is it possible to counter attack? Please excuse my english 1) As long as Ozo is not standing in smoke, he should not be affected by any smoke penalties. 2) His supernatural strength applies to all attack rolls. 3) Pg 25 of the revised rulebook: Note that throwing a Grenade does not constitute an attack (because it is not carried out with the "attack" option), characters wounded by a Grenade are not eligible to launch counterattacks.
  13. I hope they're figures based on the character cards from the Tannhauser Field Ops game.
  14. It is hard to say really. It is still a dice game, and people can roll "poorly" and be denied in not getting the resources they want. From experience, people tend to spend more time thinking in the 5th year because we're all guessing who is in the lead and how to gain an advantage.
  15. bioboy85 said: Can any clear Hoax model carry an action? And can it be a different model the next turn? So its not really a guessing game for the the other player? As mentioned before, all of the Hoax models can move. However, only of them can be given an action to attack, search crates, do an objective, etc ... For example, I can move both Hoax figures into two different directions and have Hoax # 1 search a crate on turn 1. Then on the next turn, I move both of them and have Hoax # 2 attack. It really isn't a guessing game.
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