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  1. Let me preface this by saying I've only read the rules, and will be playing the game for the first time this weekend: Being forced to discard your hand at the end of every player's turn would get tired very quickly. Even if it's only after being attacked, it'd still be a pain, because you could FINALLY have the hand you need to buy card X, then a player attacks you with a little 1 value weiner, and you're forced to draw a whole new hand, which means that your turn which follows leaves you with little or no buying power. From my impression of the rules, however, it would seem that the first player does have an advantage because of the event cards. They get first crack at any monsters with rewards attached to them, and they get a whole new hand after being attacked by an instant event and before the next players turn, which is the polar opposite of the OPs situation, where being defenceless against the instant event, immediatly becomes the hitting boy of the other three players for the round. My best advice from having played other deck building games is balance! If you focus too much on one type of card, you'll suddenly find that there are whole categories of actions which are completely inaccessable to you. Having not played this particular game, though, I am completely talking out of my smurf here.
  2. KarmanMonkey


    Has anyone tried playing this game by e-mail yet? What have their experiences been? What are some of the pitfalls you could see happening?
  3. I agree with Ruffler, personally... It wouldn't cost much to include enough little ziploc-type bags to store all the bits once they were punched. I'd be willing to spend the extra 10 cents on the game, wouldn't you?
  4. Just to clarify, your friend still wouldn't be able to build a library; instead they would directly buy a university for (11?) production. Additionally, when you research a tech that gives you a building upgrade, all your existing buildings of that type are upgraded for free immediately. (from your original post it sounded like you might have been using build actions to upgrade the libraries)
  5. "Sorry sir, but you can't know what troops you have at your disposal until we commit to the fight" XD Then again, the argument could be made that you know what troops you have, but not what their mettle is...
  6. It would be kind of silly if you couldn't... "Sorry men, but the Chinese have run out of troops! The rest of you can pack up and go home!" XD
  7. XAos said: Osaka said: ... and Russia for a technology victory, but the other civs still have a decent shot at them. Personally I would not aim for a tech win with anyone except Russia. Even if Russia is not in the game. Other nations can manage {coin, culture} wins faster than the average nation can get a tech win. OOPS! I meant to say military victory, not tech victory... Since their "thing" is all about tech, obviously they have a shot... And in the last game we played, Germany would've had a tech victory if the US hadn't lucked out with an economic victory that turn (by spending culture and drawing a great person with a coin)
  8. Ah, but with wonders of the world, it's not a question of the building itself so much as the unique culture and philosophy behind it. The building is just the symbol of the accomplishment. If the US decided to build pyramids in the Mojave Desert, it certainly wouldn't have the same meaning and impact as the originals, would it? As for why there can be only one of a particular wonder? I'll counter that by saying that I seriously doubt there will ever be a game where I can't build a wonder because they've all been built. :-) Really, though, it boils down largely to mechanics. For me, anyway. If you build a particular wonder before me, that's not a game breaker. BUT, if all the barracks/workshops/aircraft get snatched up before I even have a chance because I researched something different on the first turn? Then I'm smurfed over for the later game when such buildings become more essential to being able to survive. That, in a nutshell, is the core of the difference I see between unique wonders and limited buildings.
  9. Sooo, back to the original topic; do you feel that buildings and aircraft get depleted too quickly? Do you feel it works as a game mechanic? Does it make ANY sense thematically? Personally, I feel that someone shouldn't be penalized for the entire game because barracks/workshops weren't one of the first techs purchased. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that even though I develop the tech, I can't build that type of building because you did already... What are your opinions on the subject? What are some ways one could handle things differently?
  10. It bothers me as well... I think one of the reasons for this is that Mao is one of the few chinese figures who are known by the masses in the western world. If the average person knew about either of the leaders you mentioned, then they probably would've picked one of those instead.
  11. Perhaps I misjudged on the timeline... It's been almost a week since our last game. Still, if the first thing you research isn't the Barracks, then it's quite likely that there won't be any available by the time you do research it. It's that "first out the gate" aspect that I'm debating. In our games, workshops and barracks disappeared almost immediately, and harbours were not soon behind. It meant that anyone who tried doing anything else couldn't build them later. This just strikes me as a big price to pay for making a different choice early on, and I don't think it makes much sense thematically. This is particularly noticable when it comes to flight, when the plane deck can be depleted insanely fast, so if you're one turn behind in researching it, and depending on who's first player, the deck can be depleted before you get the chance to buy.
  12. Thought of a variant for handling the villages later in the game... What do you think about the barbarians matching the lowest unit level of all the players? Most of the time (especially early in the game) this won't mean any changes, but once everyone gets a couple unit upgrades (especially the same ones) it won't make the barbarians quite as much of a pushover. Thoughts?
  13. The Hanging Gardens (the one that gives you a free figure every turn) can be uber-powerful in the early game, as it means that civ never needs to spend a city action building them. In the hands of the Russians or the Germans in particular, this can be deadly. So obsoleting the wonder can level the playing field a bit, shall we say. Actually, I should say that any of the wonders, in the right hands, can be quite nasty. So I guess it all depends on how much use people are getting out of that funky ability!
  14. Bleached Lizard said: Periculum said: I can see the Americans going for culture. Not my top choice, but I would use the American ability to pump out buildings and wonders ahead of your opponents. All things balanced in a game, the Americans can build wonders a turn or two before their opponents by using their trade conversion. If the Americans ever won with a cultural victory I would say this game was unthematic in the extreme. Oh, I don't know... They did give us Paris Hilton and Survivor... Back on topic a bit, I think the Russians have a decent shot at a tech victory, especially if they can steal a tech or two early on. After all, if someone builds better infantry than you, *yoink* A house rule that might make things slightly more balanced in terms of a cultural victory might be to make spending culture tokens be part of the research or start of turn phase, giving players a chance to attack and "loot" some of the player's culture before they have a chance to spend it... Thoughts?
  15. In our last game, the barracks were depleted on the second turn, and the harbours on the third (I think) One player in particular had three of the barracks, so he was pretty hard to win battles against, especially once he researched the upgrade. I was thinking that an alternative method of handling things (house rule, to be sure) would be to have each player have access to one or two of each building as their personal supply, and leave the rest in the general supply. You have to build from your personal stash first. This way, researching the tech early still gives you first crack at those public stores, but you can't completely deprive a player of building a particular building type. Giving them one or two "personal" buildings will determine how big that bonus is. You talked about the buildings, but I was also talking about units as well (namely the fact that the aircraft unit pile can get depleted mighty quickly has anyone seen the other piles become depleted?) Not sure if the situation has ever (or will ever) come up, but is there a ruling on what to do if a unit deck is depleted when you attack barbarians? Are they just weaker as a result?
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