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  1. Hello I was looking to start up an Invasion group in Denver. I was going to propose we meet at Valhalla's but as they are shut down we'll have to find another spot. Respond and add me as a friend if anyone is interested. Thank you.
  2. Pumpkin I totally agree with you. I think there is a resistance from people who are not willing to give up on the old chart/table driven aspect of roleplaying. What FFG has done with cards and dice is a revolation to me. I'm not saying I hated the old style of RPG games but this system seems a lot less cumbersome to me. I used to hate having to remember what page an obscure rule or new rule was on and then see players get frustrated when I would stop in the middle of an adventure to take a few minutes to reread something. Now I can easily look at the card and all the information is in front of me. Do I still have to look up NPC and Monster stats/actions. Yes but I've easliy converted all this information into a spreadsheet which I can print out before I begin an adventure. So now I can spend more time GMing and less time book keeping or referencing. I only played the first edition of WHFRP so I can't comment on the second edition but the careers feel right to me. Are there a lack of Advanced careers. Maybe, actually definitely basic and advanced for Wood Elf, but the careers still work along the lines of WHFRP. Levels were never part of the system. Careers where what the characters do or did before they decided to go around adventuring. I do agree that the basic set feels incomplete but that is being rectified. The price is a little steep but I remember forking over tons of cash for books back in the old AD&D days so to me the price for what I get is justified. I just started getting in to the 3rd edition a month ago so I'm late to the game and this is probably why I'm not as frustrated as some so I empithize. In fact the lack of Wood Elf careers in general is disappointing to me but I'm willing to bide my time as I feel the system is worth it.
  3. Keltheos I checked out Fantasy Grounds and it looks very good but it looks like it would be a lot of work in areas that I have no knowledge in to get Warhammer to work with it. If I had time I would definitely try to mod it. Old World Dude the abstract distance rules are a main reason I think playing over the internet would work well with Warhammer. The downsides I see are to have the game work effectively every remote person would need a copy of at least the core rules and probably the Adventurer's Toolkit so this put a large expense on the remote players. Also having to coordinate things like party tension, fortune points, stress an fatigue may be a pain for the remote player as they are seeing only their copy of the game and if something is missed they may not have accurate information. Nisses I was thinking of multiple cameras but for right now I'm just going to be using one for dice rolls and for character interaction. Another problem I can see running in to is if I have players local to me the remote player may not be able to hear their interactions without having to pass a mic around or having a good mic to begin with. Playing remotely will probably cause so slow downs in game sessions but I think over time as peopel get used to it then maybe this will not be as much of an issue. I plan on running my first session in a couple of weeks with remote players so if anyone in interested in my results friend me and we can discuss them in greater detail. I'll post a synopsis of what went well and what didn't as well as what changes I'm looking to apply to future sessions. Also I was thinking of maybe writing some applications to help with playing over the internet. If I can get some done I'll let people know.
  4. I have multiple friends that I've played RPG's with throughout the years that no longer live in my immediate area. So to bring them into the world of WHFRP I devised a method of playing online. I had each establish an account with a voip service that allows video conferencing. Then each one got a copy of the core rules and adventurer's toolkit. Now they have the basics that they need to play the game via the internet. I'm working on a basic adventure right now for both of them to see how it works out. If anyone is interested in my result I would be happy to share my experience with you.
  5. I was wondering if there were any people in the north denver area that run a game on weeknights. I'm sort of limited to where I can go to play as my trasportation is a mountain bik or the bus. If anyone has a group running and is willing to take on another player I would love to join. Send me a message with your info. Thank you.
  6. I agree with Grayzen that you shouldn't force your players in to playing a certain way. As others have stated I would ask them if their lack of serious roleplaying it just what they want to do or a lack of interest in the game. It's hard as a GM to get people seriously involved in a game when they are unfamilar with the world but this can also be a good tool to use. Not knowing the world gives you an opportunity to introduce things that the characters have never seen before and try to invoke the same reactions their characters would have. Their characters have probably never seen or heard of Skaven before as most people even after encountering them assume they are just a beastman. So use this lack of knowlege to get them interested by having an encounter with something they've never experienced. I follow Grayzen's views on creating a background story for the characters. Especially if they are unfamiliar with the setting. This can provide some background of the world for them and not make it such a task to come up with a background when they know nothing of the game world. As they become more familiar then you can opt to let them do their own backgrounds. What career the players character is give an opportunity to withhold information also. A beggar from Reikland, for example, probably knows little or nothing outside of the city/town/village/etc. they are in. So providing them with a background story based soley on where they have been begging and nothing may give the player the feeling of excitement when you descibe the first dwarven hold he/she visits. Asking basic questions can help the player figure out how they want to roleplay their character. Does the character have a temper or the character cool headed? Stuff like this. Then reward the player when they roleplay based on this. Once players figure out that they may get an extra fortune for roleplaying their characters they may start to get a little more serious. SinisterSyx I wouldn't put the game away just because your players feel like they are playing a boardgame. Find out why they feel this way. Maybe even take some things out for the time being. Instead of giving the players wound cards draw the cards and keep them behind the screen. If they get a crit then flip the card over and tell them what the effects are. I think once they've played for a while the resistence will go away and you can add more elements to the game. I also like the idea of sending out emails with little teasers that get the players excited about playing the game. It's always difficult to balance serious and non serious gaming but ultimately it's up to the players and the GM to figure out what they like. If someone is not having fun then it can bring the whole experience down.
  7. LOL. So much for my guess. But it is a welcome supplement and adding another of the Chaos gods to the mix will be great. Now how about the Dwarf/Greenskin, High Elf/Dark Elves and Wood Elves/? expansions?
  8. It's starting to look like the next expansion is going to be a Dwarf expansion from the current demo adventure. I'm guessing it will center more around the history of the dwarfs, their keeps and maybe include more info, NPC's, etc. on the Greenskins. Of coarse this is only a guess on my part. I would really like to see more for the Elves as they seem to be the most lacking of the player races, especially the Wood Elves. But any new content is good content. I also like the adventures. Even if I do not use them or have my players play the campaign there is enough extra content be it item cards, places, NPC's, Monsters or even area background to justify the purchase itself. Jeffeoff I too like the idea of having NPC/Monster cards but I've found that because most of the important information, aside from actions, is on one line it is easy enought to right down all the stats or put it into a spreadsheet for quick referrence. And even copying down the actions isn't too hard of a book keeping task. All and all FFG seems to have made it easier to keep track of NPC/Monsters compared to a lot of systems albiet it's not what most would consider perfect.
  9. I don't think that Wood Elves are anymore rare than High Elves. I could be wrong as that was one of the races that I didn't play in Fantasy Battle so I'm not up to par on their history. I definitely think there are expansions in the works for all the non human races that are going to cover more careers in depth. In fact I'm just guessing but I think a dwarf expansion may be the next big one to come out based on the little info I've read on the new demo Journey to Black Fire Pass. Of coarse this is all conjecture on my part. But to leave Wood Elves as kind of an afterthought race with little options for playing them is a diservice to the game. They should have left them out like Halflings until they had more time to develop them as a playable race.
  10. I've run accross a little concern. Most of the careers seem to lean in the direction of Human, Dwarf and High Elf. Even with the new expansion I only see one advanced career option. After looking through all the expansions and picking out the careers the breakdown goes like this. Humans 33 basic and 9 advanced careers. Dwarfs 29 basic and 5 advanced. High Elf 17 basic and 4 advanced. The Wood Elf only has 14 basic and 1 advanced. Both of the Elves seem to be lacking in the career department but Wood Elves particularly. I'm sure this will be addressed in an expansion but one of the big things they wanted to do with the new edition was differentiate between the Elf race. But if this is how it's going to be I would have much rather have seen one elf race option and let the character decided where they come from. Like I said I'm sure this is going to be addressed in an expansion but right now I don't see much insentive in playing a wood elf when there is only one advance career option for them.
  11. Looks like there is a whole group of people working on converting TEW. If you would like to take a look the link is as follows. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=165&efcid=3&efidt=252225&efpag=3#338997
  12. I've also started working on converting TEW. I don't see it as being so much having to do with converting 1e stats in to 3e terms as it is wrapping the whole story around the 3e rules and tweeking the NPC's. But I've just begun so it may get a little more daunting later on. I would also be willing to sit down with some people and hash out a conversion to the whole campaign that the community can use as TEW is one of the best RPG campaigns IMO.
  13. Sorry let me rephrase. Once I find out I'm not breaking any copyrights on TEW conversion.
  14. Congzilla, I'll be more than happy to give you a copy of the PDF conversion of The Enemy Within once I find out if I'm breaking any copyright laws from Games Workshop. I could probably just come up with a quick reference guide that shows the NPC stats and abilities and breakdowns of any tests that need to be done. Give me a little bit as I'm still new to the system and want to do a conversion justice. If you would like to add me as a friend I'll tell you when I'm done.
  15. I think more will be clarified on the subject once the Winds of Magic expansion comes out. But having to pay advances for beginning skills and abilities makes sense as it follows the lines of other career advancement. I figure the Tome of Mysteries was so light on subject matter was due to the WoM expansion coming out.
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