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  1. once a month if that...
  2. Thanks.... *dries up tear* Go watch cardbreakers listen to the music and think of this card game! Why do the good TCG have to die young?!
  3. Pay your respects to the KH TCG. It died way before its time. Lets keep the memory alive by posting some cool card translations from Japan that will never see thier english counterpart. (And feel free to make up some cards if you like)
  4. Wisdom Form only doubles magic damage !!! my magic friedns (bambi,tink ) with the excpetion of dumbo...dont do any damage! and i only run 1 dumbo....so another widsom just for a "-2 POW"...Please guys i am looking to get rid of cards!
  5. ...ehhhhe.... the only think widsom is good for is double magic and 1 more card ......and i have no magic so i dont think moar widsom cards are nessicary (esspcailly since there are no current crads that will discrad it now.. not even losing a challenge!0....also i want to get less cards....not Moar...LESS LESS LESS!!!! i already have 50!
  6. Hey here is my deck...it needs a lot of work so PLEASE any commments are apprecatied. It is currnetly 50 cards and that nneds to be change! These are the best cards i got...so don't suggest (King" or " Mulan " or "Karia") as those are card that would be good..but idont have! Here it is...brace youselef for the horror! PLAYER: Flaggy Sora Lv2 Form: Wisdom Friends: LV 0 Flounder Tidus LV1 Mickey M. Donald D x2 Tigger Cid Ariel LV 2 Goofy Ariel Triton x3 (1 from BoD) LV 3 Jack (darkness A.) Goofy (BoD) Pan Donald D (Bod) Herc (L D) Beast X2 (L and D) LV 4 Auron x2 Cloud Attack and Equppment: Ulatima Oblivion Othkeeper Olympia (equippment) Magic Friends: Bambi lv 3 x2 Dumbo lv 2 Tink lv 1 Tink lv 2 Techs: Whirli-Goof Commet Bushido x2 Shooting Star x2 Worlds: Disney Castle Lv 1 Deep Jungle Lv 2 Olympus C. Lv 2 Halloween Town Lv 3 Hollow Bation Lv 3 x2 Traverse T Lv 3 x2 Olympus C. Lv 3 x2 So yaahhhhh 50 cards in a wr sucks..... i really need help ..thanks in advance!!!
  7. If my opponent plays 3 pot spders (set 4) on my lv 3 world and i have no friends or magic./frends..do i lose 3hp or just 1hp???
  8. Catmaninja said: My favorite thing is the fact that the rulings for the cards are determined by a toin coss (or so it seems), when in reality there shouldn't have to be rulings about specific cards because they should say exactly what they mean XD. Talking about the ruling over Diz i assume????
  9. Things that make me laugh : Ansem's text is cut off Wisdom Form - sorry FFG " damageyou" is not and never will be a word! LOL Someone try to read Hydra's text.. im Dragoon "No Xardin Card" HAW lv 1 Samuria- " If you player is " BIGGEST ONE: Triton and Ariel are from Atlantis and the heartless are from Atlatica !!!! (However i dont think this effects gameplay..does it?)
  10. what of simple yes or no dont you understand ...jk...thanks for that site but their is nothing of set 4 for under 25 bucks although i am sure you are getting a lot more cards...i could only scrounge up about 25 bucks this summer
  11. ahhh can someone just clearly answer me... because on the online store i see booster pack 3.99$ and then it says "Each full booster display (24 packs) contains one fixed promo card!" Can i buy 1 booster pack for 3.99 from FFG that will include 10 cards INSTEAD of buying a 24 pack display ???? A simple yes or no will suffice im thinknig of spending my 20$ on 1 starter and 3 booster pakcs for about 23 dollars and tax..unless someone suggests something else
  12. darwin duck racking up te karma points..xd wait....can i buy 1 booster pack for 3.99 or does it have to be 24 packs..???
  13. can anyone answer me pleasae!!!! I only have about 20$ so i was thinking about buying 1 starter and 3 booster packs but now have have 3 questions: 1) What are the 3 cards that make the starters different valor _____ _______ wisdom _____ ____ king _______ _____ 2) How do i specify which one i want on the ffg website when i order online. 3) are their even booster packs because i only see starters and booster displays... PLEASE ILL GIVE WHO EVER ANSWERS ME FIRST 1 Google KARMA POINTS I know i already asked....but i want to get the card beofre i leave on Agusust 1st!
  14. EDIT: You can not double post in this forum or you will be called names...even if no one answers your question. PLZ SOMEONE ANSWER Oh and i will be your thrid tester..just give me the date about 3 days in advance
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