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  1. @IDieALot Where do you get the 192 from? Wouldn't 9 rings amount to 271 systems including Mecatol Rex and Home systems? Anyway, you could bring it easily down to less systems by splitting the galaxy into three subsectors of one three ring galaxy (with 37 systems) each. In the middle of each three ring galaxy there would not be Mecatol Rex but a wormhole system connecting to an isolated MR (which in this regard functions something like a wormhole nexus). This way everyone is the same distance from MR, individual expansion space is comparable to a regular six player game and you need far less hexes (112 instead of 271). Especially given the new wormhole rules (adjacent for all purposes) this should work fine. Plus you could split the game over three tables. Otherwise good luck finding a table handling 192 systems and 18 players
  2. While the idea of siege sceneraios always seems intruiging to me (thinking of battles like those of Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings ) I wonder how to do that properly in the Battlelore system. I have not been following all posts here on the forum but others have rightly pointed out that confining one side to a fortress will decrease their mobility (which I think is very important in Battlelore) and the fact that they probably will start at the border of the board will make flags so much more hurting (unless the fortification makes you very very bold in which case flags become defacto useless...). So, yeah, intruiging to imagine but hard to visualize
  3. This is a (known) missprint. I currently do not remember what edition / language is affected. However, in my german first print run edition there are two goblin archers as well. I think it was cleared up somewhere official, for sure it was cleared up here on the forums in one of the older threads.
  4. Or you have to rebild the whole board using the Hexon system from Kallistra which looks fantastic but is not too cheap... www.kallistra.co.uk
  5. Probably they just forgot to write that the first first sword on shield against mounted units is ignored.
  6. Time and time again I am amazed at people just leaving some game behind just because their is no (new) stuff to buy... I can get that when there is no new stuff and the old stuff is getting boring, you stop playing it. But nobody really complains that "the old stuff" is getting boring, they just want to wander off or even sell off the old stuff because there is no new although they admittedly still enjoy the old stuff. I can get how you do not get interested in a game that you never get to know, because you cannot buy it and nobody around you has it. A nice advertisement does not help if you can't get the product itself. I do not understand how people lose their playing mates because they wander off because they cannot buy the game themselves. They probably can play the game anytime they want with the owner of the game, so do they really NEED to buy the game to enjoy it? Is not having the game yourself but still being able to play it such a turn off that you do not want to play it anymore at all? I mean I get it, everybody wants to own what they like. But not liking something that you can't own? Ok, pointless post Just my 2 (euro) cents.
  7. Would you be able to have a level 2 creature and a level 1 creature through the cards or only two level one creatures? Or to put it general, can you choose the level of the creature you get from a card?
  8. The card text states "units with ranged weapons may not fire, even at point blank." So they can move but not fire. For rules sake it seems that ranged units only can fire, seems they forgot to take a little knive or something, so no melee for them ever, if I understood the rules and discussions right.
  9. To me it rather seems like there will be four new terrain types. If you take a close look at the back of the box you will see three different looking hexes. My guess is that each terrain hex is different on each side. So maybe the four cards are 2 per player (and then again each side different to have four terrain types on two cards) or there are just four different cards (which is less useful I think). The upside would be four new terrain types, the downside that you can only use two of them at the same time and two combinations not at all (as they are on the same hex). Just my thought.
  10. As said abive it really depends on what country you are in / what language you prefer. In Germany there are several online shops which have both expansions readily available. I only bought them about two weeks ago.
  11. And maybe there will be some skill booster packs later on?
  12. Maybe something like the critical hit on creatures? But then agein heroes are embedded in units, are they not?
  13. And how does the Shaman affect lore master levels? I.e. a chard played out of character with a Shaman Lvl 3: Would it be only at normal cost but played at lvl 3 or would it be of normal cost AND of lvl3? The first sounds a bit underpowered, the second a bit overpowered IMO. And let's say you have a council maximum at 4 points. If you had a lvl 3 Shaman and a creature, could you then play all lore cards at normal cost or would you at least need one more lore master (at min lvl 1) to assist?
  14. Well, I have finally come to play a scenario with full-fledged custom war council (i.e. we played the 9th scenario from the base game). - I don't have that much time so I progress rather slowly with the scenarios... Maybe that is also why I am not that much on the edge with the missing news from FFG, whereas by now I start to understand people complaining. Anyway... commenting on HR/RR/FF... well, my opponent (who has started playing the game with me, so no further experience than me) decided that a cleric 3 would suit him well (also had commander 1, warrior 1, wizard1), whereas I was with the spider and only took a cleric 2, commander 2 and wizard 1 iirc. I had a bit of bad luck with the initial card draw which gave HR, FF and chain lighning to my buddy. Well I got RR some time later, but there is no water in that scenario but lots of woods and hills I got hit hard with both HR and FF and started to understand the moaning about these cards, especially in this scenario. I had started the scenario strong, quickly ripping up his goblin flank with my dwarfes and leading 4 to 1 and otherwise with very healthy units. After HR and FF in subsequent turns (yeah, he saved a lot of lore...and he sure ruled the dice) it was 4 to 4, my dwarfen flank was crippled to near defeat and the rest of my army badly weakened. But no reason to give up, right? I forced my troops into formation again and fought back. To make a long story short I was thrilled to win in the end by 6 to 4 So while this first encounter with those nasty cards showed me the devastation which can come from it, I still believe in all the other aspects of the game. There is luck of course - I could have had one of his cards... but then again my dice rolls mostly were luckier - but also planning, foresight and lot of other things. And I for one os happy as hell that victory conditions were "only" 6. Because after that cleric onslaught I was playing against time with my weakened troops. So while of course HR/FF/RR could quickly end the game, sometimes fleeing to victory is the last chance for its victims. Ok...I always tend to write too much for what I actually have to say I just think that those cards and "low" victory conditions have no greater effect on each other than other factors like luck of the dice and planning.
  15. There are btw awesome muster sheets available at the geek: www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/26003
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