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  1. So... Still no FAQ update. Was a time when this company excelled at product support.
  2. Hopefully the new movie will generate some more interest.
  3. The thing is if you want to capture territory, you have to engage in pvp combat and win an intrigue contest! Barf! Can you imagine the disincentive if the attacker didn't have an edge? Disclaimer - I have only played this once. It was a 2 player unfinished learning game, and this was years ago when the game was new. We haven't played since. Not because we disliked the game - I just have so many games on my shelf, and so few opponents who are into empire building games. Hopefully as hype builds for the movie I can drum up some interest and get some sessions happening. But the one thing I really disliked was this strenuous process of pvp conquest. It seemed like the design was intentionally discouraging pvp aggression. It felt like the game was awkwardly pushing to be a friendlier, "Euro" style game. We didn't finish the 2nd era, plus there were only 2 of us. Maybe in a full game by the 3rd turn the board is so crowded that play becomes very aggressive regardless?
  4. For those who are interested, another motivation to play with Tides Of Battle is to punish "throw away" attacks intended to cycle house cards. This is common between players who are working together in alliance. They arrange a battle that will have no effect (or no significant effect) just to burn their less useful cards. I Some people think this tactic is a little too "gamey". Tides Of Battle puts a potential price on this move because either (or both) players could easily lose units.
  5. I actually want a 2nd and 3rd set! This way each player has their own set plus a couple extras in case a die is on the floor, camouflaged against the board, or otherwise not at our finger-tips.
  6. See page 9 of the Rules Reference:
  7. - LUCK DECIDES BATTLES THEN, AND NOT CAREFUL PLANNING AND EXECUTION. Luck is part of reality. It's not realistic for a close battle to be 100% predictable. - LUCK CAUSES YOU TO THINK TWICE IF OVERKIILLING AN ATTACK BY 2 IS ENOUGH. It's called risk analysis. And a healthy safety margin =/= overkill. That's part of the challenge. - LUCK TO BEAT THE GOOD PLAYERS. Gives us a challenge. It's more fun beating weak players if they have a chance. - LUCK DECIDES WETHER YOUR WELL DESIGNED PLANS FAIL. It already does when the Westros cards go bad. I've had plenty of "well designed plans" go to pot because of an excessively long wait to adjust supply. Luck doesn't necessarily make a game worse or easier to play well. Having to hedge one's bets requires strategy, and a different kind of thinking. Do you think poker is all luck too? On occasion, to add variety -LUCK. Variety in that opening strategy will be different because good players will adapt and re-evaluate. These are valid motivations. -AND SO IS TO JUST FLIP A COIN. Straw-man much? -OR ROLL A D6 AND ADD THAT TO THE STRENGTH OF THE SIDES OF THE BATTTLE. True, but a D6 is far more extreme. D6 adds 1-6 per side, with a mean of +3.5. ToB add 1-3 per side, with a mean of +0.917. If you are not willing to distinguishing between a lot of randomness vs a little randomness, this game is already a no-skill crap-shoot because of the Westros deck! The skulls icons are a cool mechanic too, IMO. Do you find it intimidating when you are called out. Really? You don't need to be this sensitive - I'm just disagreeing with your claims. Nothing personal, mate! I'm "calling you out" (disagreeing with you) because you are claiming to speak for "true war-gamers" (whatever that is supposed to mean). And you are some how implying that anybody not part of this elite group (aka, those who want ToB) should go play something else. Why shouldn't they just play AGoT with ToB if that's what they want? If you were to write something meaningful about why you think AGoT mechanics would clash with randomness in battles (explaining why this works in other games but not this one), that might be a good read and it might help people leaning toward ToB find a game they like even more. Simply telling these people they are not true war-gamers; I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish by that. As for insulting you, please quote the passage where I've personally attacked you (hint, it doesn't exist). You've called me a troll and a SJW ( I'm not sure how any of this even relates to political ideology). Who is insulting whom? Just relax and play some games, friend.
  8. I'm not looking for FFG to reuse anything actually copy-written by Hasbro. But I'm not sure the relationships either. FFG might need direct approval from Disney for each and every new product - and it's possible Disney doesn't want FFG and Hasbro stepping on each other's feet. Hard to imagine they are prohibited from making another board game of some kind, though. Would their licence even distinguish between board gaames and miniatures? I have to admit the distinction is a bit vague.
  9. I've just discovered that Valley Games has gone belly up. While this is sad new, it might be a blessing in disguise if FFG can secure the rights and give us a swanky new edition! Titan also has great potential for expansions. New characters, new battle boards, and an expanded master board are all possibilities (and have had extensive community testing). Obviously Titan is perfect and needs no expansions. But they'd be good for the occasional mix-up, and I think most Titan fans would be happy to own official add-ons. This classic deserves the FFG treatment - please summon an Angel and make it happen!
  10. Ever since Avalon Hill produced Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit I've been wanting a similar game which depicts the final battle of Return Of The Jedi. Fifteen years later Hasbro finally releases this, but from what I've read the game was rushed and is dismally flawed (to the point that both players should ignore the Death Star and Forest Moon entirely - focusing 100% on the space battle). Lucky for us Hasbro does not have a monopoly in Star Wars board games! Could FFG possibly step up do this theme a little more justice? I'm not sure if FFG intends to make more Star Wars board games (please, please) or would rather simply keep churning out RPGs, card games, and miniatures. But if there is any inclination to do another board game this should go over very well considering what a trophy/grail game Queen's Gambit is (and fun too). Star Wars: Rebellion is pretty much perfect, so as much as I like expansions a new Star Wars board game would be even better!
  11. I've never heard that. But I do think FFG makes too few Star Wars board games. One is simply not enough!
  12. FFG has given us more Star Wars card based, miniatures themed, or RPG products than we can shake a stick at. But sadly only one strategy board game (and it took them long enough). I think Star Wars is rich enough source material that a single product is not "all there can be" for Star Wars board games. I'm glad I have my copy of Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit by Avalon Hill. It's a crying shame the Return Of The Jedi variant (sold as Star Wars Risk) was rushed and flawed. I waited some fifteen years for than sequel! Certainly there is room for more Star Wars board games though!
  13. This. And dice do get lost more easily than other components.
  14. I liked Rouge One better than Force Awakens myself - I enjoyed the fact that it didn't feel like it wanted to be a reboot. But I agree that this game seems practically perfect (though my experience is limited). Assuming no problems arise due to imbalance or too few viable lines of play, it's hard to imagine an expansion that actually makes the game better. Adding new major mechanics might only obscure the core game. They could add a bunch of extras - new missions, objectives, leaders, etc. But any more than a small influx would dilute the decks and make it harder to find the characters and missions more central to the plot of the trilogy. eg, having more peripheral characters in the action deck will make it harder to find the likes of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Boba Fett. Do we want that?
  15. I would totally buy these components! I'd also like the extra neutral force markers fro Dance With Dragons.