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  1. As there is no Weapon Training: Force talent within the rules, and per the Force quality "counts as Best craftsmanship Mono variants of the equivalent Low-Tech weapon" I would say the Feral Worlder's special ability applies. After all, if the weapon is used by a non-Psyker, it's still a Mono version Best craftsmanship Low-Tech weapon. -=Brother Praetus=-
  2. There is a huge difference between the Imperial Creed, the religion that all but permeates all layers of the Imperium for the past ten millennia, and the Imperial Truth, which is what the Emperor was striving to accomplish and censured Lorgar and his Word Bearers legion for going against. I am somewhat curious as to the age of this GM. His attitude seems rather juvenile towards your concerns. -=Brother Praetus=-
  3. Additional things that would make the supplement more functional/handy. Table 2-5; Skill Aptitudes Tables 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3: Talent Tiers 1-3 These would be handy in regards to quick references when spending the character's initial XP. Divinations might also be useful. EDIT: And Keffisch beats me by moments while I flip through my book. -=Brother Praetus=-
  4. Follow Tim's advice, as he is a voice of FFG. Personal experience: Eventually I was able to get my discount, but it took a lot of contacting both customer service groups (DriveThru and FFG). Of course, that was day 1 and things should be working now given the number of people that have been mentioning they have their copies. -=Brother Praetus=-
  5. Jaq Draco, from the Inquisition War series, used a warp-capable courier of ancient providence that was quite small; I believe it was described as being shorter than 300 meters. It was almost all engines and field generators, and had almost no space for crew or passengers beyond his retinue. Of course, I have seen a lot of vehemence directed at the content of those novels. -=Brother Praetus=-
  6. Did you guys ever write up much on Mandragora? or was it just a scary name you wanted readers to think up things for themselves? There's not much been written on Mandragora in FFG materials. I do believe there have been some references to the sector in some of the Black Library novels, and that it might be something deliberately left vague. -=Brother Praetus=-
  7. Given some of us (myself included) had issues getting the discount to apply the first time, there's a strong possibility they want to make sure the problem does not persist when they go full tilt getting people their discounts. Emperor knows I would have preferred to not have had the frustration. -=Brother Praetus=-
  8. Smeg, The discount should be provided through whichever site you purchased the Beta. If you've not received an email about it as yet, perhaps inquire with FFG's customer service as to what is going on. -=Brother Praetus=-
  9. Remember, aside from the hefty 1,000 XP to take the Elite Advance, it also has a prerequisite of 75+ Influence. Even at the highest starting value that will likely take some considerable time to develop in game. -=Brother Praetus=-
  10. One of my common house rules is simple: "All las-weapons have their penetration values increased by one, provided the published penetration is not 5 or higher. Hot-shot charge packs further increase a las-weapon's penetration by +3." Interestingly, another part of my changes to las-weapons was similar enough to the variable setting quality/rule/feature that I can just go with that now. There are a few other rules I am considering adjusting, though for now I mostly run an unmodified game. However, I expect combats to take awhile, as most of my current group are completely new to any of the WH40K RPGs. They shall learn quickly, though. -=Brother Praetus=-
  11. I can see that. SR5 has fixed a lot of the "Nothing can hurt me" problems that seemed common in 4th, but increased the potential dice pools by expanding the skill ranks. Familiarity and comfort with the rules helps a lot. Question, does your group have all their house rules documented somewhere they can all reference easily? I work up Word docs for all my variations that generally help my games that I can provide with the -=Brother Praetus=-
  12. I did, I did indeed. I would say "A pox on you," but... I like throwing Acolytes into so many creepy places, cemetery worlds are so much fun. And as a player, the creepier the environment the better I feel as well. So, in actuality, what I am trying to express is on the subject. -=Brother Praetus=-
  13. Summed it up quite nicely, H.B.M.C. Quite nicely indeed. -=Brother Praetus=-
  14. Maybe greyscale in the print settings? I know my printer does the sheet justice that way, but as you say, mileage. -=Brother Praetus=-
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