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  1. Just to get back to the Wins per Quest in the Quest statistics. If I understand rightly the number in brackets is the number of times a particular monster has been chosen as an Open Group (great feature by the way). However, for the Prey quest for example, I chose Crypt Dragons as my Open Group, but these don't show up in the stats. Does this mean that you only show the most chosen Open Group monsters ? If this is the case, would there be a way to show all the chosen Open Group monsters per quest in this screen (with the number of times chosen) ? Or would this appear too cluttered ?
  2. - Split stats: I'm planning to Great ! - Remove monsters: You can see the difference between compulsory monsters and open groups already. Compulsory monsters are in italic, open groups have an indication of the (X) times they have been chosen. Actually, I was referring to the Monster Stats screen, with the overall Most Popular Monsters (unless I am missing something). And, it would be also great to be able to see the most popular Open Group monsters per campaign. - Could you elaborate a bit for which stats? For example, in the Item Stats screen or the Monsters Stats screen, when the stats values are too small to become readable. At the moment, in these screens, the percentage values are not readable most of the time because the texts seem to be compressed in the stat bars. But this is not really that important. - You mean, in the stats? I am referring again to the Monster Stats screen. For example; Sorcerers from Crusade of the Forgotten are chosen 2% of the time, but only 1% of the time for the Conversion Kit version. I don't know if anyone else finds this useful, but personally in this case, I am just be interested to see the amount of times the Sorcerers are chosen overall. And as mentioned above, it would be nice to have these stats for each campaign. - Stats for purchased cards: This is also something I have planned. (Also for class cards and stuff) Looking forward to that ! - Some of the images for certain combinations of defense dice don't exist yet. That's why they don't show. I'll create them as soon as possible. Ah, OK. I get it. - Thank you for pointing that out! I've checked my manual and you are correct, I will update the rewards for this quest. I might also check any campaigns that played this quest and update where necessary. I noticed this, because we just finished this particular quest resulting in an Overlord victory. So I casually collected the Scythe to store it away with my other Overlord stuff, but then I double checked the rewards again... I was actually quite disappointed
  3. Hi all, A few suggestions: - split campaign stats by number of players - Option to remove compulsory monsters from monster stats in order to have a better idea of what monsters are actually chosen in the Open Groups instead of imposed by the scenarios - Use logarithmic scales in order to better view certain stats - Merge Conversion Kit monsters with the ones from the H&M expansion packs. Personally I've updated all my Conversion Kit monsters to match those from the expansions - Add stats for purchased Overlord cards and Plot deck cards Bugs and issues: - Defense dice don't show up for Ravaella in my campaign (Saprolings) - Not sure if Soulless Scythe is actually a reward for the Overlord if he wins Arise my Friends in SoN This tracker is so good, it should be officially endorsed by FFG. Thanks for this amazing work ! PS: Like very much the new look
  4. Great ! Many thanks ! Looking forward to see that. Just a comment: I think that this is taken care of, but in my group (Saprolings) there is Ravaella Lightfoot whose defense dice do not show up. She should have a basic black die (contrary to most mages) and a brown die from a Leather Armor.
  5. Hi there, First of all, I want to thank Atom4geVampire for this awesome online tracker ! Not sure if this has been asked before, but would it be possible to add an option to divide the stats between 3, 4 and 5 player campaigns ? This would be very interesting as I think that the results would vary greatly depending on the number of players.
  6. I think that what this game needs at this point is actually a rule book rewrite. This could be made available online in the support section, updating it when necessary. As mentioned previously, the notion of what is or what is not considered a Hero should also be clarified and simplified. For example, I was quite abashed when an official answer explained that plot card effects would not work on image tokens or familiars treated as heroes (I mean, why ??). I hate it when these issues come up, and one has to spend 10 minutes delving through the rules, extension rules, errata and online unofficial FAQ just to figure out a situation correctly. Another point worth mentioning are the Heroes and Monsters packs. While the new minis look great, with updated monster and hero stats and new rumor quests, there is no way I am going to buy all of these to update all my 150 painted minis from 1st edition. What I am doing at this point is actually "Photoshopping" the original monster cards in order to be able to play with the updated stats. So why not release a new conversion kit with the updated monster and hero cards (as well as the Ovelord cards that have been modified) for 1st edition users ? Heck, I would definitely buy those just to save myself the struggle of having to do the job myself.
  7. Good picture ! And thanks for your quick input. You are unfortunately probably correct. Though, I quite liked the idea of the two tiles connecting this way. What takes me is that on tile 57b, there is a clear wall delimiting the leftmost Hazard space. So why not explicitly draw a wall to delimit the other Hazard spaces in this way, instead of leaving them semi-open ?
  8. Hi all, In the Prey quest from Shadow of Nerekhall, tile 60B (Magma River) is adjacent to tile 57B in a way that the Hazard spaces on both tiles merge perfectly to form a sort of big Hazard pool. My question is: are the connected Hazard spaces on both tiles adjacent ? The basic Descent rules (in map tile breakdown, on page 5) state that: The black borders of a tile represent impassable walls that cannot normally be moved through. By the RAW, it seems that the connecting Hazard spaces on both tiles are not adjacent, as the border of both tiles seem to be limited by a hazy black edge. However, looking closer, there is actually no tangible obstacle (wall, barrier or whatever...) drawn on the edge of these Hazard spaces. So it seems that the intent here is to have one big Hazard pool, which effectively connects two different tiles and through which the figures can move (at the cost of being burned). What do you guys think ?
  9. Comparing the monster stats from the conversion kit, I notice that minion Beastmen from Act I got a life boost from 2 to 4 (we already knew from the previews that act II minion Beastmen had been boosted from 4 to 5) .
  10. Steve-O said: That's not correct, read more carefully. The FAQ says that the figure's move action ends AND his movement points are reduced to zero. Two separate things which both happen when immobilized. It does not say "movement points gained during a move action" are reduced to zero. The confusion is in the question by asking what happens when a figure is immobilized during a move action. If the intention was to cover any type of movement (such as fatigue movement), the question should have been stated as: while moving. So, to summarize, in this case the sentence "during a move action" is to be understood in a generic sense and does not refer to the specific move action but covers any means through which a figure would be moving ? The answer on the other hand is perfectly clear.
  11. Morthai said: Immobilize only hinders you to gain movement points from move actions or fatigue movement, movement points in the movement pool where before this change untouched, so webtrap had nearly no effect, now if you suffer 5 fatigue on movement and get immobilized on the first step, you cannot move onwards like before this change. (since your remaining movement points are reduced to 0) The Faq only mentions movement points reduces to zero during a move action, not if you suffered fatigue to move. So if a hero burns 5 fatigue, moves 1 and gets immobilized, he can still use his remaining 4 fatigue to move.
  12. gran_orco said: If you destroy pack of holding with a crushing blow, a hero should lose all items in it because he could not relocate/equip them. Items in the ground are lost forever, so your request does not have sense to me. You have to: 1) Have purchased an event treachery in order to add Crushing Blow to your deck 2) Draw it 3) Be in a position to use it efficiently. In the meantime the heroes are accumulating treasure. And if ever you manage to destroy the sack the items go back to their respective treasure decks and are not lost forever as the heroes can just draw them again (which happened several times in our case). This is why I also suggested that destroyed items are effectively lost forever. Thus, I would be in agreement with you that if the latter was implemented, there would be less necessity to ban or fix some items. The thing I am getting to is that some items work well in a one dungeon environment but not in a campaign setting. I must also admit one thing though, we house-ruled the game so that the Overlord couldn't exactly choose what treachery card he wanted (semi-random draw), so Crushing Blow had less chance to appear. I still believe though, that there is some kind of problem when the balance of a game just rests on one card drawn at random (Crushing Blow in this case).
  13. We've just finished our Sea of Blood campaign with my gaming group. We unfortunately also finished with two pages of house rules in order to make the game more balanced and playable. Here are a few suggestions I have, based on our (long) gaming experience: There a 3 treasure cards which appear to be very problematic in a campaign environment: Pack of Holding (copper treasure): In a campaign environment this card is totally broken. The heroes finished the game with the WHOLE deck of gold treasures in their pack. This rendered Crushing Blow totally useless and insured the heroes a constant stock of all potions available. Suggestion: Limit the pack to 10 items in campaign environment or even better just ban it. Amulet of Healing (Silver treasure) : This caused a problem during the final battle: Is the hero healed of his original max health or is he healed of his max health for the final battle (around 90 at that point) ? Useless to say that a 90 point health recovery during the final battle means Game Over for the Overlord even before the final battle starts. Elven Cloak (Gold Treasure): Just too powerful. This basically divides the damage received by half. Couple this with an invisibility potion and Dodge and you have unkillable hero (which incidentally causes a certain amount of issues during the final battle also). General suggestion: These cards should be banned during campaign play. Also I would suggest that any items destroyed during the campaign are put in the graveyard and do not go back to the treasure deck. The heroes have more than enough treasures to find/purchase during the campaign without needing to have a chance to retrieve detroyed items (I've seen that Staff of the Grave a few too many times). Incidentally, one Crushing Blow card should be added to the basic Overlord deck in order to allow the Overlord to pursue other strategies than just going for the Event Treachery Deck at any cost (wishful thinking). A comment on the FAQ: There are 3 trails on the Strategic Map in Sea of Blood which do not have an encounter shield on them. Smart heroes will immediately purchase Dead Man's Compass and Elven Sails in order to practically never need to roll for encounters by using the secret trails. In a span of 40 gameplay weeks, the encounter deck was not used once (with one or two unlucky rolls from the Overlord) ! This was very unfortunate and anti-climatic. Suggestion: add an appropriate color shield on trails where they are lacking. As a final note, we've opted for some years now to allow the Overlord to convert two surges for 1 extra damage during attack rolls (in addition to the choice of using the two surges to gain one threat). I would strongly suggest to make this rule official as for us it has become an absolutely obvious option and helps a lot in balancing the game. Finally our deepest thanks to FFG for making such enthralling and enjoyable games and also for taking the time to publich a final FAQ DEscent V1 !
  14. Schmiegel said: Patmox, for whatever it's worth, I attended the Realms of Terrinoth I event in Roseville in 2010 and Kevin Wilson was asked about the Kraken attacking the Revenge. He responded that he thought that the Kraken should be allowed to attack the Revenge.. . Interesting that KW should mention that. SoB has obviously been completely rushed...:-( We tested the Kraken-attacks-the-Revenge idea. Actually it seemd to be working very well until the stupid beast got killed due to a very bad placement on the board. Nevertheless, the idea should be retained. We decided that during Silver, the Kraken could throw one silver dice for every tentacle attacking the ship and logically one gold dice per tentacle during Gold.
  15. In addition to Ispher's thoughts, I've come up with one or two other ideas to improve sea encounters. Once the heroes have acquired Elven Sails and Dead Man's Compass (which is usually the first thing they get at the beginning of the campaign), sea encounters practically never happen. We are currently close to Gold and we've *never* had any sea encounter up until now, only Lieutenant fights. In order to correct this problem I've modified the Lawlessness Overlord card by adding: "Trails which do not have any threat markers now have one marker of the follwing type: 1 red marker for secret trails and 1 yellow marker between Bright Sea and Midnight Cove". At least we might get to witness one of these encounters now. This has not been tested yet, but during encounters which don't involve a ship (like Lieutenant encounters), creatures cannot move further than 8 (or 6 or 10, not sure yet) squares away from the Revenge. If a Lieutenant does that, he flees. This also means that monsters start of at 8 squares distance around the Revenge at the beginning of an encounter. I have the feeling that this could lead to more tense battles as, for instance, Lieutenants like the Siren wouldn't be able to hide on the opposite side of the map just doing nothing. Concerning The Kraken, without going into too many details on tentacle movement and so on, I am considering allowing the Kraken to attack the Revenge: for each tentacle aboard the Revenge, instead of attacking with a tentacle, the Overlord may roll one silver power die per tentacle in order to inflict damage on the Revenge. If a tentacle is busy doing something else (grappling an adventurer), the tentacle cannot damage the Revenge. My idea is that a Kraken is a huge beast and is supposed to try and sink boats. This rule also solves the problem of the adventurers hiding on the opposite side of the boat in order to avoid the tentacles. With this idea, the heroes will be forced to deal with the Kraken if he attacks the Revenge. Finally, in addition to this, The trails leading to buried treasures do not count as movement. For example, if the heroes travel to Mountain of Ash they can claim the buried treasure without actually having to spend movement to get to the X marker. There is absolutely no reason to penalise the party further by making them travel *two" weeks to get a treasure. My general idea with these house rules is to make the game playable without having to go in to too many card or basic rules modifications. I think that we might be now getting close to something playable. But still, all of this should have been thourougly tested and debated by the designers from the start.
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