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  1. Old Ben in his Lizard fettlin days before becoming a novelty doormat for Vader's second Deathstar Stl from order66 designs
  2. galactic Terrains excellent stl files! Printed and painted, this beast was a joy to do!
  3. And while I was waiting for Photobucket to sort it out......First Order AAL!
  4. Are the pictures showing? I just keep getting 'image unavailable'!?
  5. U-55 Loadlifter or 'Rebel Cooker' as the First Order like to call it! Scaled up from an xwing stl from thingiverse. this has been gathering dust since I felt the need to print it a while ago, wasn't a fan of the print lines initially but I think they add a little rebel ruggedness to it all 🙂
  6. Imperial troops advance through the ruined village...finished the sabre!
  7. Ig-88 discusses terms with fett on joining the Hunter's Guild and brings his IG-2000 along!
  8. Depends how big your table is tbh, we play on a 6x4 and they offer excellent bling, cover and thematic hooks to make gameplay much more exciting than the normal scenarios! 😉
  9. btw, I have done x wing versions too
  10. are we allowed direct links on here? if you google something that sounds like combatzone scenery it should come up
  11. Created some replacement tokens for the Rim Expansion
  12. Printed the bunker buster out for the best reason...I think it looks cool!
  13. Some WIP on a Ride for Bossk. Table friendly scale as I worked out actual scale would be over a metre long...been there, done that, still trying to find a bloody space!
  14. Playing catch up! few of the expansion packs finished, soon be time to finally break into those two Clone core boxes! First up Shore troopers Some rebel stuff A collection of some of the alternative miniatures from Skullforge, really help to add a little more variety and thematic objectives!
  15. Finished Rogue One! Not exactly screen accurate mind you but it'll do the job! As usual added a little extra post print detail by hand to bling it out a little
  16. Landing gear is included with the files, the extra detail is hand cut from various thicknesses of styrene and cross sections
  17. Should all be posted up there now, in hindsight now we have nearly completed the campaign got a few ideas on new scenery pieces to add so I will upload when I get round to it. Have fun!
  18. Got it all set up to hit the 'publish' button several times since last night but Thingiverse seems to be having a brainfart moment and keeps throwing 404 error at me so I will continue to try over the weekend if you follow BulldogUK on thingiverse it should pop up some time soon! have fun and enjoy, we are still going strong with our campaign, few missed weeks but few months solid gameplay, now on to the penultimate mission, will miss it when we are done but a little break to play a few different games and our fellowship will probably hit the new campaign then!
  19. Just been sooooooo busy lately haven't had time to sit I front of the screen and get this lot sorted, I'll try and get it all collated this week for you
  20. We tend to fly casual and have fun so you can generally balance the bases on the parts or as kieransi says remove and use card when required. It's always struck me as a little weird how some things can be tagged as obstacles while others are not, its all in the vastness of 3 dimensional space and surely an 'obstacle' is only relative to the skill of the pilot approaching it. We have a cool house rule that is a lot of fun and works quite well, every other turn things become obstacles. Try and imagine this in a thematic sense. Couple of tie fighters persuing a rebel ship on 'non obstacle turn' the rebel pilot skillfully threads his way through the asteroid field or through an opening in the structure of the space station. The imperial player in the heat of battle, mis-timed it, next turn the tie's plough into the asteroids and station and end up all explody! If you are already on an obstacle on the turn it becomes 'solid' we allow you to move off without interaction btw, considering you already did your fancy pants flying on the previous turn
  21. If you check out 'alternative gaming miniatures' on facebook, he doesn't have a shop as such you need to pm him for details very reliable chap, had quite a lot from him now, I intend to order his new jedi's ready for a Royal rumble when clone wars stuff is released!
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