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  1. And while I was waiting for Photobucket to sort it out......First Order AAL!
  2. Are the pictures showing? I just keep getting 'image unavailable'!?
  3. U-55 Loadlifter or 'Rebel Cooker' as the First Order like to call it! Scaled up from an xwing stl from thingiverse. this has been gathering dust since I felt the need to print it a while ago, wasn't a fan of the print lines initially but I think they add a little rebel ruggedness to it all 🙂
  4. Imperial troops advance through the ruined village...finished the sabre!
  5. Ig-88 discusses terms with fett on joining the Hunter's Guild and brings his IG-2000 along!
  6. Depends how big your table is tbh, we play on a 6x4 and they offer excellent bling, cover and thematic hooks to make gameplay much more exciting than the normal scenarios! 😉
  7. btw, I have done x wing versions too
  8. are we allowed direct links on here? if you google something that sounds like combatzone scenery it should come up
  9. Created some replacement tokens for the Rim Expansion
  10. Printed the bunker buster out for the best reason...I think it looks cool!
  11. Some WIP on a Ride for Bossk. Table friendly scale as I worked out actual scale would be over a metre long...been there, done that, still trying to find a bloody space!
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