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  1. Just been sooooooo busy lately haven't had time to sit I front of the screen and get this lot sorted, I'll try and get it all collated this week for you
  2. We tend to fly casual and have fun so you can generally balance the bases on the parts or as kieransi says remove and use card when required. It's always struck me as a little weird how some things can be tagged as obstacles while others are not, its all in the vastness of 3 dimensional space and surely an 'obstacle' is only relative to the skill of the pilot approaching it. We have a cool house rule that is a lot of fun and works quite well, every other turn things become obstacles. Try and imagine this in a thematic sense. Couple of tie fighters persuing a rebel ship on 'non obstacle turn' the rebel pilot skillfully threads his way through the asteroid field or through an opening in the structure of the space station. The imperial player in the heat of battle, mis-timed it, next turn the tie's plough into the asteroids and station and end up all explody! If you are already on an obstacle on the turn it becomes 'solid' we allow you to move off without interaction btw, considering you already did your fancy pants flying on the previous turn
  3. If you check out 'alternative gaming miniatures' on facebook, he doesn't have a shop as such you need to pm him for details very reliable chap, had quite a lot from him now, I intend to order his new jedi's ready for a Royal rumble when clone wars stuff is released!
  4. Oh, razor crest now has a pilot! Well, two to be exact, Mandalorian and Missdalorian I guess! Left one is Skullforge, right one is Mel's minis...both available from Shapeways (you can buy the stl's from skullforge if you have a decent pla or resin printer)
  5. Finished the 225, decided to up-armour it...Soviet style!! Tank a while back is the 3d Print I did a while back
  6. Razor Crest all finished! Just waiting on a Mandalorian figure to paint up then I will get some 'Action Shots'
  7. Well, what happens in Endor stays in Endor as the old saying goes!
  8. Almost forgot, started work on a legion scale Razor Crest, the Mandalorian's new ship!
  9. Fett attracts a little unwanted attention when he drops by a local scrapyard on the lookout for a new hyperdrive link to fit his new ship Slave III! Ship printed, Jawas from alternative gaming miniatures and scenery from Combatzone scenery
  10. Just a bog standard Balco (Aldi rebranded Wanaho) I love em, built like tanks real work horses, I print well over 99% of my projects including these parts at 0.1, quicker and less finicky than the prusa I own, although the prusa is better at really detailed parts but proof is in the pudding...I own one prusa and 6 Balco's! Yes mate, soon a I get time I intend to post a remix up on thingiverse soon as I have some spare time this weekend, hardest bit is trying to remember where I got them all from so I can add a thanks on the post page!
  11. I'll bob a remix with rescaled stuff on thingiverse this weekend mate In the meantime splashed a little paint on the buildings, looking forward to playing tonight with all this extra bling!!
  12. Thrown some paint over those 3d Scenery elements, looking forward to our next game on Wednesday! Haven't experienced the battle boards yet so layouts are imagined Because it's all plastic it is pretty robust too, throw it all in a bag and it fits in the box to keep things nice and tidy, the adventure board elements should fit in there too when finished Also got me thinking it would be great to bring the adventure board to life with a little depth and points of interest so I scoured thingiverse and scaled down some appropriate looking scenery elements, my intention is to replace the exploration tokens with matching (ish) pieces to bring a little bling to the board, all adds to the fun I'll update once I have splashed a little colour over everything, hoping to get them all done for this weeks game! If there are any more POI you think might work well with a 3d element give me a shout, be nice to have them ready and waiting!
  13. Brilliant, thanks for the clarification....certainly going to make things easier next time round! Oh, one more thing, can you change the number of players mid campaign? I assumed not so we plan on restarting next week with 5 players (we had 4 last night but usually have a little 5 player gathering) figure this way if anyone is missing from a session we can still control the extra character and keep things running
  14. Oh, quick question! during combat can you select more than one attack line on a weapon if you get enough successes? for instance on the battle axe if I pull 3 successes can I combine both lines to do 2 hits, sunder + 6 hits for a total of 8 hits and sunder? or are you limited to a choice of one attack option? thanks for any answers in advance
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