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  1. Also, adding to the confusion, you get three of them in Dynasty packs because.... why?
  2. So, I don’t play Destiny, but I’m a bit confused by the griping on this thread. - The Starter has a bunch of new, exclusive cards you can use in constructed. - If you buy packs, this is fun and interactive way to do what you do anyway. Just buy less packs outside of this mode and you’ll be spending the same amount of money. - The drafting element adds some “insta-trading” - choice as to what you get in your packs. (Though I kinda wish they’d have players return all cards at the end and then do an additional draft for your collection - as what’s good for your deck and collection may differ.) - The addition of drafting rules lets you create your own “packs” in baggies and run your own drafts with just your collection. (If you don’t want to buy a bunch of draft starters, you can find another way to supplement.) If you ever buy packs, you can roll them in to the experience. - The meta of this game doesn’t sound great. I don’t like collectible games. I wouldn’t ever play this game, until now. I love draft in games. I like that all I need to do is buy a starter for bits and a draft pack and I’m good to go. If I went in, I would rarely buy packs outside of draft and use my collection, eventually, to run my own “drafts.”
  3. But if the person to the right of you gets two legendaries, they give you one. This doesn't hurt your chances of getting a legendary.
  4. I’m loyal to a clan just because I have a job, a life, love these kinds of games - but they can consume my brain. Sticking to one clan shrinks my card pool. Besides, there are often prizes for best-in-clan anyway.
  5. If they say one thing, and you say another, you’re both holding a position. It takes two to rules lawyer.
  6. Are those two roles perpetual, or just at Winter Court and the unnamed store event? Most people I play with build tournament-legal decks for casual play, as it’s kinda like training.
  7. I'm just trying to make sense of all this, so, correct me if I'm wrong. Currently, any clan can use any roll. After Winter Court 2017, each clan will be bonded to a single roll. At each specific event, clan roll choices may vary. At Winter Court 2017, each clan has one roll to choose from. At Court of the Dragon Clan in 2017, each clan can choose from the Winter Court 2017 roll or the new roll chosen at Winter Court 2017. At Winter Court 2018, and an unnamed store event, each clan will have two rolls to choose from, one from Winter Court 2017 and one from the Kotei series. Here's some links that I used to help figure that out. I have little confidence that I actually got it entirely right. "For the very first Winter Court World Championship this November, players must use the role chosen for their clan at the Kiku Matsuri preview event, as decreed below." https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/l5r-lcg/roles/ "Of course, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re choosing between if you’re selecting a Keeper role or a Seeker role for your clan. Below, you can find the fourteen clan-specific Keeper and Seeker cards of this cycle. After the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game World Championships is complete, only one of these cards will be legal for your clan to use until the next World Championships. Review your chosen clan’s options below, and prepare yourself for the great tournament at the FFG World Championships!" https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/11/the-imperial-cycle/ "Elemental Points will determine which additional elemental role a clan gains access to for use at two important events: the Winter Court World Championship, and an in-store event leading up to it. Each Kotei participant has the privilege of casting a vote for which additional role their clan should pursue, which will affect the Elemental Points earned by each clan at the end of the Toshi Ranbo Season." https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/l5r-lcg/kotei/ "The departing Court of the Dragon Clan tournament on Sunday allows competitors to use their clan’s new or previous elemental role..." https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/l5r-lcg/winter-court/
  8. I’m down. Might start doing this with my friends when we play... or at restaurants. Just whenever.
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/6/the-path-of-honor-and-steel/
  10. I’m not an expert, but my ten minutes of googling revealed the word is used in multiple contexts (military, sporting events, being drunk apparently) in Japan. Also, the wording of the post doesn’t seem that FFG is changing it for their sake. Instead, they talk about “historical incidents.” So, I assume they are referring to WWII, and Allies who fought Japanese. Meaning, they are removing the chant for the sake of Allies and not Japanese. Most allied countries are on pretty good terms with Japan now. In this circumstance, not saying “banzai” seems like saying “freedom fries” because you don’t like the French. This seems unnecessarily salty. (Unintentional pun!)
  11. I hope it’s a drought. It would be nice for the meta to settle down a bit. I think monthly releases are too often and would actually prefer big-box expansions only.
  12. I had the same thought. It would be neat, but I wonder if that would thin out the pool even more. We already have seven clans. Perhaps you could splash with one major clan and one minor clan. Or maybe the minor clans would splash into the Dynasty deck or something.
  13. Good to know! That makes them feel less valuable to me
  14. I inquired at FFG about getting my hands on Daoloth and Shub-Niggurath, and apparently they do not sell them or give them out. The rep at FFG suggested I post here and ask if anyone has any extras from conventions Let me know if you do! I'd be happy to pay S&H and a little extra
  15. I think the best part about it is that you just get to actually buy fun things, like allies, without feeling like you are making a bad move! I would always want to, but then get that, "No... you should save it..." kinda feeling. Felt much like wanting to spend all your birthday money but then deciding to put it into savings... not very fun for a board game
  16. I've gathered a few people over here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/145793/item/2255295#item2255295 and over here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/9837724#9837724
  17. if you've been buying Descent all along, keeping up with every expansion... congratulations! You now have a "complete set!" No more 1st edition expansions, ever! You win!
  18. PWBrian said: jgt7771 said: When Call of Cthulhu went from CCG to LCG, I thought I would have a part of me that missed trying to track those cards down. However, as it turns out, I don't. I did a thorough check and NO PART of me is missing tracking down and overpaying for singles, let alone chase foils and promos. Absolutely. I used to love opening boxes of randomized packs. Sure, I'd spend a fortune on boxes and only get four of the ten cards I was actually looking for, but when I found those four it was exciting. The problem with that is it's only exciting to find those cards because it's so frustrating to open pack after pack of cards you don't want or need. As a former Magic player and a current boardgamer, I can say the satisfaction, dollar for dollar, of opening a board game far exceedes the satisfaction of opening packs of Magic cards.
  19. darthbalmung said: Right now my one hope for this is that FFG doesn't go the route of other LCG core sets and doesn't require people to buy multiple copies of the core set in order to get 3x copies of cards. Here here. I'm hoping for a 3x starter or at least a "chapter 0" pack that offers the complements to the cards in the original game. (Meaning, if you get 2 wookies and 1 light saber in the base set, you get 1 wookie and 2 light sabers in the 'chapter 0' pack).
  20. Quizoid

    AH Lite?

    Old Dwarf said: spirit said: I don't get the impression that this is going to be Arkham Horror lite. For that look at A Touch of Evil. As a dice game I think and hope that this will be significantly different to Arkham Horror. I enjoy AToE but I don't consider it AH Lite by any means.The Elder Sign seems to fit AH Lite better as it covers the same Theme with a quicker set up & what i'm sure will be a lot less play time.Like taking a highway rather than a country road but you cover the same territory & arrive at the same place. OD I think spirit is saying it's not "Adventure Boardgaming Light" because it'll be too different. No one would disagree that A Touch of Evil has a different theme than Arkham Horror. Surely, this game will be AH light if you're thinking in terms of games in the Cthulhu mythos.
  21. Big Head Zach said: Since there are exactly 50 aliens (and a rumored 50 more to be included in Cosmic Incursion), you could list all the aliens on a d100 chart, and roll that for power selection once the game is underway. As people acquire, develop, and use homebrews, this seems to be the best solution. SkyFalling said: For reincarnator, we've worked out a couple alternate systems to avoid shuffling the alien cards. Choose the one you like best (the alien cards are alphabetical in each case):1. Cut the deck of alien cards a bunch of times, then draw the top card. Repeat the series of cuts every time you need to draw a new power. The cuts will preserve the alphabetized state of the deck, modulo the one cut needed to bring Amoeba back to the front. Alternately, *don't* bring Amoeba back to the front -- keeping the alien cards alphabetized but cut to a random element makes it harder for people to spot alien races that have already been picked out during the alien selection phase at game start. 2. Generate a random number from 0 to (size of deck - 1). Count that many cards down and take the next card. This is handy if you've got a computer nearby, or maybe a couple 10-sided dice (just roll percentile and reroll if it's too high). Doesn't mess up the deck order at all, but requires a bit of counting through the pile. At first I thought rolling the die was best, but then I thought about method the cutting the deck method... and that's really the easiest. When you think about it, all that has to happen is one person needs to put the aliens under the table and cut it just once, with an emphasis on not doing necessarily in the middle, but possibly in the middle. Then, let the Reincarnator choose from fanned cards or cut it one more time and choose what's on top. The reason you only need to do it once for each pick is that it completly disorientates the Reincarnator's alphabet sense... they can't have a clue where anything is until they draw one.
  22. So, I was just thinking about Reincarnator in a game designerie way. Before I go there... Reincarnator is fun. Isn't Reincarnator fun! You get to keep switching! Ok, that being said, Reincarnator has no advantageous power. Here's some points: 1) You start with no power. 2) Warrior is sad... you loose all experience when you loose instead of gaining extra. Citadel is sad too. 3) You get new powers every time you loose, which means people have to alter their strategy, but so do you. No advantage there. 4) You will likely get an alien with no flare available. 5) Your own flare is useful, "Oh gee thanks, I get to choose now," but... they really could have just made it optional to begin with and everything I've listed so far would still apply (except, you could choose not to abandon Warrior or Citadel). Actually, the Wild Flare is quite arguable MORE useful... so you really just gave another advantage to everyone else. Hopefully, its use will help you too, which it would in most cases. 6) If playing with hidden power text, you wouldn't even get to keep your new power hidden, because that only happens at the "start of the game." I would probably say that playing with Hidden Power Text where Reincarnator could keep their new power hidden would mark the first and only actual advantage. One possible present advantage to Reincarnator is that it only changes when you loose... so, therefore, it might stand to reason that you would be more likely to ditch aliens that aren't working against the present aliens, and more likely to keep those that are. It's almost enough to soothe my soul, but I wonder well that actually operates in the chaos of the game. Also, in a sense, Reincarnator needs no advantage, because it always has one or another. Big exception: at the beginning. So I guess, the real question here is: Is the one present possible advantage (and maybe ones I haven't thought of) enough to counteract the downsides so that you can say something besides, "Reincarnator is just playing gimped." So, please comment, being sad with me that the funnerest alien is directly disadvantaged. Or, even better, highlight some advantages I had not thought of.
  23. You can play only one card in each phase. In addition to that one card, you can play as many free cards as you like (of the appropriate type). So, during the Booster/Support phase, you can play one Booster OR one Support. In addition, you can play as many Boosters and Supports with the "Free" Icon on them (the star) as you like. I hope that helps!
  24. Avi_dreader said: We only know what we suspect. ::Tries to eat Quizoid:: ::scampers up tree::
  25. Bravo McWilley said: 9. Last one. This is not a storage solution but we find it very useful. Get yourself a rolling bin. A bowl of something to roll your dice into so they dont go flying about the board knocking things over. When we are at my buddies house, we use his wifes waterford crystal wine chiller bin. It makes a lovely sound when rolling into it and is only about 4" round and less than 2" deep. Wonderful. At my place we use a small plastic tupperware bowl. not as nice as the waterford and doesnt have that musical ring when rolling but serves the purpose. We use the lids of the small box expansions for this. I also store the small box expansions in the big boxes. With the new expansions, I have to put some cards under the cardboard divider in the small box expansions, but it still works nicely.
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