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  1. u can order them fron france-when FFG releases then no one knows (maybe 1 quarter 2009-maybe)
  2. Can i move Hound dog one circle after every character movement? so like 10 circles in one complete rd?
  3. are there English translations of wolf´s, sergio´s and gorgei´s items somewehere?
  4. VPs be used to avoid that sudden death?
  5. where do I have to put the crates then? Only on the arrow circles?
  6. What are the green crosses on the map for? crates? Does the battery of the union guy with the big machine gun always kill when natural 9 and 10 occur???
  7. oh, does the 2nd rule (mental value +1=range) always apply, for all ranged weapon fire?
  8. Hey there, I don´t get how the doom pistol works Does it actually allow you to aim around the corner? So firing on any target that is within 2 paths? (the one you are oin + the one the target is on)?
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