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  1. UberMunchkin

    What is the point of double modifications on tie interceptors?

    The double mod slot is a taunt basically. It's saying "Oh look, this would be awesome if only there was anything worth the points to put in these slots".
  2. So here's the thing. The vast, overwhelming, majority of players don't feel that there needs to be a specific rule around the re-rolling of cocked dice. We all know how this is handled, you re-roll the dice, it is the most obvious and fairest way to handle that. There is at least one player who doesn't agree and believes that because there is no explicit rule that allows it then you can't re-roll any dice that do not land flat (although no alternative to re-rolling has been suggested so it seems like the expectation is that you lose those dice completely). If I was playing someone who believed that cocked dice are not permitted to be re-rolled the course of action seems simple, you call a Judge or TO, they will almost certainly permit the re-roll. Then you remember that player and simply don't play against them again if you can possibly avoid it. 99.9% of the player base will have no problems here, for the 0.1% you can call a Judge/TO and they can make a call, which will stand for that tournament. If the player insists on calling a Judge or TO every time any dice land cocked then I would strongly consider objecting to the same Judge/TO about that player causing deliberate slow play by unneeded rules queries. FFG don't need to rule on this because almost all players already know how to handle this situation, it's a not new to the board/minis gaming community.
  3. UberMunchkin

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    AFII; it just doesn't cut it against ISDs. The ship is too slow, has crappy defenses and just gets torn apart every time it is fielded.
  4. Yeah, I would just refuse to play this guy. He's obviously not playing for the enjoyment of playing he is doing so for the enjoyment of stomping his opponent, people like that are what permanently put me off Competitive X-Wing. You've already gone above and beyond OP so I would say try to organise play that doesn't involve him. He'll either figure his own BS out or move on to something else, you are not required to play the game with anyone, especially if that person has an awful attitude.
  5. UberMunchkin

    The SSD?

    I think this is true. I have no plans to buy the SSD for exactly this reason, it's been over a year since any content at all has been released for Armada and unless we get some serious commitment from FFG to release more stuff for Armada this year then I don't see any reason to change my mind. The SSD is a hugely expensive model for a game that I get to play maybe 6 times a year and without a promise of further development in the line it's just not justifiable to me.
  6. UberMunchkin

    How rampant is cheating on the crucible?

    In my experience cheating is pretty non-existent, I've had a couple of people throw their toys out of the pram when I've refused to switch to manual mode so they could correct a mistake (like when they have played cards in the wrong order and it's screwed them over) and I've had a few people quit out as soon as it became apparent that they were not going to win. I've even had one guy call me a cheater because I was lucky on the card draw. But I've never experienced anything I could call out and out cheating. It's a fun, casual, place to chill out and try out some deck strategies. I'm usually there over my lunch hour.
  7. UberMunchkin


    Go here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/keyforge/ Look at the bottom of the page under 'rules' and you will find a copy of the core rules that was updated Jan 2019, this contains the most recent rules updates, clarifications and errata.
  8. Yeah, I had a really bad experience at the two events I went to under v1.0 and that basically put me off playing any competitive X-Wing. I was considering revisiting it under v2.0 as, in general, I have really liked a lot of the changes. But the Hyperspace thing was an immediate negative for me and looking at the schedules for events coming up and how many of the official events are going to be restricted to Hyperspace only basically killed my enthusiasm for getting involved in the competitive scene. My FLGS does have a great X-Wing club, however they meet on nights that I am not available and the regular store championships always happen on weekends that I'm busy (which I appreciate is my problem, not theirs). So basically I'm going to skip competitive play in its entirety for the foreseeable future and stick to playing with my friends (I have a couple of good friends who play X-Wing) on my kitchen table. Doesn't mean I don't hope the v2.0 competitive scene is a success, in fact I hope all the people who are into it have a really good experience.
  9. The thing that puts me completely off Hyperspace is that the ships I want to fly are not legal for that format. So I'm just going to skip Hyperspace completely. I didn't play competitive X-Wing under 1.0 and I was considering it under 2.0 but Hyperspace format completely killed my interest in it. So for 2.0 I'm sticking to playing with my friends in my Kitchen, with the ships I want to use.
  10. UberMunchkin

    Quick Query RE: The App

    Cool. Thanks for the response. It seems I can safely ignore the app part then. I don't really care about tracking the wins/losses and that seems to be all it does. Looking forward to getting to play some over the Christmas week.
  11. UberMunchkin

    Quick Query RE: The App

    Hey Folks, quick query, I've recently picked up this game with the idea of getting a few of my buddies to play. I have no intention of playing in tournaments or events. Given that do I need to bother with the app? Does it add anything to the game if I'm only going to be playing casually with friends?
  12. UberMunchkin

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    It's not killing my interest in X-Wing, as I said I am just playing casually with my friends, it killed my interest in Competitive X-Wing. So I'm still having as much beer as I want, but I'm choosing to not drink any egg nog because it's awful and unpleasant and the company selling it is telling me that if I want to drink their egg nog then I can only do so if I stop drink my favourite beer and whisky.
  13. UberMunchkin

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    So I didn't play any competitive X-Wing under v1, the one time I tried it out I went to a store championship and I was literally the only person there not flying the current hot meta list, it was so boring I never went back. I was seriously considering it for v2 until the Hyperspace garbage was announced. Here's how it reads to me: "Thanks for being a loyal customer & fan of our game, especially one who is also a collector and brought at least one of every ship in X-Wing v1 but here's the thing. We don't really care about your enjoyment of the game because we've already got your money so you're not allowed to use a huge chunk of your collection because we feel that would be unfair to new players and we're going to penalise you for having played for a few years.". Basically Hyperspace completely killed my interest in looking at the competitive scene, so I'm just going to stick with playing casually with my buddies and have some fun that way. I know that other folks have different opinions and arguments on this but I just wanted to put on record that for me at least the Hyperspace format is directly responsible for me deciding to not get involved in the competitive side of the game for v2.
  14. UberMunchkin

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    Honestly, I don't know why I bother, but every time there is an update I check back to see if the app has stopped sucking yet and every time I am disappointed. With the release of Wave 2 and the addition of the Resistance and First Order factions I was hoping that FFG would take the opportunity to release a major update of the app and do something to both increase its (severely lacking) functionality and make it an actual app rather than a cheaply written and poorly put together frame that just loads a website in the background. But no. In fact they have not even put the new ships/factions in the squad builder webpage at all. What a steaming pile of bantha pudu. Again, FFG, if you are going to release new content for the game and then make it so that none of it is available through the app where YOU DECIDED to put the costs in the first place then I really have to wonder about the level of commitment to support the game in the first place. Congratulations on another fail.
  15. UberMunchkin

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    Not just conventions. Lots of folks get little to no signal in their FLGS, gaming stores are super niche and cannot afford to rent big, well located premises and so often have to make do with smaller spaces that are off the main thoroughfares and as such tend to have sketchy/no cell signal. The lack of an offline mode is a total fail for me, I'm not even going to bother looking further at this app until it has been updated to work offline and even then without a total UI redesign and some actual User Experience designers involved in the process I don't see myself ever using it. Thankfully Launch Bay Next does a great job of list building for me.