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  1. And this is the core of the problem, we're now in March and there is still no sign of the Starhawk turning up in the UK, those of us who have had it on pre-order since it was announced are fed up with the total lack of response from FFG, they just don't seem to care anymore, no response here, nothing on social media and contacting them directly is like sending an email into a black hole. I'm not surprised my FLGS stopped stocking Armada, it's just not worth the effort for them.
  2. This is the reason I stopped playing in stores at all. Everywhere I went people were only playing Hyperspace legal lists and when I rocked up (on casual nights, I don't play in any of the competitive stuff as I really hate the Hyperspace format) with my lists (all legal for Extended Play), no one wanted to play me because I wasn't fielding a Hyperspace list. So I just stopped going. Now I play with a couple of friends a few times a year and that is it.
  3. This is the thing. I am UK based and pre-ordered both the Onager & Starhawk from my FLGS in November 2019 when the expected delivery date was December 2019, its now February and I still don't have either ship (because they were part of the same order I have to wait for both to be in stock before they will ship, which I can totally understand). It has now been two years since the Rebel faction had a ship released (I'm not counting the Rebellion in the Rim campaign as that is not a ship). TWO YEARS since Rebel players have seen anything interesting. In that time the Imperial faction has had the SSD and the Onager released and made available (I could buy an Onager off the shelf if I wanted to, it's available here it's just the Starhawk that is MIA). What this means for me is that in the future I am not going to bother pre-ordering anything from FFG as they are simply incapable of delivering anything in a reasonable timeframe. If they don't care about delivering to their players why should I care about keeping up interest in their game. Given the 2 year drought of content (the SSD & RitR are not sufficient content for 2 years of releases) most people I know who used to play Armada stopped, sold their collections and moved on to a game that was supported by the company who makes it. FFG have lost a lot of Armada players with their lack of support for the line in general and even more specifically with their total mishandling of this release.
  4. I have checked everywhere I can here in the UK and have been told by multiple gaming stores that the absolute earliest they expect to see any stock is March and it might not arrive until April.
  5. Same problem here. The FLGS I pre-ordered the Onager & Starhawk from has said that the Onager is now in stock but they are waiting for the Starhawk, it was supposed to be out last week but now they think that the earliest they are going to get it in is March. I absolutely hate the way FFG have been treating armada in general and the rebel faction specifically.
  6. Hmm. It would appear that the quote function has stopped working for me. Anyway, all I was going to say was that I can totally see the counter points expressed here but none of that appeals to me, I just don't like the idea of the Hyperspace rules and I won't be playing in Hyperspace games. Ever. I wish you all great success in the games you are playing though.
  7. I think we just have different expectations of the game is all, I feel like Hyperspace is FFG telling me "Thanks for the money, now get out and let the new players in" and your experience of it is different. That's perfectly fine, but I have no intention of getting involved in competitive play ever again. See that's also not something I enjoy, why put things in the game and then say that they can't be used. That's just lazy.
  8. Then the fault is mine for not remembering correctly what I was trying to do. What I do remember clearly is trying, multiple times, to create a list that I could play under that format and every single one of them was illegal due to format restrictions. Which in turn was incredibly unfun. Well again your experience must be different to mine because when I've looked locally the only available organised play options have been Hyperspace Format only. That might be an artifact of shops near me only running a small number of games or a number of other things. Doesn't really matter. What does matter is that there was nothing available to me that wasn't Hyperspace format. Also, this was all then. As for now, I currently have zero interest in playing in any kind of organised play event, the Hyperspace stuff completely killed any interest I had in playing competitively. (Which frankly wasn't that high due to the terrible tournament experience I had under 1st Ed).
  9. To me it's a format that punishes existing players while favouring new ones. I have no problem with there being a new player friendly format, but when that is all that is available it's just not something I'm interested in. I think we just have very different expectations as to what should be the main format of this game and what interests us. Oh, it's very much both. About a year ago I looked at trying it out, got extremely frustrated with the limitations it puts on you and decided not to bother, looked around for an Extended format tournament I could play in and found precisely none. That tells me that FFG just don't want players like me to take part in the official play and honestly I'm ok with that, every single experience I've had with tournament play has sucked the big one so I just stay completely clear of it now. I am also fully aware that I am probably firmly in the "Old man yells at cloud" part of X-Wing, but I'm ok with that as well. I have fun playing with my friends when we can find the time and I have never regretted ignoring the tournament scene.
  10. Not at all, but to turn it around. Why should I be penalised for being an existing player? Because that it what Hyperspace is, it's a format explicitly designed to penalise 1st edition players who have paid to convert to 2nd edition. Honestly couldn't tell you, probably first order or empire is the best I could do, it was a year ago at least but mostly I am a First Order/Imperial player.
  11. Because I have no interest at all in taking part in a game where I am being artificially limited in what I am allowed to field. I've paid for all the little plastic spaceships, FFG have made a ton of money out of me, to then turn around and say what basically amounts to: "The thing is, we'd really rather you didn't have any advantages, despite the fact that you've been playing this game for years and have really invested into it and have brought all the expansions and upgrades what we would really rather do is limit what you are allowed to play with." It's a BS format that completely killed my interest in any and all tournament play. I was considering coming back to try out some tournament play after being completely put off it in 1st Ed; I went to several tournaments when we were playing 1st Ed and at each one of them I had a terrible time, I played against people who were trying to rush me so I would make poor choices, constantly belittled both my play style and my lists and in one case blatantly just cheated (moved their ship illegally) and then denied it when I called a TO, who declared it was just "your word against his". 1st Ed tournament play was a horrible experience for me, I was thinking about going back to tournament play under 2nd Ed to see if anything had changed but all the local tournaments were Hyperspace Only and none of the ships I enjoyed flying were legal in that format, despite them being perfectly legal in the base game. It's a game mode designed to punish players who have been in the game for a while and I don't want anything to do with it. So I just play on my kitchen table with my friends instead.
  12. The entirety of the Hyperspace rules is a single giant NPE for me, it's the reason I completely abandoned any idea of doing any tournament play in X-Wing.
  13. Yeah, I have no plans to buy the SSD expansion, it's too expensive and only usable in certain very specific game types. It may as well not exist as far as the game is concerned. Which means it will be over two years since we had any kind of new release for this game. It's a total fail by FFG. At least I can keep playing with my one friend who does play the game as we've got a complete set of waves so far.
  14. The other weekend I got to get some games in with a friend of mine and I decided to try out the new stuff. So I went with a separatist list, however I don't have many of the ships at the moment so I did something that I don't do very often and that was run a list where I spend heavily on one ship. In this case I went Darth Maul in the Sith Infiltrator, with lots of toys and 3x Precise Hunters with Energy Shells. Darth Maul (65) Hate (3) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) General Grievous (3) Chancellor Palpatine (14) DRK-1 Probe Droids (6) Kraken (10) Precise Hunter (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Precise Hunter (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Precise Hunter (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 This list was surprisingly lots of fun to fly, the droids are pretty expendable but also enough of a threat that they can't be ignored and the Sith Infiltrator has amazingly maneuverability, the probe droid are really good fun as you can drop them out the back of your ship before you disengage or K-Turn (or S-loop) and then you can pick up a target lock and you come back around. 4 Force is a massive amount of dice mod, stack that with Mauls ability for lots of aggressive moves but surprisingly high survivability due to Grievous and Palpatine. Yeah, not sure it's especially 'strong' and is almost certainly not meta in any way. But it was Fun. I flew it against a rebel list with 2x E-Wing and an Arc. Close game that came down to the Infiltrator and one E-Wing both having one hull, but Maul shooting first and just taking the win.
  15. It was, by all accounts an incredibly boring game. I didn't watch past the first 15-20 minutes after it became apparent that neither player was actually going to play any X-Wing. That however is entirely down to my playstyle being more about attempting to engage my opponent. If both the players brought into this playstyle and no actual rules were contravened then there is nothing anyone can do. But as a final match it was a huge, tedious, disappointment. I do agree with the other comments here that X-Wing isn't played for the benefit of spectators. However I would add that as streaming becomes more and more popular and gains a bigger reach to audiences both new and old FFG will probably start to take things like audience figures into consideration, after all if championship games become dull enough that no one wants to watch them then that will affect the reach of the game to potential new customers. If the game gains a reputation of being boring then people will start to think twice about getting involved. Now I'm not saying that the game is boring and I'm not saying that this one example means the game is in immediate danger of collapsing, but it is worth remembering that this is the match that will be talked about, not all the other ones that were fun, but the one championship game where neither of the players seemed to want to play and just spent their time trying to avoid engaging.
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