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  1. According to the rules you are not allowed to initiate an action, which does not have the capacity to change the game state. With that in mind, is there a consensus regarding such an action like investigating your location, when it does not have any clues on it but you want to make pay-offs for the FBI-agents weakness? Along those same lines, could he also use his character ability to pay off said weakness, when there are no clues present? If he can then he would be able to get rid of his weakness relatively easy by seeking out the lowest valued shroud locations with no clues and if he cannot then it would be an autoloss for him when a scenario has progressed far enough that there are no more clues left. Been following the grim rule so far but would be nice to have it put to rest. Bonus question: lead investigator can change between scenarios of the same campaign or meant to be the same?
  2. Classically, if such a term can be used here, it is like a milf but with grannies instead. I am guessing it means something else here unless it is a reference to her being the grand mother of Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir?
  3. I guess Call of Cthulhu LCG is not a game of Lovecraftian horror...? Also it was FFG´s first LCG afaik
  4. 1 Cards underneath the Crossroads is not part of the encounter deck 2 You can use Thror´s Key at any location, which is not immune, in response to it entering the staging area. So in a word: yes 3 Yes beginning of quest phase is before anything else occurs, just as after a phase is after everything else has occured
  5. But 6 is the square root of 36 and 6+36=42, the ultimate answer to everything! Coincidence?! I have seen too much. Must now kill myself. My god now it makes sense. A guy named Toenail threatens suicide... if you convert that name into numbers and ad the consonants together you get 46, leaving just the 4 vowels: 46-4 = 42.... we have it again
  6. There are six major houses of GoT: Stark, Lannister, Martell, Greyjoy, Tyrell and Baratheon LotR is intended for 2 players each playing 3 characters giving 6 characters in all... just like the number of houses from GoT Also 6 is a number thus proving beyond doubt that the two franchises are intertwined in a FFG-web we cannot begin to fathom https://youtu.be/clKi92j6eLE
  7. Maybe "they" just want you to think it´s a joke...
  8. ...or is that what they would have you believe?
  9. 1 Yes, in my opinion 2 I would argue that Gollum leaves play as Smeagol enters play
  10. Think there may be a difference as to whether the trap or the enemy is being added to the staging area. In your example where the trap is in the main staging area, it is the enemy who enters it and thus get the trap attached. Had it however been the enemy who was in the main staging area and the trap that was being added, I would rather think the trap behaves as if it had just been played from your hand.
  11. Should be the same. At least I´ve not encountered anything suggesting those concept shouldn´t be interchangeable in this way.
  12. No The card specifies that it must increase the attack by any amount but 0 is not an amount. Might as well say that if its attack is decreased you could play ToF because the attack has been increased by a negative amount.
  13. Liesesss all of it liesesss! EfDG is impossible to solo and you know it. Still it haunts me in the darkest hours of the night. Taunting me in my dreams until I wake with a jerk covered in salty beads of shame, then falling asleep again to the sound of my own crying. It can´tsess be donsess I tell you.
  14. Don´t have the card in front of me but I suspect ´Fallen Into Evil´ uses the phrase ´attach to a hero´... once it is attached the character in question need not fulfill the requirement any longer. Compare to play restriction on ´Burning Brand´ stating that it must be attached to a lore hero; it has been FAQ´ed that it will remain even if the hero was to lose the lore icon (perhaps having gained it from ´Song of Wisdom´ attachment)
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